frank zappa

thing-fish (41)

1984 3lp usa barking pumpkin
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released november 21, 1984

frank zappa: guitar, synclavier
steve vai: guitar
ray white: guitar, vocals
tommy mars: keyboards
chuck wild: piano
arthur barrow: bass
scott thunes: bass
jay anderson: string bass
ed mann: percussion
chad wackerman: drums
ike willis: vocals
terry bozzio: vocals
dale bozzio: vocals
napoleon murphy brock: vocals
bob harris: vocals
johnny 'guitar' watson: vocals
roy estrada: vocals  14
denny walley 9

  1. prologue

  2. the mammy nuns

  3. harry & rhonda

  4. galoot up-date

  5. the 'torchum' never stops

  6. that evil prince

  7. you are what you is

  8. mudd club

  9. the meek shall inherit nothing

  10. clowns on velvet

  11. harry-as-a-boy

  12. he's so gay

  13. the massive improve'lence

  14. artificial rhonda

  15. the crab-grass baby

  16. the white boy troubles

  17. no not now

  18. briefcase boogie

  19. brown moses

  20. wistful with a fist-full

  21. drop dead

  22. won ton on