bob stone

Bob Stone worked for Frank Zappa as a sound engineer for a.o. the 1988 tour. He left circa 1991.

Bob Stone passed away in 2005.





  dweezil zappa: havin' a bad day (1)
    (1986, lp, usa, barking pumpkin records st 74204) - feat. thunes, wackerman, moon & ahmet,  produced by fz


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2010
    (2010, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet zappa

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  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraa 2014 birthday bundle
    (2014, download, --, barfko-swill)
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random notes

Informant:  Antal Adriaanse (

Bob Stone left the UMRK circa 1991.

Here is Bob's own homepage, Bob Stone Mastering:


1971 Mothers of Invention- Fillmore East: June 1971   (Remastering)
1972 Mothers of Invention- Just Another Band from L.A. (Remastering)
1973 Mothers of Invention- Over-Nite Sensation  (Engineer, Digital Remastering)
1974 Frank Zappa- Apostrophe (')  (Transfers, Digital Remastering)
1975 Frank Zappa- One Size Fits All (Engineer)
1977 Diamond, Neil- I'm Glad You're Here with Me Tonight (Bass)
1978 Arpeggio- Let the Music Play (Engineer)
1978 Frank Zappa- Studio Tan (Remastering)
1979 Gomez, Leroy- I Got It Bad  (Engineer)
1979 Jabara, Paul- Third Album  (Engineer)
1979 Frank Zappa- Sleep Dirt (Mastering, Remastering)
1979 LaRue, D.C.- Confessions  (Engineer)
1980 Blasters [1]- American Music (Mastering)
1981 Frank Zappa- Tinsel Town Rebellion (Remastering, Digital Remastering)
1982 Bob Stone- Time
1984 Dweezil Zappa- Havin' a Bad Day (Producer, Engineer)
1984 Frank Zappa- Them or Us   (Engineer)
1984 Frank Zappa- Thing-Fish   (Engineer)
1985 Frank Zappa- Meets the Mothers of Prevention (Engineer)
1986 Frank Zappa- Apostrophe/Over-nite Sensation (Digital Transfers)
1986 Frank Zappa- Does Humor Belong in Music? (Remixing)
1986 Frank Zappa- Jazz from Hell (Engineer)
1987 Frank Zappa- The Guitar World According to Frank Zappa
1988 Frank Zappa- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, vol. 1 (Remix Engineer)
1988 Frank Zappa- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, vol. 2 (Remix Engineer)
1988 Frank Zappa- Guitar (Engineer)
1988 Kelly, Roberta- Gettin' the Spirit (Engineer)
1988 Fields, Brandon- Traveler (Bass)
1988 Bob Stone- Stone
1989 Gumby- Gumby
1989 Frank Zappa- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, vol. 3 (Remix Engineer)
1991 Frank Zappa- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, vol. 4 (Remix Engineer)
1992 Frank Zappa- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, vol. 5 (Remix Engineer)
1992 Frank Zappa- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, vol. 6 (Remix Engineer)
1993 Frank Zappa- Ahead of Their Time (Remixing)
1994 DSK- Feel So Free (Producer)
1994 Channing, Carol- Jazz Baby (Digital Remastering)
1995 Coal Porters- Los London (Organ, Piano, Vocals)
1995 Band From Utopia- Music of Frank Zappa (Mastering)
1995 Shea, Rick- Buffalo Show (Mastering)
1995 Athenian Touch [Original Broadway Cast] (Digital Transfers)
1995 Billy Barnes [Original Cast] (Mastering, Digital Transfers)
1995 Bless the Bride [London Cast] (Digital Editing, Mastering, Restoration)
1995 Boy Meets Boy [Original Cast] (Digital Remastering)
1995 Cabin in the Sky/ Porgy & Bess/ Carib (Mastering, Digital Transfers)
1995 Great American Backstage Musical (Digital Remastering)
1995 Match Girls [Original Cast] (Mastering, Digital Transfers)
1995 Streets of New York [Original Broadway Cast] (Digital Mastering)
1996 John Fogerty: Wrote a Song for Ever (Keyboards, Vocals)
1996 Barrow, Arthur- Eyebrow Razor (Mastering)
1996 Leary, Timothy- Right to Fly (Mastering)
1996 Western Vacation- Western Vacation (Editing, Digital Remastering)
1996 Coward, Noel- Cavalcade (Digital Editing, Mastering)
1996 In Gay Company- In Gay Company (Digital Mastering)
1996 Movie Star [Original Cast] (Digital Editing, Mastering)
1996 Share My Lettuce [London Cast] (Mastering, Digital Transfers)
1996 Sophie- Sophie (Digital Editing, Mastering)
1996 Frank Zappa- The Lost Episodes
1997 Dent- Verstarker (Mastering)
1997 Yesterdays: The Jerome Kern Songbook (Bass)
1997 Edwards, David "Honeyboy"- Crawling Kingsnake (Mastering)
1997 Quattlebaum, Doug- If You've Ever Been Mistreated (Mastering)
1997 Sondheim: A Celebration (Engineer)
1997 Campbell Brothers- Pass Me Not (Producer)
1997 Treadway, Sonny- Jesus Will Fix It (Producer)
1997 McDaniel, Clara- Unwanted Child (Mastering)
1997 Weston, Arthur- Pea Vine Whistle (Mastering)
1997 Martin, Carl- Crow Jane Blues (Mastering)
1997 Ghent, Aubrey Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus: Sacr (Producer)
1998 What's That I Hear?: The Songs of  (Organ)
1998 Big Sandy Presents His Fly Rite Boys (Mastering)
1998 Down Home Slide- Down Home Slide (Mastering)
1998 Saviano, Tom- Making up Lost Time (Mastering)
1998 Williams, Big Joe- These Are My Blues (Mastering)
1998 Big Sandy- Dedicated to You (Mastering)
1998 Down Home Harp- Down Home Harp (Mastering)
1998 Cusic, Eddie- I Want to Boogie (Mastering)
1998 Perkins, Pinetop- Down in Mississippi (Mastering)
1998 McDowell, Mississippi- Levee Camp Blues (Mastering)
1998 Volkaert, Redd- Telewacker (Mastering)
1998 Clay & Scott- Standing on the Highway (Mastering)
1998 Bob Stone- Somewhere in L.A.
     Family [2]- Family (Strings)
     Gumby- Gumby (Engineer)
     Field of Honor/Secret Of The Ice Ca (Editing, Sequencing, Digital Sequencing)


From: Tom Brown
Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2005 12:03 AM
Subject: Bad tidings

I'm not sure if you've already heard this, but I've just been informed by
Arthur that Bob Stone died of pancreatic cancer a few months ago. Since
being kicked out of the house he had been renting from Gail, he had been
living in his truck. Not exactly a noble ending for such a talented



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