jeff hollie

Jeff Hollie played tenor sax on Zappa's "Joe's Garage" album.

He also contributed to Robert Williams's "Buy My Record" and Ike Willis' "Shoulda Gone Before I Left".

The last couple of years (2006) Jeff Hollie has been a part of WickedJazzsounds.

October 2006, Jeff Hollie turned up at the Delft gig of Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo. He joined the band and special guests Ike Willis and Martin Smith on stage for a couple of songs.

March 2008, Jeff joined Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo on stage at the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen. The picture on the right was taken during the CBB gig.


28 frank zappa: joe's garage act I
   (1979, lp, usa, zappa records)

  robert williams: buy my record
    (1981, 12", usa, a & m records  sp-12401) - feat. various zappa & beefheart alumni
  ike willis: shoulda gone before i left
    (1988, lp, us, enigma records  3292-1) - feat.ray white, arthur barrow, jeff hollie

  ike willis: selected works
    (2002, cd, usa, uwanna records) = compilation album

ikewillis_selectedworks.jpg (28606 bytes)

  ike willis & zappatika, feat. denny walley, ed mann and jeff hollie: zappanale 26
    (2015, dvdr, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions

z26_zappatika_dvdr.jpg (15921 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 26 - good bye session
    (2015, dvdr, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, faet. ike willis, ed mann, mats öberg, jeff hollie, craig steward, denny walley

z26_goodbyesession_dvdr.jpg (15249 bytes)

  zappatika: the pony suite
    (2015, download, --, itunes) - feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward // incl. various zappa quotes

zappatika_theponysuite_itunes.jpg (11295 bytes)

zappatika and friends: the pony suite - the ritzy 2016 spring tour edition
    (2016, cd, nl, private release) - feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward, denny walley and ed mann

zappatika_theponysuite_cd.jpg (40480 bytes)

various artists: zappanale # 26
    (2016, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. napoleon murphy brock, ike willis, denny walley, jeff hollie, craig twister steward, ed mann, robert martin, albert wing, ray white, tom fowler, robbie mangano, mats öberg

varart_zappanale26.jpg (27415 bytes)

  ike willis & zappatika feat. jeff hollie & craig steward: welcome to the starlight lounge
    (2016, download, --, itunes) - all compositions by frank zappa / feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward

zappatika_starlight.jpg (40278 bytes)



-- info: Charles Ulrich

In 1998, Phil Horneman founded WickedJazzsounds.

WickedJazzsounds is a collaboration of musicians who “in turn ” take the stage to perform improvisational jazz sessions guided by the beats of DJ Phil Horneman and companions. True inspirational experiments that always lead to a unique soundtrack of the night.

Jeff Hollie is one of the featured musicians at these parties.



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