frank zappa

frank zappa meets the mothers of prevention (44)

1985 lp usa barking pumpkin
        american version
1985 lp eur emi
        european version
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released november 21, 1985

the american and the european release have different tracks

frank zappa: guitar, synclavier
steve vai: guitar
johnny 'guitar' watson: guitar, vocals
ike willis: guitar, vocals
ray white: guitar, vocals
robert 'bobby' martin: keyboards, vocals
tommy mars: keyboards
scott thunes: bass
chad wackerman: drums
ed mann: percussion
james 'spider' barbour: voice
john kilgore: voice

  1. porn wars

  2. we're turning again

  3. alien orifice

  4. aerobics in bondage

  5. i don't even care

  6. little beige sambo

  7. what's new in baltimore?

  8. one man, one vote

  9. h.r. 2911

  10. yo cats