dixie dregs

california screamin'
   - incl. 'peaches' (frank zappa)
        feat. dweezil zappa

2000 cd usa zebra zd 44021-2

= recorded live at 'the roxy', la, 1999/08

steve morse: guitar
t lavitz: keyboards
rod morgenstein: drums
allen sloan: violin
andy west: bass
dave larue: bass
jerry goodman: violin
dweezil zappa: guitar on 2

produced by steve morse

  1. wages of weirdness (steve morse)
  2. peaches en regalia (frank zappa)
  3. freefall (steve morse)
  4. aftershock (steve morse)
  5. the bash (trad.)
  6. night meets light (steve morse)
  7. refried funky chicken (steve morse)
  8. jessica (dickie betts)
  9. what if (steve morse)
  10. sleeveless in seattle (steve morse)
  11. ionized (steve morse)
  12. the great spectacular (steve morse)
  13. dixie (trad.)