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Picture on the right taken by Kerry Barbato.

After being in the Zappa band, Ray White was part of / sat in with various bands: MMQ, CurveballCaCa, Veronica Klaus, Zero, ...

In 1984, Ray White participated in a couple of recordings with Dink Bridgers. Eric Drew Feldman also took part in these sessions.
The tracks can be found at:
and can be obtained from Dink through his website.

From January 1998 until December 1999, Ray was part of KVHW , Kimock, Vega, Hertz and White. They recorded two albums.

August 2000, Ray White with Car Trouble took part in the Zappafest in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

2002 / 2003, Ray White could be seen performing with he The Big E, (White, Vega, Hertz, Morris and Levy) an occasional band as most of the members played in other bands.

Early 2004, Bobby Vega, Ray White, Terry Haggerty and Prairy Prince started Don't Push The Clown. Ray also performs with Brother Dog from time to time (a band that he and Bobby Vega produce & mentor). He could also be heard with the Avalon Allstars a couple of times, and sat in with Motherbug (2004/03/21).

In 2005, Ray did concerts with his band Talking Shoes, performing a couple of Frank Zappa compositions. 

From July 2007 until the end of the year, Ray joined Zappa plays Zappa for a world tour. On occasion, he also performed with Project/Object, with Banyan, with The Willie Waldman Project, and with Generic Produce.

In 2010, Ray White was special guest at the Zappanale Festival. He performed with The Muffin Men, and with The Central Scrutinizer Band.

Somewhere around 2009, Ray White and Melvin Seals started Imagine, a band that also includes some local Denver musicians.

June 5, 2013, Bobby Marquis aired an interview with Ray White on CKCU-FM, Ottowa's community radio station.

2013, Ray White toured with Project/Object. Ray also formed a new band, Roister, with Melvin Seals. Tom Fowler joined the band for a couple of gigs as well.

December 25, 2013, Bobby Marquis aired an interview with Ike Willis on CKCU-FM , Ottowa's community radio station, as part of his "Frank Zappa X-Mas Special".





frank zappa: zappa in new york
   (1978, 2lp, usa, discreet)

30 frank zappa: tinseltown rebellion
   (1981, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

31 frank zappa: shut up'n play yer guitar
   (1981, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)
32 frank zappa: shut up 'n play yer guitar some more
   (1981, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

33 frank zappa: return of the son of shut up 'n play yer guitar
   (1981, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

34 frank zappa: you are what you is
   (1981, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)
  frank zappa: shut up 'n play yer guitar - box set
    (1981, 3lp, eur, cbs)
35 frank zappa: ship arriving too late too save a drowning witch
   (1982, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

36 frank zappa: the man from utopia
   (1983, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)


frank zappa: them or us
   (1984, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  michael ward: emergency to order
    (1984, 12", usa, secret records 6521) - feat. ed mann, ray white, denny walley


frank zappa: thing-fish
   (1984, 3lp, usa, barking pumpkin)


frank zappa: frank zappa meets the mothers of prevention
   (1985, lp, usa, barking pumpkin) – american version
   (1985, lp, eur, emi) – european version


frank zappa: does humour belong in music?
   (1986, cd, ger, emi)


frank zappa: jazz from hell
   (1986, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  frank zappa: the guitar world according to frank zappa
    (1987, mc, usa, ??)


frank zappa: guitar
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)

51 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.1
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)

  ike willis: shoulda gone before i left
    (1988, lp, us, enigma records  3292-1) - feat.ray white, arthur barrow, jeff hollie

54 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.3
   (1989, 2cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.4
   (1991, 2cd, usa, ryko)  
  frank zappa: as an am
    (1991, cd, usa, rhino foo-eee records r2 70537)

fooeeerecordsr270537_c.jpg (133936 bytes)

  frank zappa: conceptual continuity
    (1991, cd, usa, rhino foo-eee records r2 71023)


frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.5
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)
59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: the lost episodes
   (1996, cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: läther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)
  dink bridgers: oh come on it's supposed to be weird
    (199?, cdr, usa, private release) - feat. ray white, eric drew feldman

  arthur barrow: eyebrow razor (2)
(1995, cd, usa, muffin records productions mrp 024) - feat.various zappa alumni


frank zappa: have i offended someone?
   (1997, cd, usa, ryko)

1 kvhw: 9/28/98 and 10/24/98
    (1999, cd, usa, private release)
2 kvhw: live at the lip
    (1999, cdr, usa, private release) - feat. ray white
  ike willis: selected works
    (2002, cd, usa, uwanna records) = compilation album

ikewillis_selectedworks.jpg (28606 bytes)

  the banned from utopia: so yuh don't like modern art  (2)
    (2002, cd, usa, favored nations) - various compositions by frank zappa; feat.various zappa alumni


