Zappatika! is a British-born Frank Zappa tribute band.

(2008/08) McInnes adds:

"The first album Zappatika! released was in December 2007, "ZAPPATiKA Live on Stage", which is a raw, uncut, marginally mixed 100% Live album featuring many of our tunes and FZ numbers....that album is available via our Myspace (updated yesterday !) and also via LeapingCat
My background (McINNES) is as a guitarist/singer from the UK, grew up between Asia and Liverpool so a lot of mixed influences....started composing at the age of 12 got into Zappa at age 17 an old bastard of 45 and i still can't play the guitar ! 
I have played a lot of session stuff in the UK and own bands (Tarot, PurpleVoid) before forming ZAPPATiKA in 1998 with Dutch-Indonesian drum-machine BATTATUTTI who is also a big FZ fan and multi-instrumentalist. We live in London or Amsterdam depending on our mood amd often take sojourns into India to absorb more of that amazing musical culture .... 
We recruit and fire musicians according to their abilities and performance and have a kind of line-up which is always in "flux" ! Some musos are ,however, fixed features nowadays , including BILLY BONGO,DOCTOR LAU,WILLY WHIZZ and NICO-H but this year we are also working with various other 'guest musicians' ."

The picture above right is from the band's 2008 11 14 concert in Leiden, NL.


ZAPPATiKA currently comprises of the following musicians : 

current and previous members

  • McINNES - lead guitars, lead vocals & arrangements
  • ZOMBY WOOF: rhythm guitar & vocals
  • BATTA-TUTTI - drums & other loud noises
  • BILLY BONGO - percussion & twiddly things
  • DOCTOR LAU - sequencing, keys, computers, sonology
  • DADDO - guitar
  • FRED HANDL - keyboards
  • WILLY WHIZZ - bass
  • NICO-H - vocals, accordion & looking good
  • Ingo 'THE KID' Oosterbaan - bass
  • KE - violin

Zappatika contributed a track to the "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" tribute that got released on Cordelia Records in 2010.

The band performed with special guest Ike Willis at Zappanale 21 on Saturday August 14, 2010.

The picture on the right was taken in 2010, at the Zappanale Festival, by Steffen Schindler.

June 2013, Zappatika switched bass players: Ingo 'The Kid' Oosterbaan got replaced by his dad, Joep Oosterbaan.

November 2013, Ke's departure got announced.

Late 2017, Zap McInnes started a  new project: Spoonfish.



  zappatika: live on stage
    (2008, cdr, uk, private release) - incl.various frank zappa compositions

  zappatika: the short but legendary flight of the dodo
    (2008, cd, uk, private release) - incl.various frank zappa compositions

  zappatika: live and kicking
    (2009, cdr, uk, private release) - incl.various frank zappa compositions

zappatika_liveandkicking.jpg (27942 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 21 - promo-cd 2010
    (2009, cd-promo, ger, arf society)

zappanale21b_promo.jpg (24963 bytes)

  various artists: 21 burnt weeny sandwiches
    (2010, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa

  zappatika: strictly frankly
    (2010, cdr-pro, uk, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

zappatika_strictlyfrankly_cdrproc.jpg (34271 bytes)

  zappatika: strictly frankly - a live tribute to mr frank zappa
    (2011, download, --, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

zappatika_strictlyfranklytribute.jpg (15531 bytes)

  zappatika: joe's cajun garage
    (2011, download, --, itunes)

zappatika_joescajungarage.jpg (4919 bytes)

  zappatika: strictly frankly
    (2012, cdr-on-demand, --, reverbnation) - all compositions by frank zappa

zappatika_strictlyfranklycd.jpg (39518 bytes)

  zappatika: time
    (2012, download, --, itunes)

zappatika_time.jpg (110377 bytes)

  various artists: rare episodes
    (2014, cd, uk, cordelia) - all compositions by frank zappa
rare_episodes_cordelia.jpg (36285 bytes)
  zappatika (feat. ike willis): lucille
    (2014, download, --, itunes) = lucille has messed my mind up (frank zappa, jeff simmons)
  zappatika: we are not alone
    (2014, download, --, itunes)  =we are not alone (frank zappa)
  ike willis with zappatika: live in liverpool
    (2015, download, --, bandcamp) - all compostions by frank zappa

ikewillis_zappatika_2014cd.jpg (29881 bytes)

  various artists: weasels re-ripped
    (2015, cd, uk, cordelia records cd062)
- feat. various artists performing the music of frank zappa

weaselsreripped.jpg (44071 bytes)

  ike willis & zappatika feat. denny walley, ed mann and jeff hollie: zappanale 26
    (2015, dvdr, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa composotions

z26_zappatika_dvdr.jpg (15921 bytes)

  zappatika: the pony suite
    (2015, download, --, itunes) - feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward // incl. various zappa quotes

