dweezil zappa

Dweezil Zappa is Frank Zappa's son. He has recorded several solo albums + albums with his brother Ahmet Zappa (as Z), but he has also contributed to a great deal of other artists' recordings.

Dweezil Zappa has performed with his dad's band on a couple of occasions and also plays Frank Zappa songs during his concerts from time to time.  November 1991 he took part as a special guest in the "Zappa's Universe" tribute show.



Dweezil Zappa did the voice of 'Ajax' for the animated tv-series Duckman.

Duckman was originally broadcast from March 1994 until September 1997. It is an animated series developed by Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn created by Everett Peck in his Dark Horse Comics.

The four seasons of Duckman got released on DVD in 2009.

In 2005, Dweezil (and Ahmet) started the Zappa Plays Zappa project.

June 2010 featured Camp Dweezilla.
"DWEEZILLA is a unique five-day experience where musicians will be surrounded by Dweezil Zappa and members of his core band for a musical bootcamp.  From June 21-24 in the Catskill Forest Preserve in upstate New York, DWEEZILLA offers aspiring musicians a wide range of master classes at all skill levels in addition to one-on-one sessions with Dweezil himself."

Saturday, November 6, 2010, Dweezil Zappa took part in a Q&A session at the "Frank Zappa At The Roundhouse" celebration of Frank Zappa’s music in London, UK. Later the same night, the Dweezil Zappa Played Zappa band performed at the same festival with special guests Ian Underwood, Jeff Simmons & Scott Thunes.
It was also the launch of a short European tour.

March 18, 2011, Alice Cooper performed 'School's Out' with special guest Dweezil Zappa on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show".

July 2011 will see the second edition of the Dweezilla boot camp, this time with special guests Flo & Eddie.

March 2012 had Dweezil Zappa participating in the Experience Hendrix Tour.

2018 saw Dweezil doing the voice for Gary The Station Manager for Carl King's "The Oracle Of Outer Space".




  dweezil zappa: my mother is a space cadet / crunchy water
    (1982, 7", usa, barking pumpkin ws4 03366)
  dweezil zappa: my mother is a space cadet / crunchy water
    (1982, 12", usa, barking pumpkin as 1579) -  feat.moon zappa, produced by steve vai & arthur barrow


frank zappa: them or us
   (1984, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  frank zappa: frank zappa meets the mothers of prevention (44)
   (1985, lp, usa, barking pumpkin) – american version
   (1985, lp, eur, emi) – european version
  dweezil zappa: let's talk about it / electric hoedown
(1986, 7", usa, barking pumpkin b-74204) - produced by frank zappa
  frank zappa: does humour belong in music? (45)
   (1986, cd, ger, emi)
  don johnson: heartbeat
    (1986, cd, uk, cbs) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'the last sound love makes' (tony sciuto)


frank zappa: jazz from hell
   (1986, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

1 dweezil zappa: havin' a bad day
    (1986, lp, usa, barking pumpkin records st 74204) - feat.thunes, wackerman, moon & ahmet, produced by fz

  the covergirls: show me
    (1987, lp, usa, ??) - feat. dweezil zappa on 'love emergency'

covergirls_showme.jpg (30553 bytes)

  jellybean: just visiting this planet
    (1987, cd, ger, chrysalis) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'jingo' (olatunji)
  soundtrack: disorderlies
    (1987, cd, ger, polydor) - feat. the fat boys with 'baby, you're a rich man', with dweezil zappa
  soundtrack: back to the beach
    (1987, cd, nl, cbs) - feat.h.hancock with 'wipe out', with dweezil zappa & terry bozzio
  maria vidal: s/t
    (1987, lp, usa, a & m) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'sleep won't come' 
  fat boys: wipe out
    (1988, 12", usa, tin pan apple) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'wipe out' (the surfaris)
  winger: s/t
    (1988, cd, usa, atlantic) - feat dweezil zappa on 'purple haze' (jimi hendrix)
  dweezil zappa: my guitar wants to kill your mama
(1988, 12"-pro, uk, chrysalis vas 1015) - 'my guitar wants to kill your mama' (frank zappa)
  dweezil zappa: my guitar wants to kill your mama / nasty bizness
(1988, 7", uk, chrysalis 3247) - 'my guitar wants to kill your mama' (frank zappa)
  dweezil zappa: my guitar / nasty bizness / electric hoedown
(1988, 12", uk, chrysalis chs 12 3247) - 'my guitar wants to kill your mama' (frank zappa)
  dweezil zappa: my guitar wants to kill your mama / your money or your life
(1988, 7", ger, chrysalis 109 961) - 'my guitar wants to kill your mama' (fz)
  dweezil zappa: my guitar wants to kill your mama
    (1988, k7-promo, australia, chrysalis)
  frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.1 (51)
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)
2 dweezil zappa: my guitar wants to kill your mama (2)
    (1988, lp, aus, chrysalis 1 38922) - feat. thunes, bozzio, moon & ahmet , incl. 'my guitar' (frank zappa)

54 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.3
   (1989, 2cd, usa, ryko)
  fiona: heart like a gun
    (1989, cd, usa, atlantic) - feat.dweezil zappa
  soundtrack: bill & ted's excellent adventure
    (1989, cd, usa, a & m) - feat. power tool with 'two heads' (dweezil zappa)
  var.art.: gumby, the green album
    (1989, cd, usa, buena vista) - incl. (in love) with you gumby (dweezil zappa / moon unit zappa)
  sam kinison: leader of the banned
    (1990, cd, can, warner) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'under my thumb' (jagger, richards)
  extreme: pornograffitti
    (1990, cd, ger, a & m records) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'he man woman hater' (extreme)
  dweezil zappa: stayin' alive
(1991, 7", uk, food for thought yum 121)
  dweezil zappa: stayin' alive
    (1991, 12", uk, food for thought 12 yum 121)
  dweezil zappa: stayin' alive
(1991, cd5", fr, food for thought cd num 121)
  dweezil zappa: vanity
(1991, cd5", usa, barking pumpkin dz 666)
3 dweezil zappa: confessions (3)
    (1991, cd, fr, food for thought cdgrub-19) -  feat.mike keneally, scott thunes, ahmet zappa, al malkin
  vandals: fear of a punk planet
    (1991, cd, usa, triple x records) - feat.dweezil & moon zappa
  skräp mettle: star hag
    (1991, cd5"-promo, usa, par records par-pro 9005) - feat.dweezil zappa
  the peace choir: give peace a chance
    (1991, cd, usa, ??) - feat.moon, dweezil & ahmet zappa
  end amen: your last orison
    (1992, cd, ger, institute of art records / rough trade) - feat.dweezil zappa
  spinal tap: break like the wind
    (1992, cd, usa, mca records) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'diva fever' (smalls, st.hubbins, tufnel) & joe satriani
  z: doomed to be together
    (1993, cd5"-pro, uk, food for thought cdyum 124)
1 z: shampoo horn
    (1993, cd, uk, food for thought cdgrub 25)  / european edition,= ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. scott thunes, mike keneally, terry bozzio, morgan ågren
z_shampoo_horn.jpg (27902 bytes)
  various artists: zappa's universe
    (1993, cd, nl, verve 513575-2) - incl. various zappa band alumni performing frank zappa's compositions

