the avalon allstars

The Avalon Allstars is an all-star band that performs at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco from time to time. Both Ray White and Ike Willis sat in or have been part of this band. With Ray and Ike, the Avalon Allstars have performed some Zappa compositions.

2004/03/21, the Avalon Allstars were Will Bernard, Bobby Vega, Ray White, Jimmy Sanchez and Melvin Seals. 2004/04/20, the band consisted of John Mollo, Melvin Seals, Mark Karan and Bobby Vega, but featured Ray White and Ike Willis as guests.

An earlier (2003/01/25) incarnation of the Avalon Allstars band could be considered as the Melvin Seals Band with special guests: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ike Willis and Tal Morris.





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