ike willis

selected works

2002 cd usa uwanna records 

= compilation album

the musicians of "should'a gone before i left"
tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15

  ike willis: guitars, lead and backing vocals, percussion, keyboards, teeth
  jon edmunds: guitars (go/ging), rain, backing, vocals, cubanism
  colin sauers: fretted and fretless bass, percussion, tongue
  jim summey: simmons and acoustic drums, percussion, vocals, nerves
  todd rogers: keyboards, backing vocals, solo on ounces, curls
  tim such: harmony vocals, slide guitar on bizniz, wine, zen football
  ray white: mega-vocals, sagebrush, brick soup
  arthur barrow: bass, keyboards, linnn drum, dr.time, engineer on resolution
  jeff hollie: tenor and baritone saxes, slanted hair
  bill roodman: guica, congas, assorted small percussion
  ed henderson: vibros-slap on bad time
  craig lough: loose percussion, gas tubing, height

the musicians of "dirty pictures"
tracks 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

  ike willis: lead n' bg.vocals, lead n' rhythm guitar, hammond b3, grand piano, percussion, electric piano, teeth, nerves
  tony britton: rhythm & lead guitars, stress, whipcracking
  stu gerson: bass, bg.vocals, woody, t.v.e.
  ryan butson: drums, percussion, comedy, punchy overload
  jeff aluiani: synthesizers

produced and arranged by ike willis

  1. the clock (ike willis)
  2. sleepy (willis)
  3. the doctor is in (ike willis)
  4. (venting the) krypton gas (willis, white)
  5. do / don't (willis, wind tunnel)
  6. the foreigner from boston (willis)
  7. eye of newt (ike willis)
  8. a j (ike willis)
  9. blond hair / blond teeth (ike willis)
  10. sun son (ike willis)
  11. dirty pictures (michael willis, ike willis)
  12. yo kats (ike willis)
  13. i know (willis, britton)
  14. the hollow earth (willis)
  15. bad time (ike willis)