dweezil zappa

live in the moment II
- incl. various frank zappa compositions

2017 cd usa fantom records

part of the funding / pledgemusic campaign for "live - in the moment II"

dweezil zappa: lead guitar
ryan brown: drums
scheila gonzales: keyboards and duck calls
david luther: rhythm guitar (when there is one)
kurt morgan: bass
chris norton: keyboards

all compositions by dweezil zappa, except where noted

  1. five-five-five  (frank zappa)
  2. it's in the key of e
  3. inverted commas
  4. it's no trouble at all
  5. the road less traveled
  6. fwakstension acoustic demo
  7. filthy habits  (frank zappa)
  8. tom's banana experiment
  9. german vacation
  10. take at left at peru
  11. what's that hose for
  12. grease owl bacon
  13. messetschinko lio gre livko
  14. svatba
  15. badass pony
  16. i'm sorry you had to hear that
  17. let's do it in the cornfield
  18. it can't be contained
  19. return of the son of orange country  (frank zappa)
  20. prelude in e retrograde
  21. watermelon in easter hay  (frank zappa)