from glasgow to the isle of wight live
     - all compositions by frank zappa

2017 download -- ??


zap mcinnes: lead guitar, lead vocals
emile chill: guitar, vocals
osman meyredi: keyboards, vocals
joep oosterbaan: bass
diego mocci: drums
hieronymous van dam: percussion, synth, vocals

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. keep it greasy
  2. broken hearts are for assholes
  3. city of tiny lites
  4. cosmik debris
  5. montana
  6. zoot allures
  7. whipping post (allman)
  8. black napkins
  9. ms minky
  10. camarillo brillo - muffin man
  11. son of orange county - more trouble every day
  12. i'm the slime
  13. the torture never stops
  14. andy
  15. watermelon in easter hay