  various artists: choice morsels
    (1993, cd, usa, verve/polygram) - incl. various zappa band alumni performing frank zappa's compositions

  gorky park: gorky park II - moscow calling
    (1993, cd, usa, m.i.r. records) - feat.dweezil zappa
  z: shampoo horn
    (1994, cd, usa, barking pumpkin r2 71760)  / american edition, = ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. mike keneally, joe travers, bryan beller, scott thunes, terry bozzio, morgan ågren
z_shampoo_horn.jpg (27902 bytes)


frank zappa: civilization phaze III
   (1994, 2cd, usa, barking pumpkin)
  blues saracino: hairpick
    (1994, cd, usa, guitar recordings) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'chewing on crayons' (b.saraceno)
  tim pierce: guitarland
    (1994, cd, usa, pra records) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'english channel' (pierce, spiro)
2 z: music for pets
    (1995, cd, usa, zappa records) = ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. mike keneally
  frank zappa: lather (65)
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: frank zappa plays the music of frank zappa
   (1996, cd, usa, barking pumpkin)

  warren demartini: crazy enough to sing to you
    (1996, cd, jpn, polydor) - co-produced by dweezil zappa, feat. ahmet & dweezil zappa
  angelica: angelica
1997, cd, usa, atlantic records, 83048-2) - feat.steve vai, dweezil zappa
  pat boone: in a metal mood - no more mr. nice guy
    (1997, cd, usa, hip-o hpcd-40025) - feat.dweezil zappa
  carmine appice: guitar zeus 2 – channel mind radio
    (1997, cd, jpn, polydor pocp-7251) - incl.‘dead wrong’ (dweezil zappa), feat. dweezil zappa
  diva zappa: when the ball drops
    (1999, cd-pro, usa) - feat dweezil zappa
  soundtrack: anywhere but here
    (1999, cd, usa, atlantic) - feat.dweezil zappa as engineer on lisa loeb: 'I whish' (loeb)
  dweezil zappa: you're a mean one mister grinch
    (2000, cd5"-pro, usa, favored nations)
  dweezil zappa: automatic (6)
    (2000, cd, usa, favored nations entertainment fnp 2050-2) - feat. bozzio, thunes, keneally, ahmet zappa, ägren

  dixie dregs: california screamin'
    (2000, cd, usa, zebra) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'peaches' (frank zappa)

  various artists: van halen tribute
    (2000, cd, eec, eagle records) - feat. dweezil zappa on 'unchained' (van halen)
  soundtrack: ready to rumble
    (2000, cd, usa, atlantic) - feat. ahmet and dweezil zappa
  various artists: bat head soup - tribute to ozzy
    (2000, cd, usa, triage records) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'goodbye to romance' (osbourne, rhoads, daisley)
  bumblefoot: 9.11
    (2001, cd, usa, hermit inc) - feat.dweezil zappa

bumblefoot_cd.jpg (20323 bytes)

  various artists: stone cold queen - a tribute
    (2001, cd, usa, shrapnel sh-11522) - feat.dweezil zappa
stonecoldqueen.jpg (27782 bytes)


frank zappa: fz:oz
    (2002, 2cd, usa, vaulternative records) - production

  lisa loeb: cake and pie
    (2002, cd, usa, a&m records 493 242-2) - feat.dweezil zappa, lala sloatman, joe travers

  lisa loeb: hello lisa
    (2002, cd, usa, sheridan square records 751151-2) - feat.dweezil zappa, lala sloatman, joe travers

lisaloeb_hellolisa.jpg (32636 bytes)


various artists: an all star line-up performing the songs of pink floyd
    (2002, cd, usa, purple piramid records) - feat.dweezil zappa, vinnie colaiuta, aynsley dunbar

  x-ray dog: bbg elements
    (200?, cd, usa, xrcd018) - one track written by dweezil zappa
  various artists: nu acoustic
    (2002, cd, uk, extreme music xcd073) - feat.dweezil zappa

  todd rundgren: todd rundgren & his friends
    (2002, cd, usa, purple pyramid records) - feat.dweezil zappa

rundgren_friends.jpg (31818 bytes)

  radio show: voices on the verge, show #0352
    (2003, cdr-promo, usa, etown) - feat. lisa loeb and dweezil zappa

etown_0352.jpg (16792 bytes)


frank zappa: halloween
    (2003, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01101-9-9) - production

  "weird al" yankovic: poodle play
    (2003, cd, aus, bmg 9210632) - incl. 'genius in france' (a.yankovic), feat.dweezil zappa
  various artists: skate rock
    (2003, cd-promo, uk, extreme music xcd083) - feat.dweezil zappa
  various artists: garage rock
    (2003, cd-promo, uk, extreme music xcd087) - feat.dweezil zappa
garage_rock.jpg (36069 bytes)
  various artists: punk metal
    (2003, cd-promo, uk, extreme music xcd092) - feat.dweezil zappa
punk_metal.jpg (38895 bytes)
  various artists: folk electronica
    (20??, cd, uk, extreme music xcd107) - feat.dweezil zappa
  various artists: classic rock
    (20??, cd, uk, extreme music xcd109) - feat.dweezil zappa
  various artists: hard rock
    (20??, cd, uk, extreme music xcd112) - feat.dweezil zappa
  lisa loeb: the way it really is
    (2004, cd, usa, zoe records) - feat.dweezil zappa, joe travers

lisaloeb_thewayitreallyis.jpg (14045 bytes)

  todd rundgren & friends: greatest classics
    (2004, cd, uk, anagram) - feat.dweezil zappa on 'time heals'  //  re-issue of the 2002 album

  gene simmons: ***hole
    (2004, cd, eu, sanctuary sancd145) - feat.ahmet, dweezil, frank, gail & moon zappa - track co-written by fz


frank zappa: quaudiophiliac
    (2004, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01125-9-9) - production

  various artists: nu acoustic two
    (2005, cd, uk, extreme music xcd117) - feat.dweezil zappa

nu_acoustic2.jpg (33337 bytes)

  ozzy osbourne: prince of darkness
    (2005, 4cd, usa, epic) - feat.dweezil zappa
  soundtrack: conker - live and reloaded
    (2005, cd, usa, sumthing else music works) - feat.dweezil zappa
  various artists: pink floyd
    (2005, cd, nl, uax 96172) - feat.dweezil zappa, aynsley dunbar, vinnie colaiuta
  various artists: re-building the wall - a tribute to pink floyd
    (200?, 2cd, ??, ??)  - feat.dweezil zappa, aynsley dunbar, vinnie colaiuta
  dweezil zappa: go with what you know
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records zr 20003) - incl. 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa), feat.t.bozzio, s.thunes, f.zappa, s.otis, i.underwood, r.selico