zappatika_theponysuite_itunes.jpg (11295 bytes)

zappatika and friends: the pony suite - the ritzy 2016 spring tour edition
    (2016, cd, nl, private release) - feat. ike willis, jeff hollie, craig 'twister' steward, denny walley and ed mann

zappatika_theponysuite_cd.jpg (40480 bytes)

various artists: zappanale # 26
    (2016, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. napoleon murphy brock, ike willis, denny walley, jeff hollie, craig twister steward, ed mann, robert martin, albert wing, ray white, tom fowler, robbie mangano, mats öberg

varart_zappanale26.jpg (27415 bytes)

  ike willis & zappatika feat. jeff hollie & craig steward: welcome to the starlight lounge
    (2016, download, --, itunes) - all compositions by frank zappa / feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward

zappatika_starlight.jpg (40278 bytes)

  zappatika: from glasgow to the isle of wight live
    (2017, download, --, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa
zappatika_fromglasgowtotheisle.jpg (38616 bytes)
  ike willis & zappatika: highway maintenance
    (2018, youtube movie, --, zappatika)- including various compositions by frank zappa
  ike willis & zappatika: highway maintenance
    (2019, cd, nl, private release / zappatika) - all compositions by frank zappa



  • 2009/07/04 Zappatika - concert 'The Rambler', Eindhoven, NL

  • from left to right:
    Zomby Woof: rhythm guitar & vocals * McInnes: lead vocal & lead guitar * Battatutti: drums * The Kid: bass * Bongo Fury: percussion, xylo, tabla, vocals
  • set one

    • Wonderful Wino Man * My Guitar Wants 2 Kill Your Momma * We Are Not Alone * Sexual Harassment In The Workplace * Bamboozled By Love * The Torture Never Stops * Santana Variations * Love Of My Life * audience participation * City Of Tiny Lites

  • set two

    • Sleep Dirt * Titties n Beer * Wormhole * Cozmik Debris * Bobby Brown * Watermelon In Easter Hay * Leroy * Dirty Love * The Slime * Muffin Man

  • encores

    • Muffin Man * City Of Tiny Lites

Zomby Woof, McInnes and a little piece of Battatutti during the second set of 20090704 Eindhoven gig.



ZAP McINNES - lead guitar
ZOMBY WOOF - rythm guitar
BONGO FURY - percussion-xylophone, synths, animal noises
Ingo 'THE KID' Oosterbaan - bass
KE - violin

Zappatika! at the 'Exit' in Rotterdam, 2009/12/04, performing
"We Are Not Alone".
YouTube video by LudzNL
Zappatika! at the 'Exit' in Rotterdam, 2009/12/04, performing
"Whippin' Post".
YouTube video by LudzNL


  • 2010/08/14 concert Zappanale, Bad Doberan, Germany
    • special guest: Ike Willis
    • setlist
      • The Torture Never Stops, I'm The Slime, Space Flip, Wino Man, The Secret Word, Dirty Love, My Little Pony, Sleep Dirt, Cosmik Debris, Wino Willie's Montana Hop, I Have Been In You, Broken Hearts Are For Assholes, Spanish Highwayz, band intro / Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, Titties & Beer, Lazy Gun, Through The Wormhole, Leroy, My Guitar, Whippin' Post, Watermelon In Easter Hay, ...
    • Pictures by Steffen Schindler.




  • 2011/01/21 concert 'The Rambler', Einhoven, NL

  • 2011/02/18 concert 'Musicon', The Hague, NL

  • 2011/06/18 concert 'Q-bus', Leiden, NL
    • Cozmik Debris, Ooh the way you love me, Guitar wants to kill yer momma, Tiny Lites, Chunga's Revenge, Leroy, Peaches en Regalia, We are not alone, Titties n Beer, Dirty Love, I am the  Slime, Broken Hearts are for  Assholes, Santana Variations, Whippin' Post, Black Napkins, Muffin Man


  • 2011/10/28 concert 'Musicon', Den Haag, NL

  • 2011/10/29 concert 'CC Muziek Café', Amsterdam, NL
    • line-up
      • Zomby Woof-Guitar & Vocal // Bongo Fury-Percussio,Synth & Vocals // Ke -4 & 5 string Violins & Vocals // Batta Tutti -Drums & Vocals // The Kid-Bass & Vocals // Zap Mcines-Guitar & Vocals // special guest on Harmonica -Patrick Galvin
    • setlist
      • That Ol' G-Minor / Santana Thing, Magic Fingers, Wino Man, Chunga's Revenge, The Slime, My Guitar Wants 2 Kill Yer Momma, Sexual Harrassment, Dirty Love, Cozmik Debris, Peaches En Regalia, City Of Tiny Lites, Sleep Dirt, Titties n Beer, Stinkfoot, We Are Not Alone, Broken Hearts Are For Assholes, Watermelon In Easter Hay, The Torture Never Stops, Whippin Post, Black Napkins / Muffin Men

