dweezil zappa

via zammata' demos and rarities
-  incl. 'dragonmaster (frank zappa / dweezil zappa), incl. z's '70's medley nyc 1995'  with snippets of frank zappa compositions ('florentine pogen', 'i'm the slime')

2015 download usa private release

made available through pledgemusic as part of the funding for "via zammata"

the "via zammata" demos
dweezil zappa: lead vocals, background vocals, electric guitars, fretless autotune guitar, acoustic guitars, glissentar, oud, banjo
kurt morgan: bass, background vocals
ryan brown: drums, percussion, background vocals
scheila gonzales: saxophones, flute, background vocals
chris norton: assorte keyboards, background vocals
ben thomas: background vocals

the z-medley
dweezil zappa: lead guitar, lead & background vocals
ahmet zappa: lead vocals
joe travers: drums
bryan beller: bass & vocals
mike keneally: guitar & vocals


  1. reckless abandon
  2. palermo stream of consciousness
  3. what if (demo)
  4. dragon master (demo)   (lyrics: frank zappa / music: dweezil zappa)
  5. you can't judge a girl by the panties she wears
  6. hummin'
  7. z 70's medley nyc 1995  -  incl. snippets of frank zappa compositions