gorky park

gorky park II - moscow calling
    feat.dweezil zappa

1993 cd usa m.i.r. records

gorky park
  alexandre minkov "big sasha"
  alexandre lvov "little sasha"
  alexandre janenkov "jan"
  alexei belov
gorky park 2 guest appearance
  backgr. vocal in "two candles" - richard marx
  gtr.solo in "don't pull the trigger" - steve lukather (toto)
  sax in "tomorrow" - scott page (pink floyd)
  gtr.solo in "strike" - steve farris (mr.mister)
  backgr. vocal in different songs - fee waybill (tubes)
  add. guitars - dweezil zappa

all songs are arranged by a.belov

executive producer: a.belov

  1. moscow (a.belov)
  2. all (a.belov - s.diamond)
  3. politics of love (a.belov)
  4. tomorrow  (a.belov - a.belov/s.oglanby)
  5. stranger  (a.belov)
  6. volga boatman (instrumental)  (a.belov)
  7. strike    (a.belov)
  8. welcome to the gorky park  (a.belov - f.waybill)
  9. two candles  (a.minkov/a.belov - a.belov/a.grigoriev/f.waybill)
  10. i'm going down  (a.belov - s.oglanby)
  11. city of pain  (a.belov - a.belov/s.roberts)
  12. don't pull the trigger (a.belov - a.belov/f.waybill)
  13. tell me why  (a.belov - t.meagher)