lisa loeb

hello lisa
- feat.dweezil zappa, lala sloatman, joe travers

2002 cd usa sheridan square records 751151-2

reworked and remastered version of “cake and pie”

lisa loeb: vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitars, 12-string electric
dweezil zappa: electric guitar, keyboards, fretless guitar, bass
ronny crawford: drums & percussion
leland sklar: bass
abraham laborial jr.: drums
michael sherwood: grand piano
steve forman: percussion
joe travers: snare drum fills, drums, percussion
mark meadows: bass
anne previn: background vocals & whistling
lala sloatman: whistling
joe quigley: bass
rusty anderson: electric guitar
matt chamberlain: drums
randy scruggs: electric guitar
jim cox: keyboards
marvin gordy: percussion
dave bassett: background vocals, guitars
jonatha brooke: background vocals 10
chad fischer: drums, perkussion
kevin harp: tambourine

some tracks co-written, co-produced & engineered dweezil zappa

  1. did that (lisa loeb)    3:54

  2. underdog (loeb, dweezil zappa)    3:03

  3. you don't know me (loeb, zappa)    3:52

  4. drops me down (loeb)    3:01

  5. the way it really is (glen ballard, loeb, lindy robbins)    3:59

  6. bring me up (loeb)    3:29

  7. what am i supposed to say" (loeb, randy scruggs)    3:31

  8. everyday (loeb, scruggs)    4:03

  9. someone you should know (dave bassett, loeb)    3:23

  10. payback (loeb)    4:41

  11. take me back (chad fischer, loeb)    5:06

    hidden track

  12. what am i supposed to say (acoustic)  (loeb, randy scruggs)    3:29