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraa birthday bundle
    (2006, itunes, -) - feat. frank, moon, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa


frank zappa: buffalo  (80)
    (2007, 2cd, usa, vaulternative records)


frank zappa: the dub room special
    (2007, cd, usa, zappa records)


frank zappa: one shot deal
    (2008, cd, usa, zappa records)


frank zappa: philly '76
    (2009, 2cd, usa, vaulternative records)

zappa086.jpg (27298 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: return of the son of...
    (2010, 2cd, usa, razor & tie) - all compositions by frank zappa // feat. ray white

dweezilzappa_returnofthesonof.jpg (26081 bytes)

  the central scrutinizer band: zappanale 21
    (2010, dvdr, ger, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa  //  feat. ray white, robert martin & denny walley

centralscrutinizerband_dvdr_2010.jpg (16050 bytes)

  the muffin men: zappanale 21
    (2010, dvdr, ger, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa  //  feat. ike willis, ray white, robert martin & denny walley
themuffinmen_dvdr_2010.jpg (16083 bytes)

the muffin men: just another band from l4
    (2011, uk, private release) -
feat. denny walley, robert martin, ben watson

mm_justanotherbandfroml4.jpg (37298 bytes)
  the muffin men: live at zappanale 21, bad doberan, august 2010
    (2011, dvdr, ger, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa  //  feat. ike willis, ray white, robert martin, denny walley and ben watson

mm_zappanale_mm.jpg (29945 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: return of the son of...
    (2011, 3lp, eu, music on vinyl movlp257) - all compositions by frank zappa // feat. ray white  //  vinyl release of the 2010 2cd album

dweezilzappa_returnofthesonof.jpg (84282 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: f.o.h.
    (2012, 2cd, usa, fantom records) - all compositions by frank zappa / = zappa plays zappa

dweezilzappa_foh.jpg (153867 bytes)

  elisa fisher: ike willis meets the catholic school girls
    (2012, download, --, elisa fisher / aquarian) - feat. ike willis and ray white
elisa_fisher_ikewillismeets.jpg (29097 bytes)
  frank zappa: puttin' on the ritz
    (2014, 2cd, ??, goldfish records golf009)
fz_puttinontheritz.jpg (24918 bytes)
  frank zappa: puttin on the ritz
    (2014, 4lp, uk, moonunit records) = 1981/11/17 concert  //  vinyl reissue of the 2 cd set
fz_ritz_4lp.jpg (28740 bytes)
  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraa 2014 birthday bundle
    (2014, download, --, barfko-swill)
aaafnraa2014.jpg (34969 bytes)
  frank zappa: teenage rockin' combo - dumb all over live 1981
    (2015, 2cd, uk, broadcasting radio records brr5011) = 1981/11/17 new york city concert
zappa_rbr5011.jpg (30898 bytes)
  the banned from utopia: zappanale 26
    (2015, dvdr, ger, arf society) - all compositions by frank zappa; feat. various zappa alumni
z26_bfu_dvdr.jpg (15211 bytes)



jackolope (= ray white & ed mann, a duo they formed around 1982)











steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega- bass
alan herz: drums
ray white: rhythm guitar and vocals

steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega; bass
alan herz: drums
jimmy herring: guitar (replacing ray white, who didn't show up)

steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega; bass
alan herz: drums
ray white: rhythm guitar & vocals

steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega: bass
alan herz: drums
terry haggerty: guitar (replacing ray white)

steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega: bass
alan herz: drums
ray white: rhythm guitar and vocals

steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega: bass
alan herz: drums
terry haggerty: guitar (replacing ray white) 

steve kimock: lead guitar
bobby vega: bass
alan herz: drums
ray white: rhythm guitar and vocals


Ray White & Carr Trouble @ Zappening 2000


The Big E

alan hertz: drums
bobby vega: bass
ray white: guitar and vocals
eric levy: keyboards
tal morris: guitar




Willie Waldman Project

  • 2009/07/09 Willie Waldman Project - concert 'Max's Place Bloomington', IN, usa
    • Willie Waldman - Trumpet * Ray White - Guitar/Vocals * Clint Wagner - Guitar/Violin * J.D. Westmoreland - Bass * Tony Austin - Drums
    • untitled * Jessie * Mike Lahti * Sarah * Christina * Ben * Jenny * untitled * untitled

the picture on the right is taken from an audience video recording of this concert.

Willie Waldman




random notes

Ike says that Ray's been playing down around Oakland. Ike's brother, who lives down there, stay's in closer touch with Ray, than Ike does.

For those of you living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can see Ray White doing some of the old Zappa tunes ("Keep It Greasy", "City of Tiny Lights") that he used to sing. He will be performing with a local jazz-oriented band, MMQ, at San Francisco's own Ramp, on Friday, April 29th, around 5:30pm.  MMQ contains some serious Zappa fans, and they have performed a blistering version of Zoot Allures for quite some time.  They have recently become friends of Ray's, who lives here in the Bay Area, and he has happily agreed to sit in with them for a few gigs.