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraa birthday bundle
    (2006, itunes, -) - feat. frank, moon, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

  various artists: x-series
    (2007, 3dvd, uk, extreme music library) = the complete set on 3 audio dvds / feat. dweezil zappa
  various artists: fresh cuts - vol 1
    (2007, cd, usa, guitar center) - feat. zappa plays zappa (with napoleon murphy brock) performing 'magic fingers' & 'carolina hardcore ecstasy'
freshcuts.jpg (29829 bytes)
  various artists: pink box - the songs of pink floyd
    (2007, 2cd, ??, ??) - feat. adrian belew, dweezil zappa, aynsley dunbar
songsofpinkfloyd.jpg (77840 bytes)
  zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
    (2007, 2dvd, eu, strobosonic strobo-d-100) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat.dweezil zappa, n.m.brock, s.vai & t.bozzio

  various artists: video games live - volume one
    (2008, cd, usa, emi) - feat.dweezil zappa
  zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
    (2008, cd, usa, razor & tie 7930182993-2) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat.dweezil zappa, n.m.brock, s.vai & t.bozzio

  zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
    (2008, 2dvd, usa, razor & tie 7930182997-9) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat.dweezil zappa, n.m.brock, s.vai & t.bozzio

  zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
    (2008, 2dvd + 3cd, usa, razor & tie 7930182997-9) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat.dweezil zappa, n.m.brock, s.vai & t.bozzio

  various artists: the ultimate tribute to led zeppelin
    (2008, 2cd, cz, double pleasure dp 21538) - feat. dweezil zappa & vinnie colaiuta

ultimatetributeledzep.jpg (20165 bytes)

  various artists: guitar world - august 2008
    (2008, mag + cd, usa, future) - incl. a video of dweezil zappa giving a tour of frank zappa's studio & gear

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2008
    (2008, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

aaafnraaa2008.jpg (24142 bytes)

  various artists: abbey road - a tribute to the beatles
    (200?, cd, ??, ??) - feat.dweezil zappa
  carmen appice's guitar zeus: conquering heroes
    (2009, cd, usa, fuel records) - feat.dweezil zappa
  carmine appice: guitar heroes
    (2010, cd, bel, rokarola records 250268) - feat. dweezil zappa

carmine_appice_guitarheroes.jpg (24156 bytes)

  thierry deruelle: stardust
    (2010, download, usa, port royal distribution) - feat. dweezil zappa

deruelle_stardust.jpg (18578 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: return of the son of...
    (2010, 2cd, usa, razor & tie) - all compositions by frank zappa // feat. ray white  //  released on vinyl (with a different cover) in 2011

dweezilzappa_returnofthesonof.jpg (26081 bytes)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2010
    (2010, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet zappa

aaafnraaaa_2010.jpg (22223 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: live - 'in the moment'
    (2011, 2cd, usa, fantom records fr1 112011) = zappa plays zappa

dweezilzappa_inthemoment.jpg (29530 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: return of the son of...
    (2011, 3lp, eu, music on vinyl movlp257) - all compositions by frank zappa // feat. ray white  //  vinyl release of the 2010 2cd album

dweezilzappa_returnofthesonof.jpg (84282 bytes)

  katzenjammer: a kiss before you go
    (2011, cd, norway, propeller recordings) - feat. dweezil zappa
  dweezil zappa: f.o.h.
    (2012, 2cd, usa, fantom records) - all compositions by frank zappa / = zappa plays zappa

dweezilzappa_foh.jpg (153867 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: f.o.h. III - out of obscurity
    (2012, cd, usa, fantom records) - all compositions by frank zappa / = zappa plays zappa, feat. scott thunes

dweezilzappa_foh3.jpg (21832 bytes)

  dr.mumbai: the adventures of dr.mumbai
    (2012, cd, usa, private release) - feat. marco minnemann, arthur barrow, aaron arntz, scheila gonzales, bryan beller, pete griffin, dweezil zappa, billy hunting

drmumbai_theadventuresof.jpg (37339 bytes)

  mattias ia eklundh: freak guitar - the smorgasbord
    (2013, 2cd, usa, favored nations) - feat. dweezil zappa, guthrie govan, morgan ågren

eklundh_smorgasbord.jpg (48704 bytes)

  various artists / the pink floyd tribute band: another hole in the wall
    (2013, lp+cd, russian federation, lilith lr 410lp) - feat. dweezil zappa, adrian belew

lr410lp.jpg (24557 bytes)

  morgan ågren: conundrum (a percussive misadventures)
    (2013, dvd, usa, bend bars / lift gates films) - feat. frank zappa, mats öberg, dweezil zappa, marco minnemann, mike keneally, joe travers

morganagren_conundrum_dvd.jpg (50896 bytes)

  morgan ågren: conundrum undone - the deleted scenes
    (2014, download, usa, bend bars / lift gates films) = deleted scenes from the conundrum documentary

conundrum_undone.jpg (53182 bytes)

  nellie mckay: my weekly reader
    (2015, cd, usa, 429records ftn16045) - incl. 'hungry freaks, daddy' (frank zappa), feat. dweezil zappa
nelliemckay_myweeklyreader.jpg (31725 bytes)
  dweezil zappa: via zammata'
    (2015, cd, usa, private release) - incl. 'dragonmaster (frank zappa / dweezil zappa)

dweezilzappa_via_zammata.jpg (25311 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: via zammata' demos and rarities
    (2015, download, usa, private release) -  incl. 'dragonmaster (frank zappa / dweezil zappa), incl. z's '70's medley nyc 1995'  with snippets of frank zappa compositions ('florentine pogen', 'i'm the slime')

dweezilzappa_via_zammata.jpg (25311 bytes)