  • 2012/12/01 concert 'c.c.café', amsterdam, NL

  • 2012/12/14 concert 'Q Bus', Leiden, NL
    • Zap McInnes (guitar vocals), Maarten van Zeijl (drums), Tal Wilkins (guitar vocals), Ingo Oosterbaan (bass), Jeroen van Dam (percussion) Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt (violin)


2013 03 08 - 2013 03 09 "Moo-ah" festival,
Corby, UK


  • Just Another Band
  • Frazknapp Fusion Project
  • Zappatika


  • The Foolz
  • Hogwash
  • The Muffin Men
  • Spanner Jazz Punks

2013/03/09 concert 'Bridgehouse II', London, UK


  • 2013/10/05 concert 'Musicon', The Hague, The Netherlands

  • 2013/12/21 concert 'Musicon', The Hague, The Netherlands


random notes

The message on the Zappatika! MySpace page says:

"you can now hear the first offerings from our new album  THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT of the DODO which will be released at the end of July

The main part of the album is very much beat orientated as the idea of this project was to mix FZ style Stunt guitar with modern "accessible" Dance rhythms. There are 18 tracks on the album including a number of experimentations utilising various Frank Zappa compositions. There are also many completely new pieces by ZAPPATiKA."


The following pieces are / were on Zappatika!'s MySpace page:

Over at ReverbNation, there's even more songs to listen to:


2008 08


a shitty little film about a really great festival

2008 08

a message from ZAPPATIKA:

so a recent common subject amongst us Muso's seems to be Cross Cultural Dub  - which is really cool

this odd little piece will open our DODO album and its a blend of Gregorian Chapel Singing with an old Indian Folk song.

The piece is called,aptly, "Gregor the Swami"

have a lovely sunday
wherever you am


check out

a message from ZAPPATIKA:

our dear friend Dr Dot recently made a comment in a video about Accordions which set us to thinking about what would have happened if Joe had been born into a Cajun family in Louisiana.......growing up with washboards,mandolins,geetarz and of course...accordions

So here (especially for Dot  ; ) ..........   Joes Cajun Garage

(dont worry, this is just a bit of fun and NOT a new direction for Zappatika !)


listen to it over at

2008 09 04

Sorry to hassle you with mail but you MUST see this dude.... Fernando Miyata ...a fat,lonely boy in Brazil who can play guitar like NONE of us have ever seen !

I mean this kid is off the fuckin planet !

PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION to the phrasing he uses just to bring his Solo in between 0:40 - 0:52 ....that shit is too difficult for words ! 
after that it kinda just blows your head off !    Seriously ...take a deep breath & check it out -  someone has GOT to sign this dude !

Enjoy !
(guitarist ZAPPATiKA)


2008 09 10

DODO title Video -see it now - you'll see a DODO fly !!!

The new album is done ,dusted and sent to the Press ! It will be launched at the Party, as promised ,on Friday 26th September in Paris -France. If YOU ARE THERE YOU WILL GET A FREE COPY !!!

For now check the Title Track/Video right here >>

cheerz ~ Peace,Love,Life & Music


2008 09 22
from Les Fils de l'Invention

This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... again. Hi!... It's me again, the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER...

La soirée Zappatika du vendredi 26 septembre chez Aris est confirmée et s'enrichit d'un set acoustique dédié à la musique de Zappa. Le répertoire devrait grosso modo être le suivant :

Tentant, non ?

A partir de 20h, 115 rue Oberkampf

2008 09 26

About a week ago, I received an mp3 of Zappatika's 'Finally Got It Right'.

Previously entitled 'Boris the Jazz Dog', 'Finally Got It Right', is laid-back, jazzy guitar tune.

M. adds:

"Sorry if you don't like it.... But this is the way I have always heard it...errmm... it's not what you expect... but I guess it's still Jazzzzzz
Oh... This is on the new DODO album by the way..."

2008 09 26

a message from Les Fils de l'Invention

This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... again. Hi!... It's me again, the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER...

La soirée Zappatika du vendredi 26 septembre chez Aris est confirmée et s'enrichit d'un set acoustique dédié à la musique de Zappa. Le répertoire devrait grosso modo être le suivant

The Zappatika night next Friday, September 26, at Aris has been confirmed and will contain a set of acoustic music, dedicated to the music of Frank Zappa. The setlist might look something like this:

Tentant, non ?

A partir de 20h, 115 rue Oberkampf

From 20h on, at 115 rue Oberkamf in Paris, France.

