- feat.dweezil zappa

2001 cd usa hermit inc hi-1002

recorded and mixed at the hermit lounge, nyc

lafrae olivia sci: drums on tracks 5, 6, 7, and 10
mattias eklundh: guitar solo at 2:45 on 'pimpwagon'
dweezil zappa: guitar solo at 2:00 on 'top of the world'
jen bruce: cello on 'legend of van cleef'
madeline caspari: cello on 'time'
lea demartini: flute on 'r2'
joboj: harassing phone call on 'guitars suck'
bumblefoot: other guitars, vocals, noises

produced by bumblefoot

all songs written by bumblefoot

  1. fly in the batter
  2. lost
  3. raygun
  4. hole in the sky
  5. children of sierra leone
  6. don pardo pimpwagon
  7. legend of van cleef
  8. guitars suck
  9. hall of souls
  10. top of the world
  11. r2
  12. time