  sandro, john malkovich, eric alexandrakis: like a puppet show
    (2015, 2 lp picture disc, usa, cryogenia 90125) - feat.dweezil zappa

sandro_likeapuppetshow.jpg (39744 bytes)

  sandro, john malkovich, eric alexandrakis: illuminated
    (2016, 12" picture disc, usa, cryogenia 7609) - feat.dweezil zappa

sandro_illuminated.jpg (44952 bytes)

  oz noy: who gives a funk
    (2016, cd, usa, abstract logix ablx 052) - feat. dweezil zappa

oznnoy_whogivesafunk.jpg (47784 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: dinosaur
    (2016, download, usa, --) - part of his pledgemusic campaign  //  feat. frank zappa
  dweezil zappa: via zammata' deluxe download
    (2017, download, usa, private release) = 3 unreleased tracks and 2 demos / pledgemusic campaign for "live - in the moment II"

dweezilzappa_viazammata_2017download.jpg (31660 bytes)

  carl king: grand architects of the universe
    (2017, cd, usa, private release) - feat. dweezil zappa, mike keneally, phi yaan-zek, marco minnemann, morgan ågren

carl_king_grandarchitects.jpg (43986 bytes)

  movie / documentary: hearing is believing
    (2017, dvd, usa, private release) = a documentary about rachel flowers, , feat. the dweezil zappa band with rachel flowers performing 'inca roads' and 'montana' (frank zappa)
rachel_flowers_hearingdvd.jpg (36476 bytes)
  soundtrack: hearing is believing
    (2017, cd, usa, private release) = the soundtrack of the documentary about rachel flowers, feat. dweezil zappa, incl. rachel flowers plus zappa plays zappa: 'montana' (frank zappa)
rachel_flowers_hearingsoundtrack_cd.jpg (32777 bytes)
  documentary: frank zappa - summer '82 - when zappa came to sicily
    (2017, blu-ray, usa, mvd visual) - featuring massimo bassoli, frank, gail, dweezil, moon and diva zappa, thomas nordegg and steve vai

  dweezil zappa: live - in the moment II
    (2017, cd, usa, phantom records) - incl. various frank zappa compositions

dweezilzappa_livinthemoment2_cd.jpg (24213 bytes)

  derek smalls: smalls change (meditations upon aging)
    (2018, cd, usa, bmg 538372552) - feat. dweezil zappa, steve vai, joe satriani
  various artists: a life in yes - the chris squire tribute
    (2018, cd, usa, purple pyramid records) - feat. dweezil zappa






concerts, radio- & tv-appearances

Lisa Loeb: vocals, guitar
Dweezil Zappa: guitar
Mark Meadows: bass
Matt Beck: keyboards & guitar
Joe Travers: drums

Zappa plays Zappa



March, 2012 Experience Hendrix Tour confirmed dates (additional dates to be added)

09.03.2019 Tue - Living Arts Centre - Mississauga ON - Canada

09.04.2019 Wed - Asbury Hall @ Babeville - Buffalo NY - United States

09.05.2019 Thu - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach NH - United States

09.06.2019 Fri - Stateside Amphitheater at Jay Peak Resort - Jay VT - United States

09.07.2019 Sat - The Newton Theatre - Newton NJ - United States

09.08.2019 Sun - Strand Theatre - York PA - United States (PENDING)

09.10.2019 Tue - Infinity Hall Hartford - Hartford CT - United States

09.11.2019 Wed - The Warehouse - Fairfield CT - United States

09.12.2019 Thu - Westcott Theater - Syracuse NY - United States

09.13.2019 Fri - Bergen Performing Arts Center - Englewood NJ - United States

09.14.2019 Sat - Avalon Theatre - Easton MD - United States (PENDING)

09.15.2019 Sun - The National - Richmond VA - United States

09.17.2019 Tue - Bijou Theatre - Knoxville TN - United States

09.18.2019 Wed - James K. Polk Theater - Nashville TN - United States

09.19.2019 Thu - Live at Ludlow Garage - Cincinnati OH - United States

09.20.2019 Fri - Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor MI - United States

09.21.2019 Sat - London Music Hall - London ON - Canada

09.22.2019 Sun - Music Box Supper Club - Concert Hall - Cleveland OH - United States

09.24.2019 Tue - The Arcada Theatre - St. Charles IL - United States

09.25.2019 Wed - Fargo Theatre - Fargo ND - United States

09.26.2019 Thu - Burton Cummings Theatre - Winnipeg MB - Canada

09.28.2019 Sat - Bella Concert Hall - Calgary AB - Canada

09.29.2019 Sun - Myer Horowitz Theatre - Edmonton AB - Canada

11.21.2019 Thu - Cirkus - Stockholm - Sweden

11.24.2019 Sun - Concert House - Gothenburg - Sweden

11.25.2019 Mon - Sentrum Scene - Oslo - Norway

11.27.2019 Wed - Fonden VoxHall - Aarhus - Denmark

11.28.2019 Thu - Amager Bio - Copenhagen - Denmark

11.30.2019 Sat - Parkstad Limburg Theater - Heerlen - Netherlands

12.01.2019 Sun - TivoliVredenburg - Utrecht - Netherlands

12.02.2019 Mon - La Cigale - Paris - France

12.04.2019 Wed - Royal Festival Hall - London - England

12.05.2019 Thu - Palace Theatre - Manchester - England

12.06.2019 Fri - Southampton Guildhall- Southampton - England

12.08.2019 Sun - New Theatre Oxford - Oxford - England

12.09.2019 Mon - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - Glasgow - Scotland

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here's alan estrada's excellent dweezil page:

and if you want to join a dweezil mailing list, then go here:

random notes

Born- Sept 5th, 1969 (Hollywood, California)

He worked a stint as a VJ on MTV and had a brief sojourn in situation TV comedy in the 1988-1989 season with his sister Moon Unit.

-- Cub Koda

Dweezil and his brother Ahmet together released an AWESOME album called "Shampoohorn". Their band "Z" features some amazing guitar work by Dweezil, and some incredible drumming work from people like Terry Bozzio and bass from Scott Thunes.
Dolphins Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, and Joe Travers were instrumental in both this album, and their follow-up, "Music For Pets"

He does the voice of Ajax on the Duckman series on USA.  
Also the first season's episodes had a brief comment about FZ's music being used.  

This is real and amazing: Dweezil took place in one of Arnold Schworzneger's film called "The Running Man". I saw his credit before the film began, but I couldn't recognize him.  
And than, almost in the end of the film, someone said in a very well known sound: "Don't touch that dial!". It was an inner joke, but it was Dweezil allright!

     david bueche sez:  
Dweezil Zappa also appeared in "Pretty in Pink" (1986) He played a guy named Simon, who's line was, "Kiss his ass." when he was asked, "Hey, Simon...  What would you do if your father came home rich?" by Molly Ringwald.

