dweezil zappa

live - 'in the moment'

2012 2cd usa fantom records fr1 112011

a collection of dweezil zappa guitar solos that were performed at zappa plays zappa performances

  dweezil zappa: lead guitar
  joe travers: drums & vocals
  pete griffin: bass
  jamie kime: guitar & vocals
  scheila gonzales: keyboards & sax
  chris norton: keyboards
  ben thomas: megaphone & harmonica
  billy hulting: percussion
special guest appearnce
  chick corea: keyboards

art & design by cal schenkel

produced and arranged by dweezil zappa

disc one

  1. flim flam
  2. guitarlos mantana
  3. that's heavy
  4. curly toed shoes
  5. you can't get there from here
  6. that's right
  7. stink patrol
  8. the stink eye
  9. they're attracted to the light mama
  10. neapolitan sunset
  11. first day with the new brain
  12. follow me
  13. your slime is on fire

disc two

  1. just a trim
  2. phase mcnugget
  3. southern gravy
  4. canadian jazzercise
  5. scratch
  6. hair club for ponies (greasy)
  7. where everyone still looks the same
  8. i promise not to mess up your hair
  9. a chick walks on to the stage...
  10. bat sandwich
  11. what did you mean by that?
  12. a night out in a tel aviv
  13. midrange exploitation
  14. is this safe?
  15. what kind of muffin is this?
  16. deathless horsie rides again