CaCa is a San Francisco band that played a lot of Frank Zappa material during their concerts. The guitar player and drummer are from Primus, the bass player and singer are from the Limbomanicas.  Les Claypool from Primus has sat in at times as well, as has former zappa sideman Ray White.

Mark 'Mirv' Haggard: zappa guitar (limbomaniacs, m.i.r.v.)
Larry Lalonde: guitar (primus)
Brian 'Brain' Mantia: drums (limbomaniacs,praxis,primus)
Tony 'Butthouse' Chaba: bass(limbomaniacs, mcm & the monster, benwa)


random notes

     from: jason gossard ( - date: wed, 6 may 1998
i didn't see them on your list-> caca.  out of san francisco.  the guitarist and drummer from primus, plus the bass player and singer from the limbomaniacs.  les claypool from primus has sat in at times, as has the world famous ray white himself.  songs that i can remember off the top of my head-> torture '76, keep it greasy,. drowning witch (vocals only), don't eat the yellow snow (only), stick it out, chunga's revenge (intro only), and that's it for the top of my head.  dumb all over, i think. jason "foggy" gossard pre-k teacher
natalia head start

     from: christopher antolini (
caca line up as of 95' (last show without ray white), billed as "shut up and play your caca". mark "m.i.r.v." haggard: zappa guitar (curently in his own band m.i.r.v.,  larry lalond:guitar(primus). brian "brain" mantia:drums(limbomaniacs,praxis,primus), tony"butthouse"chaba:bass(limbomaniacs, mcm & the monster, curently in the duo benwa).  mirv, brian, butthouse where in the limbomaniacs. all bands mentioned above are from s.f. bay area. there has been talk of doing another caca show but as of sept. 98, nothing has happened. fans should go out and check out m.i.r.v. when they go out on road,they tour frenquently play in calif., arizona, colarodo, new mexico, washington, oregon.

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