frank zappa

tinseltown rebellion (30)

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1981 2lp usa barking pumpkin
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released may 1981

frank zappa: lead guitar, vocals
ike willis: rhythm guitar, vocals
ray white: rhythm guitar, vocals
steve vai: rhythm guitar, vocals
warren cuccurullo: rhythm guitar, vocals
denny walley: slide guitar, vocals
tommy mars: keyboards, vocals
peter wolf: keyboards
bob harris: keyboards, trumpet, vocals
ed mann: percussion
arthur barrow: bass, vocals
patrick o'hearn: bass  9
vinnie colaiuta: drums
david logeman: drums 1, 2
creg cowan: featured in a role of eccentric well-to-do oregonian party giver

  1. fine girl

  2. easy meat

  3. for the young sophisticate

  4. love of my life

  5. i ain't got no heart

  6. panty rap

  7. tell me you love me

  8. now you see it, now you don't

  9. dance contest

  10. the blue light

  11. tinseltown rebellion

  12. pick me, i'm clean

  13. bamboozled by love

  14. brown shoes don't make it

  15. peaches III