     From: Aviv Ron  
According to Israel Most significant newspaper, Dweezil is dating with no other than Sarone Stone. I belive that the source is a reliable news agency.

     Miles Mehlhoff (jedi@btigate.com) said:  
In the running man, Dweezil was the man Arnold was looking for to get in touch with the rebels, Dweezil had another line earlier in the movie: "Do you wanna buy a hot stereo", which was the code word Arnold was looking for.

      Harmon Lutzer (lutzer@bucknell.edu) said:  
Dweezil and Ahmet are now starring in a series of ESPN baseball commercials called "It's Time to Play Hardball."  Anyone familiar with ESPN commercials know that they are always very funny, and these are no different. They run The Big League Detective Agency, and are contacted by a number of pro players and managers.  I believe you can actually call the number (toll-free) which is advertised and hear a recorded message from them.  The number is 1-888- BGLEEEG.  I haven't tried yet.

     From: Alan Estrada Adler  
I read he is and will be working with Lisa Loeb

     From: FemmeFrets (femmefrets@aol.com) (Date: 30 Apr 1998)  
I've heard reports that said tour with Lisa is already taking place, and that he's doing, ahem, non musical things with her as well.

     From: Andrew Fignar Jr.  
This isn't the first time Dweezil has taken up with a female singer. I don't remember her name? But he played with this Aussie chick on a tour before.

     From: Craig (good_king_zog@msn.com)  
She's named Jenny Morris  

     From: Ryan Davenport (sleds@home.com)  
I was snooping through your pages today and I noticed a small hole in your info on Dweezil -

Artist: Pat Boone  
Album: No More Mr. Nice Guy: Pat Boone In A Metal Mood  
Label: Hip-O Records  
Catalog #: HIPD-40025  
Copyright: 1997  
Performs On: Smoke On The Water (electric guitar)

Yes, it's Pat Boone doing his versions of a bunch of heavy metal tunes.  His covers of Ozzy's "Crazy Train" and Metallica's "Enter Sandman" are especially entertaining.

     From: Dan Watkins (dan_watkins@hotmail.com)  
Dweezil is in Ozzy's Shot In The Dark video. 

     From: Asmet (asmet@tm.net.my)  
Dweezil was also on 1 track on Extreme's album "Pornograffiti". Their guitarist Nuno Bettencourt produced Dweezil's "Confessions" album.

     From: fireball@tmb.com.NO.SPAM  
     Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999

Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs just finished a run of shows at the Roxy in Los Angeles, which were recorded for a new live album.  I'll vouch for the 2nd night; it was a great show, with the band joined by original members Andy West on bass, and Allen Sloan on violin, as well as Dweezil Zappa, for a rendition of Peaches En Regalia!

     From: Hoodoo (hoodooBugZapper@newnorth.net)  
     Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 02:20:04 -0600  
I was watching some drivel on the E! channel tonight and they broadcast a commercial for this coming Wednesday's program, True Hollywood Story. The episode is going to be about Donny Osmond and Dweeze was shown in a short snippet commenting about DO's abilities.

     From: Patrick Langer (Langer@Stud-Mailer.Uni-Marburg.De)  
While reading my brother's Star Wars Insider #32, I found an interesting thing that kept my imagination busy all the evening...  
In his article "20 years ago today- an anniversary toast to Star Wars" Scott Chernoff compiles Star Wars-memories of various famous people, among them Dweezil Zappa:  
"I was eight years old. We were all crazy about the movie and I saw it about a billion times. I was totally obsessed. It was the best movie of all time- it just had really good characters, cool interplanetary stuff, and it looked really different. The sound effects and the lightsabers- they were just really cool ideas, and it still holds up as really cool.  
Nothing about Star Wars is hokey."

"We were told shortly after the movie came out that our father Frank was one of the people considered to do the movie and his manager said "no way" right off the bat. Frank never even got to make a decision. Of course, when we heard this, my brother and sister and I all screamed "No!". But I love the music in the movie anyway."

     From: Geir Corneliussen (corneliu@online.no)  
Who is Erika Franklin, the woman who signed my guestbook and says she is going to marry Dweezil and made a web about this?
Take a look at this :  

Antal's Dweezil and Ahmet site, currently containing RealAudio of the new Diva single:  

From Gary Titone
Sent: vrijdag 29 juni 2001 6:33
To: azdz@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [azdz] Website


The Drummer on My Mother Is A Space Cadet and Crunchy Water is none other than Mr Jerry Cuccurullo.

-- Gary Titone

February 2004 / from the AZDZ newsgroup:

Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb are playing a several gigs around the country as part of their TV show. Check ot the link below to find out when they are coming to a venue near you:


-- info: Simon Sonny Ladygo

APRIL 2005
from: http://www.uaudio.com/webzine/2005/april/index3.html


Digital Minds
Dweezil Zappa

Part 1: Digital Technology Lets Him Duet With Dad
By Marsha Vdovin

If you are not familiar with the story of Universal Audio, then I suggest you hurry over to our history pages right away. UA is a family company resurrected and updated by the sons after their father's passing. It is perhaps the greatest way that offspring can honor their parents--not just continuing a tradition, but expanding upon a vision. It's the same story in the Zappa family, where Dweezil Zappa has spearheaded the project to digitally archive his father, Frank's, entire catalog. He is also remixing, recording, even performing new versions of some tracks.

This interview with Dweezil ended up yielding so much great information that we've split it into two parts. In part one, we discuss Dweezil's renovation of his dad's studio, and reissues of his Dad's work. Next month, part two will focus on Dweezil's solo album, upcoming tour and his experience with the UAD-1 card. So, first up, refurbishing Frank Zappa's infamous Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, which turned out to be a major task.

"The main thing that we wanted to do," recalls Dweezil, "was bring it up to date in the modern production world. It wasn't a computer-based studio. The entire room itself didn't sound right to me, so we basically started from scratch and rebuilt it. The control room never had a machine room before, so there was a lot of construction. It's a great space to work now.

"There's a digital console--it's a Euphonix System 5--and we have two different digital recording systems. We have the Euphonix R1 and Nuendo. Then we have analog tape machines. We really needed to rethink and update the studio, because we weren't able to follow through on projects of Frank's, such as archiving properly. Over time, tape sort of deteriorates and we need to put it another format. Unfortunately, there is no real standard format in the industry for archiving. This archiving is going to be an ongoing project for years. There are a lot of issues. We have a guy working with us named Joe Travers, and we call him 'the Vaultmeister.' He's the one who gets to go into the vault, inspect the tapes, listen to them and tell us what's on them. A lot of times there may be something written on them, but that's not necessarily what's actually on the tapes; it could be something entirely different. Frank was known for recording over his own work and doing 'special projects.' We run into that a lot, and it usually hasn't been documented.