2008 10 03

The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo - 16 tracks - 55 minutes :

is,in the words of chief composer ,Mcinnes, a "very badly disguised tribute to Frank Zappa" and brings a lot of that great Rock composers ideas and concepts very much into the 21st century - 
The music is eclectic Guitar rock ,but then blended to very "fat" modern beats and cross-cultural (indian,mongolian,slavic) melodic influences. Like their hero Zappa, the band have also included a lot of humour in the process and snippets of 'interesting' conversations are spattered throughout the album.

Mcinnes continues , "The album has a kind of theme in which the Dodo takes on the role of Music , or the Human Race- depending on how deeply you look- and a lot of influence has been taken from Franks way of putting an album together...there are one or two 'commercial' numbers -but essentially the album will appeal  to a quite 'particular' audience "

Upon listening, the Flight of the Dodo is almost intense, and at others light and relaxing, and then again complex melody or driving dance beat , or funny -

truly an interesting  listening experience and ,for a debut album, this is an accomplished project .

More information and tracks from The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo--

2008 10 05
from zappatika

In the beginning there was a secret word...and the secret word was......Mudshark !

For the full half of one hundred years the Mudshark reigned supreme as the secret word – defying all other denizens of the deep for that top-spot , and educating the virginal minds of the masses to look at things from the other angle , teaching pre-programmed zombies to crush boxes and other interesting things..........until ,eventually so much time had passed that the Mudshark began to turn Yellow and he decided to move onward and upward into the cosmos as a Yellow Shark, thus expounding his influence to a universal level......

However, in his wake, there was a void......a world bereft of the musical wit & experimentation we had come to know from the Mudshark ,.... a world destined to wear its pants around its knees and to  believe that music is simply a background noize for reality TV and.......supermarket shopping

The family of the Mudshark tried its best to maintain the powerful legacy left with the secret word ...but failed to understand its true meaning.....they remained focused only on the supermarket shopping and became fixed on the question of whether of not the Fish could also be seen as a Mudshark ! 

but then, as time moved into another realm and the Mudsharks family became so swollen and self-appreciating that is was unable  to focus any more, and a small corner of the world ....first of all very faintly ...but growing ever in stature as a strong tall tree.......there was a new secret word.......and the new secret word was ....... DODO

www.myspace. com/zappatika1

could this be zappatika, live in paris, doing an acoustic Zappa set?

2008 10 08


Hi folks- nice that you are following this ...just so you know ..all the CONFIRMED dates at this moment are on our Myspace page ,as is the new album THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT of the DODO that we launched last week at the Acoustic FZ Gig in Paris- you can get the album now via Paypal from our Myspace for the Launch price of only 11 Euros or wait til next month when its on i-Tunes...but that will cost more !
N-y-way ....the first 5 free dowloadable tracks are also posted on Myspace

We are playing Holland first on the 14th November in Leiden ,then again in December in Eindhoven. Right now we are busy auditioning a new bassist - 
bye for now ! 

Zomby Woof


Meet our NEW BASS PLAYER ! a strange  man who has spent years playing in oddly noizy bands pushing the outer limits of experimental Rock music ! Recognizable by his enormous Blue Bass Stack and twisted idea of humour this is THE PRINCE of SODOM !"

The Prince of Sodom will join ZAPPATiKA on stage  in November at the Dutch and UK gigs and he is now working furiously like a eager little beaver under the merciless regime which he has gotten himself involved with ! However, if he continues to develop as he is doing - we may even let him plug in his Bass guitar !


2008 10 17
from Zappatika

Funny little promo for our new album.....

2008 10 23

On 14 November the British band ZAPPATiKA will perform for the first time ever in The Netherlands , performing a set consisting mainly of Frank Zappa music and some "own material"  from their new studio album

The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo, which they launched at their last concert ,recently in Paris.

The upcoming show (the bands ONLY gig in Holland this year) , will be at QBUS in Leiden ,Friday 14 November, and will be recorded Live for a current DVD project the band is making. It is a subsidised show and so the entrance price is ONLY 2 euros !!

The show will feature lots of the "wackier" Zappa numbers, like Titties N Beer, Winoman, Cozmik Debris and much, much more !

There is a limit of 250 people so , be early !  The show starts at 9pm !


International "Frank Zappa influenced" band ZAPPATiKA (UK) will play just ONE show in Holland this year, in Leiden- which will also be recorded as part of a 2009 DVD release.

The band has just released a new studio album , The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo at a launch Concert in Paris, and this only 2008 Dutch gig ,on Friday 14 November at QBUS in Leiden, will feature some of those tracks plus many of Zappa's most popular compositions !

As with all ZAPPATiKA concerts this will be a "wild and unpredictable affair ,with a LOTS of fun and LOTS of musical notes !"


2009 01 07

Do You Have A Second To Help Promote A Song? 
Wanna help push a ZAPPATiKA song up the chart?
Just click the link and listen to at least 30 seconds of our new single SNAKEMAN !

