ike willis & zappatika, feat. jeff hollie & craig steward

welcome to the starlight lounge
     - all compositions by frank zappa / feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward

2016 download -- itunes

all tracks taken from shows in the uk and germany from the 2016 spring tour

  ike willis: guitar, vocals
  zap mcinnes: lead guitar, lead vocals
  battatutti (maarten van zeijl): drums 
  hieronymus (jeroen van dam): percussion, xylophone, synths
  fred händl: piano 
  joep oosterbaan: bass 
  coen siersma: trumpet 
special guests
  jeff hollie: saxophone 
  craig "twister" steward: harmonica 

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. more trouble every day
  2. broken hearts are for assholes
  3. ms pinky
  4. crew slut
  5. zoot allures
  6. magic fingers
  7. the torture never stops
  8. i'm the slime
  9. filthy habits
  10. a token of my extreme
  11. watermelon in easter hay
  12. why does it hurt when i pee?
  13. outside now