nellie mckay

my weekly reader
    - incl. 'hungry freaks, daddy' (frank zappa), feat. dweezil zappa

2015 cd usa 429records ftn16045


  nellie mckay: marimba, piano, bells, concertina,  harmonica, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, wind chimes, cymbal, tambourine, organ, keyboard, triangle, maracas / shakers, oatmeal cardboard box, vocals, congas, blush brush
  cary park: acoustic, electric, 12 string & steel guitar, banjo
  bob glaub: electric bass
  david raven: drums
  bela fleck: banjo  4
  dweezil zappa: guitar  12


  1. sunny afternoon  (ray davies)
  2. quicksilver girl  (steve miller)
  3. poor people  /  justice-medley  (alan price)
  4. murder in my heart for the judge  (jerry a. miller jr, donald j. stevenson)
  5. bold marauder  (richard farina)
  6. itchycoo perk  (steve marriott, ronnie lane)
  7. mrs. brown you've got a lovely daughter  (trevor peacock)
  8. not so sweet martha lorraine  (joe allen mcdonald)
  9. if i fell  (john lennon, paul mccartney)
  10. red rubber ball  (paul simon, bruce woodley)
  11. don't let the sun catch you crying  (gerry marsden, freddie marsden, les chadwick, les maguire)
  12. hungry freaks, daddy  (frank zappa)
  13. wooden ships  (david crosby, paul kantner, stephen stills)