Thanks a big bunch !!

love and kisses



2009 01 08

ZAPPATiKA recently took on one of  Hollands'  finest as its new bass player and he is only 19 years old - ( his dad is FZ freak so he grew up listening to the right stuff!)  !

Ingo a.k.a. The Kid was discovered when seen playing with his own local Blues band RED FRIDGE and he has just performed his first concert with Zappatika (Video below) which went extremely well........

The Kid will be joining ZAPPATiKA  on his first tour in the UK in March and is already fitting in nice and greasy to the music and the rest of the band   ! 


2009 01 10

ZAPPATiKA hits the Acid Dance charts !

when we released the recent studio album ,Flight of the Dodo, we said we wanted to get to some wider,younger audiences with this stuff.....
one of the tracks (Mysterious Masala)  is already doing pretty well at Soundclick the Electronica Acid Dance genre ! click to listen .....

as the great Hannibal once said (or maybe more often) "I love it when a plan comes together !"


2009 01 10

Here are some dates we will do in UK in March -

Wednesday 2009/03/18 Zappatika - concert 'The Plough' (Walthamstow), London, UK

Thursday 2009/03/19 Zappatika - concert "FSOE Festival", Exeter, UK

Saturday 2009/03/21 Zappatika - concert Manchester     (venue TBA)

2009 02 06

yet another Zappatika website we don't have time to update!

(we are starting a new campaign to stop anyone developing even more 'popular'  networking sites~ its all just toooooooo much !)


2009 02 13

confirmation - extra UK dates in March

this is now ALL the dates that ZAPPATiKA  will do in March in the UK....


  • Wednesday  18/3          Plough LONDON

  • Thursday 19/3             Vibraphonic Festival EXETER

  • Friday 20/3                 The Lodge Gwespyr, HOLLYWELL

  • Saturday 21/3             Zappateers, Chorlton, MANCHESTER

  • Sunday 22/3              The Diamond , Sutton -in- Ashfield,NOTTINGHAM

Monday 23/3 >>>> la belle france and so on......



2009 03 13

Coincidental New Tour CD

Whilst ZAPPATiKA is working on the next "big" studio album STRICTLY FRANKLY to follow on from their September 2008 release THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT of the DODO ..... they are releasing what they call a "coincidental cheep and nasty Live CD" ,called LIVE AND KICKING on Monday 16 March to coincide with the forthcoming UK and German tours.
The CD will be on sale at all gigs and also thru the bands Myspace and Reverbnation sites from next week....and the price ?

A staggeringly cheeeep and nasty -  FIVE ...yes,... 5  pound-euro-dollars only !!!

The track list on the LIVE AND KICKING CD is as follows;(all 100% Live)

ZAPPATiKA trax: Spanish Highwayz,Thru the Wormhole,Mahavishnu Mind,My Little Pony,Dark Room,Rainy Days,Space Flip,Leroy
Frank Zappa trax ; City of Tiny Lites,My Guitar wants to kill your momma,Bamboozled by love, The Torture Never Stops,Winoman, Black Napkins & Cosmik Debris

get it while its hot !


2009 03 31 - the astonishing Zappatika CREDIT CRUNCH SPECIAL !!

For a limited period (until April 30th) YOU can now take advantage of this wacky offer from ZAPPATiKA -

the amazing Credit Crunch KICKING A LIVE DODO 2-in-1 Special-

Album 1 - THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT of the DODO -Studio album released Sept 26 2008
Album 2 - LIVE n KICKING (Live Stage album) - released March 2009

You can buy BOTH of the above albums for only 12.50 (we know...its crazy...but true) 
by clicking the  KICKING A LIVE DODO button at

(This deal is only available to Paypal account holders)



2009 04 15


We will do an extra special set for FZ-MUSICAL-INDEPENDENCE-FROM-GAIL DAY !!

Come one -come all - we gonna have us a ball !!


2009 05 08 - Little clip from the Zappateers Party

Hi -

this was a small Video moment from the really nice party which

the Manchester Zappateers put on....the quality is not great but the atmosphere was a lot of fun !

 The Carlos Santana Variations

N-joy ~

: )


2009 06 29 - ZAPPATiKA's Strictly Frankly Show hits the road this week in Holland

On Saturday 4th July ZAPPATiKA will play the first in their 2009-2010 series of Frank Zappa Musical Revue Shows which they aptly call STRICTY FRANKLY - a live album of the same name will be released in 2010....
The new show is over two hours long and consists 99% of FZ material ranging from WE ARE NOT ALONE, thru TITTIES N BEER, BLACK NAPKINS,CITY of TINY LITES,a little COZMIK DEBRIS, WATERMELON in EASTER HAY ,SLEEP DIRT,some DIRTY LOVE and a bit of  SLIME and a good serving of TORTURE,all of this and much more Howie, all of this and more....

