dweezil zappa

what the hell was i thinking


tracks 1,2,3,4 are from the conan tv show
tracks 10,16 are from zappa's universe
track 12 is with ozzy osbourne

  1. z: my beef mail box
  2. dweezil + ahmet zappa: you're a mean one mr.grinch
  3. dweezil zappa + john tesh: the wizard
  4. lisa loeb + dweezil zappa: let's forget about it
  5. lisa loeb + dweezil zappa: goodbye to rmance
  6. hit me baby, one more time
  7. diamond dallas paige theme (king of ba-da-bing)
  8. chewing on crayons
  9. peaches en regalia
  10. chunga's revenge
  11. the ben stiller show theme
  12. stayin' alive
  13. that's what i'm talkin' about
  14. dead wrong
  15. evil
  16. dirty love
  17. purple haze