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the frank zappa aaafnraa birthday bundle 21.12.2014

2014 download - barfko-swill

anything anytime anywhere for no reason at all
released: december 21, 2014


  1. frank zappa: down in de dew - alternate mix

produced by frank zappa
recorded at electric lady studios, nyc 1972, & paramount studios 1973
engineer: kerry mcnab
frank zappa: guitars, bass
jim gordon: drums

transferred by joe travers, umrk 2014, from 1/4” stereo analog tape
mastered by bob ludwig, gateway mastering 2014
released in 2014 as the b-side to the record store day 7” single “don’t eat the yellow snow”

  1. frank zappa: freak chouflée

live recording from the vault, circa 1966
previously unreleased
frank zappa: guitar
del casher: guitar
don preston: keys
roy estrada: bass
billy mundi: drums
jimmy carl black: drums
ray collins: tambourine

transferred & edited by
joe travers from 1/4” stereo analog tape
mastered by steve hall 2003, future disc

  1. 3nsambl3 : uncle meat / uncle meat variations

fernando mariña, guillermo gonzález phillips & jesús serrano

  1. frank zappa: rdnzl, palermo 1982 (video omen)

frank zappa: guitar
ray white: guitar
tommy mars: keykoards and synth
chad wackerman: drums
scott thunes: bass
ed mann: percussion
robert 'bobby' martin: keyboards
steve vai: guitar

mix: frank zappa with bob stone
mastered by
bob ludwig, gateway mastering 2014
camera: thomas nordegg