picture disc
picture disc

sandro, john malkovich, eric alexandrakis

    -  feat.dweezil zappa

2016 12" picture disc usa cryogenia 7609

limited edition pre-order exlusive. 1500 copies made



side one

  1. cryolife 7:14 a.m.  (e.alexandrakis, j.malkovich, sean lennon, yoko ono) - mixed by sean lennon, yoko ono
  2. cryozolon x  (dweezil zappa, e.alexandrakis, j.malkovich) - mixed by dweezil zappa

side two

  1. cryoparoxysm a  (e.alexandrakis, j.malkovich, young the giant) - mixed by young the giant
  2. cryogenia (vocal mix)   (e.alexandrakis, j.malkovich) - mixed by e.alexandrakis