The band has just finished rehearsal of the new show and will perform the first show in the series on Saturday 4th July in Holland at THE RAMBLER, in Eindhoven ~
Dates in France(SEPT09) , Belgium/Holland (OCT09) ,Germany(OCT09) and the UK (NOV09) will be announced soon....

2009 07 03  -  One off DUTCH show ZAPPATiKA -Saturday 4th of July !!

This Saturday (4th of July) ZAPPATiKA will play the 'warm-up' show for the forthcoming STRICTLY FRANKLY MUSICAL REVUE tour ,featuring a gruelling new 2-hour set including couple of ZAPPATiKA 's own songs and for the rest ,100% Frank Zappa !
Frontman Mcinnes ,"The tour will be in the Fall (Sep-Nov) and we hope to fit dates into France,Belgium,Holland and the UK ,but for now we just want to see that it all slides smoothly, stays greasy and goes down easy .This is a nice little venue with a great sound and we didn't play in Holland for about a year ,so the whole band is really looking forward to Saturday !"

The show starts at 21:30 , door open at 20:00
Venue : The Rambler Music Cafe - Eindhoven-Stationsplein

Bring a set of clean ears and a sense of humor !

2009 07 28

Mainstream side-project from ZAPPATiKA composers Mcinnes and Dr Lau

The two major architects of ZAPPATiKA music, Mcinnes and Dr Lau have also been working for "about the last two years on this project which is definitely non-guitar based and certainly much more mainstream than the music we normally release with the band"

An album release, aimed chiefly at Club audiences ,under the name RANDOMATIK is set for release later this year but the first pre-release 'preview' track DO U FEEL ME? , which also features Japanese pianist Kouji Ohsumi, can currently be heard on Mcinnes' own Myspace page :

Definitely NOT rock music but very spaced out ! Give it a might even enjoy it !


2009 08 27

Join us for the Zomby Woof Birthday Bash in Holland-October 17

Our guitar player (the big scary one,as opposed to the cute small one) Zomby Woof will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday October 17th and to commemoremmorate this momentous occasion we will do a show at a nice music venue called De Pul in a place called UDEN in Holland.

We expect to have one or two guests up on stage as well during the evening...more on that later....

As it is his day ,Zomby Woof will choose the set list so there will definitely be a lot of Zappa and we will certainly all do our best to play well, have a damn fine time,drink lots of damn fine beer, meet some damn fine women, have at least 2 hours of damn fine live music played by and listened to by some damn fine people !





2009 10 18

it is rumoured .....

that ZAPPATiKA will perform their studio album

      The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo

for the first time ever LIVE , on the main stage ,at midnight Saturday , August 14th 2010,

                    at ZAPPANALE #21 - Bad Doberan -Germany

......we can now confirm that these rumours are true !


2010 02 10

ZAPPATiKA's latest assets

Since the end of 2009, ZAPPATiKA live shows have regularly featured the talents of Dutch violin-lady KE, who also has appeared with Sheik Yerbouti and ,for some years now,with Dutch FZ tribute The Foolz. She has slotted into ZAPPATIKA-World very ,very well,despite being the only girl ! (Or maybe because she's the only girl ?!)  -but seriously folks,this girl can play that damn thing ! KE has now been made official "keeper of the Pony" and will join ZAPPATiKA onstage for all their main 2010 shows.

The latest development within ZAPPATiKA, however, involves the addition of a 3rd (yes THIRD) guitar player !

DADDO is a young,but gifted, Jazz Fusion guitarist/singer born in former-Yugoslavia with a penchant for good music and high level audio production. He takes to Zappa's music like a duck to water and brings a whole lot to the table when it comes to ZAPPATiKA's own compositions......the new line-up is now (Feb 2010) in rehearsal and looking forward to the getting back on stage -

  "This extra melodic strength in the band,from a violin and 3rd guitar", says bandleader Mcinnes, "has brought such a scope for arrangement and sound,using midi-synth-tech, that we are doing mad stuff, lots of the crazy shit from our Dodo album too !  I am confident the 2010 show will absolutely blow your socks off "


2010 03

ZAPPATiKA have recently taken on two new members (Daddo and Ke) who have a huge amount of music to learn, and,of course, the rest of us have to get used to this new 7 headed dragon too ! 
Rehearsals are going extremely well ,especially the Live versions of the Dodo album, and lots of nice Unkle Frankie toonz, but there is still a-ways to go before the new line up is 100% ready for the stage.....

Therefore, in the interests of musical integrity and audience satisfaction, all ZAPPATiKA touring plans have been put on hold until the Summer of 2010.

This means that planned events in March ,April and May have now been postponed. This includes all concerts in UK and Europe. We regret the inconvenience this might cause fo some people, but assure you that the wait will definitely be worth it ! We will announce the first dates as soon as we are satisfied with the new Show.