Ray is currently playing with a killer transvestite blues band, Veronica Klaus, and is in great singing and playing shape, according to MMQ.  If you're a San Franciscan, or are going to be in the area on Friday, come out and see the man!!!  (The band ain't bad either!)

Ray White is no longer with Veronica Klaus.  I have a friend that plays sax for Veronica and he just told me that she has basically an entire new line-up.  I'm not sure what he's doing now, but I got to see him perform with my friend at our company X-mas party just after Zappa died and they did a great rendition of Bamboozled by Love!

Ray is no longer a member of Curveball. Ray is working with the drummer of Sly & the Family Stone. This is as of 12/24/95. So Ray will be playing soon in the S.F. area.

     From: Sean England
I saw him play with a group called CaCa quite a few times when I lived
in the Bay Area. It's a Zappa cover tune band featuring members of Primus, Limbomaniacs, MIRV, Mo'fessionals, Fungo Mungo, and Curveball.

     From: Gypsyman3
     Date: 2 Apr 1998
The Ilinois Enema Bandit himself, Ray White, performed last Saturday evening at
the Maritime Hall in San Francisco sitting in with Zero.  Ray White and Zero guitarist Steve Kimock have also teamed up for a cable video concert that was recently broadcast on a local Bay Area television station.   The video is available now by mail.

     From: The Greatest Of All Times
     Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 
Ray White has been doing a lot of cool things lately with Zero guitar
slinger, Steve Kimock, and Zero/former Family Stone Participant Bobby Vega.  In fact it appears Zero is going to be history and this little side project may develop into a more full time type gig.  Available for inspection in the greater Northern Californy region

     From: babya001
     Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 
Thought you might like to have an update of Ray's latest gigs.  It's a killer band.

Thanks, Mike Babyak

"Official Debut"
The Great American Music Hall
August 15th -- 15 dollars
Tickets available July 3rd - GDTS TOO
(415) 457-6388 (regular outlets, July 19th)

     Other upcoming gigs:
     Palookaville, Santa Cruz, August 29th
     Maritime Hall, San Francisco, Sept. 18th and 19th

     From: Gypsyman3
     Date: 15 Aug 1998 15:59:00 GMT
Ray White will be performing as part of a new Bay Area Band called KVHW.  The
group consists of: guitarist Steve Kimock of Zero and The Other Ones, Zero bassist Bobby Vega, drummer Alan Hertz, and Ray White on guitar and vocals, The group will be touring nationally as well and will perform mainly original material with an occational piece written by Frank Zappa.

     From: Mark  Adams
     Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 15:50:31 -0400
According to a statement from the remaining members of KVHW

"Ray White will not be playing with KVHW. At this time, he has other priorities. We wish him the best of luck and look forward  to the time when we will share the stage with him again."

The above is an ***official statement from the band***.

     From: Kwoody909
hello there.  my name is karen woodstock - woodstock productions - and
i have new info. for you.   i work for ray now and his new fabulous band called "Ray White and Carr Trouble.  he's better than ever after he left KVHW in S.F. area.  lot's of Grateful Dead fans out there who'd love to know where he is too.  look forward to hearing from you.


     From: Charles Ulrich
According to the most recent Relix mag, Ray is back in KVHW

     From: Gypsyman3
KVHW with Ray White will be touring in December..

     From: Gypsyman3
Due to the unexplained absence from another KVHW gig last weekend by Ray White,
KVHW has announced that Ray is no longer a member of the band.  For their upcoming New Years Eve show at The Maritime Hall in San Francisco, KVHW announced today that they have enlisted former Zappa singer-guitarist Ike Willis for the gig. While there was no mention if Willis' particpation would be permenent, it was noted on the band's website that his choise to succeed White would be both musically and gramatically correct.

    From: Kris Dickerson - May 2004
Ray White is working with a band called Brother Dog. He is producing and mentoring them.

>From the jambands.com "news" page (2005):

Ray White and Greg Rzab's Talkin' Shoes
Earlier this month Ray White and Greg Rzab joined Umphrey's McGee for a few songs at the group's September 4 Skyline Stage show. The pair may well sit in with the group again in the weeks ahead as their new group will open a series of shows for Umphrey's. Talkin' Shoes features White (Zappa, KVHW) on guitar and vocals, Greg Rzab (Gov't Mule) on bass and Jay Davenport (Sugar Blue, The Dells) on drums. The trio will open Umphrey's upcoming gigs at in Champaign, IL (Canopy Club, September 29), St. Louis (The Pageant, September 30) and Madison, WI (Barrymore Theatre, October 1 and 2) with additional gigs to follow.

-- Pat Buzby
Chicago, IL 


frank zappa  / musicians timeline



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