Z  (azdz)

Z was the Ahmet Zappa and Dweezil Zappa band.

The first edition of the band included:

During the recording of the first album, Joe Travers and Bryan Beller quit the band. Beller was replaced by Scott Thunes.

The picture on the right shows Z in France.



1 z: shampoo horn
    (1993, cd, uk, food for thought cdgrub 25)  / european edition,= ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. scott thunes, mike keneally, terry bozzio
z_shampoo_horn.jpg (27902 bytes)
  z: shampoo horn
    (1994, cd, usa, barking pumpkin r2 71760)  / american edition, = ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. mike keneally, joe travers, bryan beller, scott thunes, terry bozzio, morgan ågren
z_shampoo_horn.jpg (27902 bytes)
  z: doomed to be together
    (1993, cd5"-pro, uk, food for thought cdyum 124)
2 z: music for pets
    (1995, cd, usa, zappa records) = ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. mike keneally
  z: based on a true story
    (1995, cd5", france, cnr music arc 309 30 00812) = ahmet & dweezil zappa, feat. mike keneally, joe travers and bryan beller
z_basedonatruestory.jpg (28120 bytes)




1994 "kickin' ass on the sun" (k.a.o.s.) tour

the others of invention



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