Quaudiophiliac has a combination of mixes that are either in quad or in full surround, including several tracks that have never been released, as well as some surprises. It was my job to bring them all together into a listening sequence that made it fun.”

"Right now I'm using JBL LSR 6328P's monitors and a 6312SP(sub) for both stereo and surround," Dweezil continues. "I really like them; they given me a true response. I have a workstation and I have a mix position station, so the room is being utilized in two ways. You get a different perspective from each station, and then you can also go ahead and make references and listen to them in other rooms. It works well for me to move around the room to hear and feel what kinds of differences there are. In one area you'll make use of the sub, and in another area you don't. It's really helped to hone in on problem areas in certain mixes. I think there's probably a couple of things that the room needs to be looked at in terms of voicing and certain types of frequency build-up in certain areas. For the most part, it's really pretty accurate." Frank Zappa actually only released a small percentage of his recordings. So, there's a lot of raw material for Dweezil to inspect.

Frank was one of the early pioneers in surround sound. He conducted many experiments and projects exploring multichannel mixing in the early '80s, way before 5.1 and surround sound were household words. He exploited the great short-lived format Quad. The first project Dweezil approached was a live recording of a 1978 Halloween concert recorded at the New York Palladium. Dweezil and engineer Joe Chiccarelli found the master tapes, baked them, and transferred it into Nuendo. They then mixed the tracks for 5.1. This DVD-A, Halloween, is extraordinary and has been critically acclaimed.

The second release was Quaudiophiliac, also on DVD-Audio. Credited as produced by Frank Zappa and Dweezil Zappa, it includes a bunch of quad mixes that Frank did over the years, starting as early 1970.

"The project started when we found a box that had a drawing on it that diagrammed where the mics were placed in the room, and the box was labeled quad. It was a drawing to re-create the room where it was recorded. It included a song that was called 'Chunga's Revenge.' It became something else further developed later on, but this early version was recorded in the original basement studio in the house. You really feel like you are there at the session, and it's conceivably the first time the song was recorded. There are a few start and stop moments which we left in the recording. Quaudiophiliac has a combination of mixes that are either in quad or in full surround, including several tracks that have never been released, as well as some surprises. It was my job to bring them all together into a listening sequence that made it fun. It's a cross section of music covering about fifteen years of his career. One cool thing was taking a piece of audio that had Frank talking about the music industry and record companies, and I superimposed it over one of Frank's songs called 'Watermelon and Easter Hay.' I mixed that in 5.1 and created some segues to improve the continuity. A lot of people have commented that it's a strange joyride that they get to go on, and the surround experience draws them in."

One of the upcoming projects Dweezil plans to attempt is a surround remix of one of Frank's classic releases:
"I can't wait to go from the ground up on a classic record," he says. "The problem we will encounter is the way that Frank worked. He would often take stuff from alternated takes and build something out of it, and insert it into something else. That stuff is usually not documented, so even if you have the master tape and the stereo mixes, if you go to the source tape you won't find everything there. Our challenge will be to either find those little snippets or re-create them. If it can't be done, then we can't do a complete version of those classic records. We've recently transferred the master tapes of Hot Rats, where everything is intact but we discovered a lot of interesting things about it.

"The song 'Peaches en Regalia,' is very different on the release than it was recorded. There's a ten-minute jam in the middle of the song that never made to the record. It's was pretty interesting to find that it wasn't a complete piece of music and there was an ending that was tagged on to it as sort of an afterthought. One cool thing about that song is there are all these textures in it that I was always curious about. I thought it must have been a really early synthesizer-the song was recorded in 1969. I always wondered how he got that sound. What I thought were synthesizers were not. He had taken bass guitar and slowed the tape down and recorded certain parts at a different speed. Then when it returned to normal, it still had this sort of rubbery texture of the bass-a thicker sound playing a high part than you would get if you were just to play it on an instrument that had that octave range.

"He had done all these special recording tricks, and it's really cool to discover them. I'm actually going to do a version of 'Peaches' for my new solo record where I play along with the master tapes. I'll play a lot of the guitar parts and some of the melodies, but I'll leave Frank's guitar solo and some other original things in, so it will appear that we are playing together. It should be a cool combination of new and old."

I think Frank would approve. Next month we'll discuss Dweezil's upcoming solo release and get in to more detail about his working technique and use of the UAD-1 card.

MAY 2005


Digital Minds
Dweezil Zappa
Part 2: The Best of Old and New Technologies
Interview by Marsha Vdovin

 Last month, in Part 1 of our conversation with Dweezil Zappa, we discussed the renovation of his late father's, personal studio; and the ongoing effort to archive and reissue Frank Zappa's recordings. In Part 2, we dig deeper into the technical side, and Dweezil's use of the UAD-1 card on his personal projects.

Dweezil's main DAW is Steinberg's Nuendo, and he considers the perfect accompaniment to Nuendo to be the UAD-1; he's especially into all of the plug-ins.

"I really like the Pultec Pro," Zappa says. "I use it pretty frequently on at least eighty-five to ninety percent of the stereo mixes. I really like the Cambridge too. I had been checking out a lot of different EQs and that one feels like you could finger-paint with the sound. The first thing I liked about it was that you could create really extreme EQ curves and really do some surgery if you needed to. That is a lot of fun to play around with. I like tweaking things and taking them to extreme limits. It doesn't add any bad artifacts. Sometimes, you get into a really gritty, horrible area with digital EQs, but the Cambridge comes out pretty smooth, even when you are doing a narrow bandwidth. Those EQs get used pretty frequently.

"I also recently got the Precision limiter. I really like it. I was trying to find a specific limiter that would do a very good job of holding the peaks on everything. It really does sound good, and it has some special elements to it. The metering is more precise. When I do get the time, I try to really understand what the tools are, and a lot of times some of the stuff can be confusing or daunting when you have so many options. I think I use the tools better when I understand the principles behind them more. Anything in the UAD-1 is really good.

