dweezil zappa

my guitar wants to kill your mama
    - feat.thunes, bozzio, moon & ahmet, incl. 'my guitar' (fz)

1988 k7-promo australia chrysalis

dweezil zappa: guitar, keyboards, vocals
steve smith: drums
fiona: vocals
bobby blotzer: drums
terry bozzio: drums
beau hill: vocals (bckgr)
scott thunes: guitar (bass)
nate winger: vocals (bckgr)
paul winger: vocals (bckgr)
ahmet zappa: vocals

produced by beau hill

both sides

  1. my guitar wants to kill your mama (f. zappa)
  2. before i get old (d. zappa)
  3. the coolest guy in the world (d. zappa)
  4. her eyes don't follow me (d. zappa)
  5. bang your groove thang (d. zappa)
  6. when you're near me (d. zappa)