various artists

zappa's universe
    - incl. various zappa band alumni performing frank zappa's compositions

1993 cd nl verve 513575-2

recorded 1991/11/07 & 08 at the ritz, nyc, ny, usa

rock group
    mike keneally: guitar
    mats öberg: keyboards
    marc ziegenhagen: keyboards
    scott thunes: bass
    morgan ĺgren: drums
    jonathan haas: percussion
the persuasions: vocals
rockapella: vocals
the orchestra of our time, cond. joel thome
special guest artists:
steve vai: guitar  12,13
    dweezil zappa: guitar  13
    dale bozzio: vocals (intro to track 14)

all compositions by frank zappa

tracks 1,2,6,8,11,14 arranged by joel thome

  1. elvis has just left the building
  2. brown shoes don't make it
  3. jazz discharge party hats
  4. inca roads
  5. moggio
  6. nite school
  7. echidna's arf (of you)
  8. hungry freaks, daddy
  9. heavenly bank account
  10. the meek shall inherit nothing
  11. waka jawaka (edit)
  12. sofa
  13. dirty love
  14. hot plate heaven at the green hotel