"The Plate 140 reverb I use on everything," he continues. "It's my favorite reverb of anything I have. The week before I got that, I was having a hard time finding a way to do a pre-delay that sounded natural and sounded like that old kind of Plate reverb. I was trying all sorts of things like creating a fake version by sending a sound to a reverb or tape machine with a slapback delay, using an insert delay on a separate channel. Then I would take the send down and get the entire effected signal back. It was a long tedious procedure to set up, and then it didn't exactly have that old sound because you'd have to EQ the reverb, and then, low and behold, a week later your Plate reverb came out. I got the result I wanted and I've been using it for all sorts of things. I like to do backward reverb things and create weird textures. That's one of the plug-ins that has the most personality when you do backward reverb stuff.

"There's something I like to do where I play acoustic guitar and I'll play single notes, and I'll reverse them and build chords with the single notes, then I'll reverb them backwards, and then I'll mold them down and then reserve them and play them back. It's a great sound. It sounds like a combination of horns and strings at the same time. If you know the chord progression on something you are working on, and you just want to just embellish certain things about it, you can just play the single notes of the chords you want and try that procedure. It's a really cool sound. It sounds like a futuristic orchestra, but it sounds organic; it doesn't sound synthesized. It's pretty cool."

“When I do get the time, I try to really understand what the tools are, and a lot of times some of the stuff can be confusing or daunting when you have so many options. I think I use the tools better when I understand the principles behind them more. Anything in the UAD-1 is really good.”

Dweezil also loves classic analog gear, and he owns several vintage 1176s.

"When we're tracking, we go through an analog process and then it ends up in the digital world. Even if we are recording in a digital environment, the chain is usually analog. We do use 1176s on drums and bass. In mixdown, I often use the 1176s for specific effects. I just like the way older records sound in general, so anytime I can keep it in that world I do. I do have some original 1176s and I find that it's just easier to use the one in the computer which has the same character as the hardware."

In addition to all the audio restoration he's been doing, Dweezil has been recording a new solo album titled, Go With What You Know, which is coming out in May 2005.

"I haven't really decided what direction to take this new solo record that' I'm working on," he says. "I have some stuff that's a little more old-school and some stuff that's more modern-sounding. It will include my version of 'Peaches' [Frank Zappa's song 'Peaches en Regalia]. It's going to be a weird combination of things. I went from someone who had zero computer knowledge whatsoever to working on computers eighteen hours a day."

Immediately after the release of his solo album, Dweezil will go into rehearsals with his brother Ahmet and a handpicked band. The brothers Zappa will be touring the world with a project called "Zappa Plays Zappa."

"We have a really big plan for this year, something that we've never done before." Dweezil says. "We're going to put a band together and play only Frank's music. We're going to start in Europe then come back to the states and then go to Japan. We're going to start in October, so we're going to rehearse the band for three months in order to learn close to fifty songs, including a lot of the very difficult instrumentals. I'm learning a lot of stuff on guitar that was never meant to be played on guitar. For me, it will be like training for the Guitar Olympics. We are going to create a core band of people that haven't played with Frank, and then we will have some special guests and Ahmet is going to sing. We want to have our own thing that we do that is free from interpretations of other people's expectations.

"We are going to change the instrumental arrangements. The melodies will be seen and heard in a different way," he continues. "The melodies may be more powerful because they are being played on a louder, more distorted instrument-- guitar instead of keyboard or a marimba. I think [because] my brother and I are related, we have an innate sense of what Frank was going for humor-wise. Those are some of the elements that we'll be able to bring a new and fun interpretation of. The show itself is going to have video footage, and a documentary about Frank will be shown before the show.


-> Zappa plays Zappa

on tour in 2006 & 2007

  Dweezil Zappa during the 2006 05 15 Amsterdam gig.
Here's a transcript of the Ahmet Zappa interview that got broadcast on the Cucamonga radio show on Belgian radio one on 2006 05 22


* * * FRANK ZAPPA : The Uncle Frankie show (Joe's xmasage)
label/referentie: VAULTernative/import/VR20051 - http://www.zappa.com/splash.html 

* * * FRANK ZAPPA : Mr. Clean (alternate mix) (Joe's xmasage) 
label/referentie: VAULTernative/import/VR20051 - http://www.zappa.com/splash.html 

Mr. Clean en dat kwam uit Joe's xmasage, een eind vorig jaar verschenen cd met allerlei rariteiten uit de prille beginjaren van Frank Zappa. Deze versie van Mr. Clean bijvoorbeeld dateert van 1963. Echt wel stuff voor Zappafielen dus! Maar er kwam nog een tweede nieuwe plaat uit met archiefmuziek van Frank Zappa: Imaginary diseases, verre van zijn beste, maar toch al wel voor een iets ruimer publiek. Straks hoor je daar wat uit, nu eerst Zappa plays Zappa, de avond rond Frank Zappa die dinsdag 30 mei plaatsheeft in Vorst Nationaal. Er zijn wel meer groepen die muziek van Frank Zappa spelen, maar het bijzondere aan dit concert is dat het van en met zijn beide zonen is. En ik moet zeggen: ze zijn heel zeker van hun stuk! 

AHMET ZAPPA: If you're a pre-existing Zappa fan it's pretty important in your life to listen to music that is creative and satisfying. If Frank fills that need in your life chances are you haven't seen people play his music in the last ten years as accurately as my brother and I are going to do it. Plus this is the first Zappa-approved Zappa concert. For reasons that are really hard to explain emotionally for us, being the sons of Frank and mourning his loss, it couldn't have happen before. I just think the time is right to let Frank's voice and his music and showcase what his sense of humour was like. Because my brother and I also have our father's sense of humour, so... 

Dat was Ahmet Zappa. Hij en zijn broer zullen er uiteraard bij zijn in Brussel, naast onder meer Steve Vai, Terry Bozio en Napoleon Murphy Brock, allemaal ouwe gedienden en zelfs Zappafreaks zullen dus met wat nostalgie gaan kijken. Maar Ahmet en Dweezil willen daar liefst niet van weten. 

AHMET ZAPPA: It's not a nostalgia tour! It's really a celebration of Frank's work. We're going to try to showcase his earliest records to his latest, the last records he recorded. So in doing that my brother and I we've picked our favourite songs and what we think are the fans' favourites. We're going to have three months of rehearsal, like my father had, to try to twiddle down from the seventy songs that we really like try to get about forty that we can play as best as humanly possible, up to Frank Zappa standard. In figuring all this out we thought it would be nice some of Frank's ex-band mates, people that my brother and I really respect and  obviously grew up loving, to come out on the road with us. Let's just say: if you're a Zappa fan and you wish that a certain band member of Frank was coming on the road, like someone you really think is one of your favourites, chances are he'll probably be there and make an appearance, at least at one of our shows. We are trying to have a bunch of special surprises and before the concert there isn't going to be an opening act, but what we will have, is a little documentary that kind of explains who Frank is and what his music is really about, who he is as a composer. Because that's what Frank really was: all of his songs were composed. They were very difficult and they're all written out. He was just an exceptional musician. It's not simple music to play. I think people will be excited to see the documentary and then hear some kick-ass musicians rock the mike. 