In the meantime we have just made the Live n Kicking  album available at  where YOU get to decide how much you pay. This download also includes a lot of free BONUS items including Pix,Sleev notes,Vidz and more......

thanks for your understanding....

Zap Mcinnes

2010 03 -- Trying to keep up with a tradition, here's some small talk with one of the bands that will be performing at the next Zappanale festival.
Here's Zappatika!

UniMuta: Hard to imagine that the readers of United Mutations do not know who Zappatika is, but could you introduce yourself / the band?

mcinnes / Zappatika: i am Mcinnes, a sort of British musician....i moved to europe in 96 to 'expand horizons'  and found myself (surprise,surprise)  in Amsterdam......our drummer ,Batta-Tutti, and i started out together in another band back then (97-98), called Purple Void, but after a while realised that we were both pushing things to a very 'zappa-esque'  edge which some of the other members of PV didn't really like/couldn't really get into......

and at that time, (2002) after Purple Void split, we decided to start our "dream" project whereby we would play only our own music (no matter how obscure or tricky it might be written) and of course, our favourite Zappa numbers and try to create a damn fine 21st century extremely alternative band with no clear genre or industry-influenced boundaries....a band where 'anything is possible'

The original line up was sketchy and temporary to say the least,but then ,over time and trials, we found the right muso's for the gig (Zomby Woof,Bongo Fury,The Kid) who added the right ingredients to start baking the perfect Z-cake !

This gradual organic development continue to this day and we have just become a 7-headed monster with an additional (3rd) guitarist, Daddo, and a very talented violinist.(K)..whom i believe your informed readers will know very well !

UniMuta: So you're headlining Zappanale on Saturday! Performing at midnight. How do you feel about that?

mcinnes / Zappatika: Can i swear ? ...yea, well fucking amazing is the only thing i can say. When Thomas called and asked if we would play some of our own music too ,it really blew me away. I spend half my life plugged into a recording consol ,and writing when you get asked to perform some of that at a gig like Zappanale it is ....well,quite humbling.

We would have been happy to play the Carpark on Monday morning...but Saturday nite Midnite is a bit of a dream come true really. We promise EVERY person in the place that we will do whatever we can to make it a fine, funny and memorable show !

UniMuta: Will the fact that you'll be playing at midnight have an effect on the setlist? And will the addition of a violin and an extra guitar turn Zappatika into a jam band?

mcinnes / Zappatika: Well  we will be on stage for a long.....long set (nearly 2 hours) and we will cover LOTS of stuff ranging from many "sing-a-long-a-Zappa"  favourites to our own little ditties and also,for the first time live on stage, some of the "blended' FZ / Zappatika stunt-guitar-dance-rock stuff on our Dodo album...we are now working hard on the new 7-piece arrangements ,which is all going extremely well, and the sound at Zappanale will just be massive....

the show starts at midnite so we will probabaly be pretty well stimulated and,shall we say, uninhibited ,by then.....and honestly.........we have no idea what may happen !

UniMuta: Listening to Zappatika originals, I can tell that you're not only in to Frank Zappa & The Mothers. Who are your main musical influences?

mcinnes / Zappatika: my first big influence was actually Bolan, the Electric Warrior album turned me on to electric guitar at the age of was a masterpiece for its time and i still listen to it even now....also Alex Harvey ,Bowie and Alice Cooper had a strong 'emotional' influence on my eventual attempts to write a guitarist i was Jimi's as a teenager and FZ was a kind of vague spectre .....when i was 17, i sat through Live in NY and Overnight Sensation ...........since then.....well i dont need to tell you...

UniMuta: Looking at the future, how do you see Zappatika evolving the next couple of years?

mcinnes / Zappatika: there are lots of plans in the mix....we will release the Strictly Frankly DVD Tribute (100 % FZ material) sometime this year...working on that now.....might be ready for Zappanale, and we are in negotiation with some really interesting countries (like Latvia ,Hungary and Romania) about festivals and shows...we will probably keep doing short tours in North Europe where possible ,but we have been very busy the last 2 years so we are starting 2010 in a relaxed way,just working on the new material and working the new players in....we will be back out on stage toward the Summer....also there is a vague plan forming about doing something in the US in 2011...but we will have to see about that.....apart from that The Kid (Bassist) and i just cut the first parts on some stuff for the next studio album....

UniMuta: Zappanale will have another great line-up. Are there bands that you really want to see?

mcinnes / Zappatika: well, Ray White is one of our heroes ,so it would be gret if he makes it  !  Of course, JL Ponty is an interesting one...and it would be nice to hear Bobby Martin on one or two FZ classics ........but i think probably EVERY band who has been booked will be great -actually Lilo played with us at our Acoustic FZ set in Paris in '08, (there is a video of that somewhere online) he is a cool guy and a good player....

i guess, right now, we are just looking forward to being a part of it.

