lisa loeb

the way it really is
- feat.dweezil zappa, joe travers

2004 cd usa zoe records
2004 cd japan victor records vicp-62810

lisa loeb: vocals, background vocals, harmony vocals, acoustic guitar  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
dave bassett: electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, background vocals, percussion  1,2
mark meadows: bass  1,2,6,8,11
joe travers: drums  1
chad fisher: drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, shoe, fake cello  2,3,9
dweezil zappa: electric guitar solo  2; electric guitars 6,11
jamie muhoberac: keyboards  4
shelly peiken: harmony vocals  4
john shanks: guitars, bass, keyboards, harmony vocals  4
michael sherwood: grand piano  5
ronny crawford: drums, percussion  6,11
emilie saliers: background vocals  7
maia sharp: background vocals, acoustic guitar  7
jimmy harry: guitars, keyboards, programming  8
matt laug: drums  8
larry goldings: piano  9
jason falkner: wurlitzer piano, harmony vocals, electric guitars  11


  1. window shopping  (lisa loeb, dave bassett)
  2. controle the sun  (lisa loeb, dave bassett)
  3. hand-me-downs  (lisa loeb, stephanie bentley)
  4. fools like me  (lisa loeb, shelly peiken, john shanks)
  5. try  (lisa loeb)
  6. diamons  (lisa loeb)
  7. would you wander  (lisa loeb, maia sharp)
  8. probably  (lisa loeb, jimmy harry, billy steinberg)
  9. accident  (lisa loeb)
  10. lucky me  (lisa loeb)
  11. now i understand  (lisa loeb, dweezil zappa)