(2007, cd, usa, razor & tie)
(2008, cd, japan, victor entertainment vicp-64149)

zappa plays zappa

zappa plays zappa
    - all compositions by frank zappa, feat.dweezil zappa, n.m.brock, s.vai & t.bozzio

2007 cd usa razor & tie 7930182993-2

japanese release
    (2008, cd, japan, victor entertainment vicp-64149) - includes a bonus track

recorded in 2006

core band
  dweezil zappa: lead guitar & vocals
  joe travers: drums & vocals
  pete griffin: bass & vocals
  jamie w.kime: guitar & vocals
  aaron arntz: keyboards, trumpet & vocals
  scheila gonzales: saxophone, flute, keyboards & vocals
  billy hulting: mallets, percussion & manic ranting
special guests
  steve vai: guitar
  terry bozzio: drums & vocals
  napoleon murphy brock: vocals, sax & flute

directed and produced by pierre & françois lamoureux

all music by frank zappa

  1. tell me you love me

  2. florentine pogen

  3. cheepnis

  4. cosmik debris

  5. i'm the slime

  6. don't eat the yellow snow

  7. st.alfonzo's pancake breakfast

  8. father o'blivion

  9. black page #2

  10. peaches en regalia

  11. zomby woof

  12. the torture never stops