* * * FRANK ZAPPA : Father O'Blivion (Imaginary diseases)
label/referentie: Zappa/import/ZR 20001 - http://www.zappa.com/splash.html 

Father O'Blivion, Frank Zappa live in 1972. Het kwam uit de nieuwe cd Imaginary diseases. De Zappadagen nog eens herbeleven kan dus met Zappa plays Zappa op dinsdag 30 mei in Vorst Nationaal.




listed by Hoodoo at the alt.fan.frank-zappa newsgroup:


Jammys, U-Melt, Green Apple Music and Arts Festival

By Robin A. Rothman
Times Herald-Record


Remember that time John Popper made a speech wearing his "jammies"? Or that time everyone booed when Phish won awards for Studio Album of the Year and Live Jam of the Year? What about Buddy Guy dubbing John Mayer the future of the blues? Derek Trucks Band as the "house band"? A jam-packed first show at Irving Plaza when the trophy was a bowl?

You don't? Then maybe you shouldn't let the sixth installment of the Jammys pass you by.

In addition to honoring the live music experience with awards in categories like Tour of the Year, Live Performance of the Year, Best Live Archival Album and New Groove, the Jammys provides inimitable live experiences in the form of one-off collaborations and all-out jams.

Hippies? Sure, the Jammys has been known to attract a few. But if that's why you missed Sinead O'Connor's return to the stage, not to mention her jam with Huey Lewis and Burning Spear, then shame on you.

This year's event, taking place at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza in NYC, boasts a typically atypical variety of artists.

Grateful Dead drummers Mickey Hart and Billy Kreutzmann will be there, as will guitar great Joe Satriani, Afro-pop goddess Angelique Kidjo, jam stalwart Steve Kimock, Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins ... and on and on.

Who's jam(my)ing with whom? I don't want to give it all away, but some highlights will include Guster with Peter Frampton, Blues Traveler with Bettye Lavette and Dweezil Zappa with Chick Corea.

The show will culminate with a tribute to Frank Zappa, who will receive a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award. Former Zappa cohort Napoleon Murphy Brock and Dweezil will be on hand to make sure it's done right.

Tickets are $39.50-$59.50 at Ticketmaster.

2010 02


Have you ever wanted to drastically improve your musical skills in a short period of time? Or wanted to learn to improvise like a professional? DWEEZILLA is the opportunity for you!

DWEEZILLA is a 4-day, 5-night music bootcamp designed to expand the harmonic horizons of both amateur and professional musicians alike. This musical exploration and development camp will occur in the heart of the "Forever Wild" Catskill Forest Preserve in Big Indian, New York at the Full Moon Resort from Sunday, June 20th to Friday, June 25th 2010.

Disconnected from the busy chaos of the outside world, your days at DWEEZILLA will include gourmet meals provided by Full Moon Resort with master classes from Dweezil Zappa, Joe Travers, Pete Griffin, Scheila Gonzales, Jamie Klime and Billy Hulting. Private performances, intimate jam sessions, campfires, film screenings, and of course, the study of Frank Zappa's brilliant approach to music, his career, and legacy. Use your time at DWEEZILLA to get advice from the masters, perfect your sound, learn about life on the road, master improvisation, and much more!

"I decided to create a diverse music boot camp for people of all skill levels hoping to increase their musical prowess. It would make me very happy if I could help a fellow musician take their skills to the next level." - Dweezil Zappa

Accommodations, as well as campsites, are available at the Full Moon Resort (http://www.fullmoonresort.com/) and the nearby Alpine Inn (http://www.thealpineinn.com/). All DWEEZILLA activities will be held on-site at Full Moon Resort. Acres of fields, meadows, forests and streams provide a natural backdrop for a wonderful and memorable experience.

Create an account on Dweezil Zappa's website: http://www.dweezilzappaworld.com/
and fill out the DWEEZILLA Musical Bootcamp Questionnaire.



Additional informants:  
Dr. István Fekete (IFekete@daten-kontor.hu)  
Ryan Davenport (sleds@home.com)  
Hoodoo (hoodooBUGZAPPER@newnorth.net)  
John Brower (jwbrower@my-deja.com)  
Téa Smith (tealou@iinet.net.au)  
Sam Rouse (samandor@newsguy.com)  
"R. Kane" (caltrops4@newsguy.com)


  • guitar player
        (1987/01, magazine, usa)
    • The Januari 1987 issue of Guitar Player magazine included an article by and an interview with Frank Zappa. As a bonus, the magazine included a soundpage recording of Frank Zappa's onstage debut with son Dweezil, playing 'Sharleena'.
      • "Frank Zappa on the '80s Guitar Clone", as told to Dan Forte, a 5-page article
      • "World Premiere: Zappa & Son, onstage together for the first time" by Tom Wheeler, a 4-page article.
      • a flexi-disc soundpage

  • playgirl
        (1994/01, magazine, usa)
    • the january 1994 edition of playgirl had a dweezil zappa special.

  • fachblatt
        (1995/01, magazine, germany)
    • the january 1995 issue of fachblatt had a big article on frank and dweezil zappa.
  • guitar player
        (2006/08, mag, usa)

    • The August 2006 edition of Guitar Player included a Zappa plays Zappa special:
      • Dweezil Zappa and Steve Vai on the cover;
      • "All In The Family" by Darrin Fox, 11-page article / interview with Dweezil Zappa
      • "Frank's Little Italian Virtuoso" by Darrin Fox, 3-page article / interview with Steve Vai
      • "The Vaultmeister" by Darrin Fox, a 1-page article / interview with Joe Travers
      • "Dweezil On His New Album And Old Masters" by Darrin Fox, 1-page article / interview
      • "Vintage Vault - Artifacts - The Guitars Of Frank Zappa" by Darrin Fox, a 2-page article on Frank Zappa's guitars.


  • guitar world
        (2008/08, mag + cd, usa)

    • The August 2008 issue of Guitar World included an 8-page interview with Dweezil Zappa on Frank's studio and gearm: "Totally Frank" by Alan Di Perna.
    • The CD-Rom that comes with the mag included a video of Dweezil giving a tour on Frank's and his gear and equipment.




2018 saw Dweezil doing the voice for Gary The Station Manager for Carl King's "The Oracle Of Outer Space".


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