UniMuta: I, for one, am really looking forward to the Zappatika concert. 
Thanks for your time & see you at Zappanale!

mcinnes / Zappatika: thanks for your support man, and your great site 

we, for 7, are looking forward to it too- see you there !


-zap mcinnes

2010 05 10

Myspace Zappaesque Blast ?

hhmmm....not really sure how or why,......but recently our humble little Myspace page has, quite simply, exploded with daily increases over recent days in site visits and music plays, which are now bordering on the ridiculous !

maybe the world is finally realising that Le Genre Zappaesque is just better than all that commercial shit out there...i dont know....i am not qualified to give an opinion.....

but if,like me, you want a shock - just go check out the daily plays (looks astounded !!)

.....just hope that they all enjoy what they hear and that they all send us a dollar right away!

see ya


2010 02 12

After some months of rehearsing with a whole bunch of new players-a violinist (Ke),2nd Drummer (The Sarge)and 3rd Guitarist (Daddo), the new 9 piece ZAPPATiKA line up will hit the road,for the first time,in June 2010 and promises to deliver some 'dynamite shows' !

With a warm up gig in early June in Holland and then probably straight to Paris in the third week of June and then back to Holland and on to Germany ,for the 21st Zappanale festival, and then a couple of weeks off and on to  Italy,the band plans a busy Summer ahead - they will be cranking lots of Frank of course, but also blasting off a whole bunch of their own very alternative little  numbers !

Try to make sure you catch at least one of the shows !  You wont be sorry......

For actual dates/venues check: 

2010 05 19

ZAPPATiKA will play one concert in Paris this summer.

The date Saturday 26 June.
The address: 61 rue de la Santé - 75013 Paris
Promoter: Small World Promotions

See you there for a great evening of musical debauchery and on stage lunacy !

the truth is out there...


24 Sept.2014 -

Zap Mcinnes "following a little suggestion from one certain Mr Ike Willis,after completion of a very nice tour earlier this year,we ZAPPATiKA'ns have been hot on the search for "the right guy with the right fingers" to join our merry band on tour merry highway to certain Hell !

Well, now we finally gots 'im ,my precious ! 

Meet FRED HANDL ,a writer,critic,philosopher and of course,damn fine pianist who hails from The Hague in The Netherlands.
 Fred is a through and through Zappa Freak and has long been working with Franks' music. He is actually currently arranging a whole album of FZ scores rearranged for Solo Piano ! 

Fred and the chaps are hard at it in the Rehearsal Room and he will hopefully be ready to join the band on stage later this year.



  • April 8th -  ASHFORD

  • April 9th -  LONDON (Camden)- Underground

  • April 10th - OXFORD (Witney) - Fat Lil's

  • April 11th - EXETER - Phoenix Arts Centre

  • April 12th - NORTHAMPTON - King Billy Rock Bar

  • April 13th - EDINBURGH - La Belle Angel

  • April 14th - CARLISLE - The Venue

  • April 15th - LIVERPOOL - The Zanzibar Club

  • April 16th - DERBY - The Hairy Dog

  • April 17th - YORK - Fibbers

  • April 18th -  BARNSLEY

  • April 19th - BIRMINGHAM - The Roadhouse

  • April 20th - SWANSEA - The Scene Club

  • April 21st  - CHELTENHAM - Frog & Fiddle

  • April 22nd - TAUNTON (Bridgwater) - Cobblestones



2008 V#1
Mark Mcinnes, Maarten van Zeijl, Laurens Kagenaar, Ingo Oosterbaan, Tal Wilkins, Jeroen van Dam

2009 V#2
Mark Mcinnes, Maarten van Zeijl, Tal Wilkins, Jeroen van Dam, Ingo Oosterbaan

2010-2012 V#3
Mark Mcinnes, Maarten van Zeijl, Tal Wilkins, Ingo Oosterbaan, Annamieke Schoonderwalt, Dador Dedic, Jeroen van Dam, Coen Siersma
plus ,for the first time, a certain Mr Ike Willis at Zappanale 2010 !

2014 V#4
Mark Mcinnes, Maarten van Zeijl, Tal Wilkins, Joep Oosterbaan, Jeroen van Dam, Fred Handl -
plus Ike Willis

2015 V#5
Mark Mcinnes, Maarten van Zeijl, Joep Oosterbaan , Fred Handl, Jeroen van Dam, Coen Siersma,
plus Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie, Denny Walley, Ed Mann & Twister Steward

2016 -2017 V#6
Mark Mcinnes, Joep Oosterbaan, Jeroen van Dam, Diego Mocci, Emile de Jonge, Osman Meyredi

2018-2020 V#7
Mark Mcinnes, Ike Willis, Osman Meyredi, Emile de Jonge, Joep Oosterbaan, Sander van Elferen
(plus random guests)


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