frank zappa

the man from utopia (36)

1983 lp usa barking pumpkin
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released march 1983

frank zappa: guitar, vocals, drum machine
steve vai: impossible guitar parts (on strat & acoustic)
ray white: guitar, vocals
roy estrada: pachuto falsettos etc.
bob harris: boy soprano
ike willis: bionic baritone
robert 'bobby' martin: keyboards, saxophone, vocals
tommy mars: keyboards
arthur barrow: keyboards, bass, micro bass, rhythm guitar
ed mann: percussion
scott thunes: bass
jay anderson: string bass
chad wackerman: drums
vinnie colaiuta: drums
craig steward: harmonica
dick fegy: mandolin
marty krystall: saxophone

  1. cocaine decisions

  2. the dangerous kitchen

  3. tink walks amok

  4. the radio is broken

  5. moggio

  6. the man from utopia meets mary lou

  7. stick together

  8. sex

  9. the jazz discharge party hats

  10. we are not alone