patrick o'hearn'Hearn
"While on tour in Los Angeles in 1976, O'Hearn met Frank Zappa, who offered him a job as bass player in his band - a position he held for over two years. During this period, O’Hearn shifted from the acoustic bass to the electric bass guitar (given the requirements of Zappa's arrangements), and also became increasingly interested in electronic music instruments."

After his time with Zappa, in 1979, O'Hearn teamed up with  Mark Isham and guitarist Peter Maunu to form Group 87. The band recorded two albums.

In 1981, Terry Bozzio asked Patrick O'Hearn to join The Missing Persons. The band featured Warren Cuccurullo, Dale Bozzio, Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn and Chuck Wild.




  moderns: moderns
    (1976, lp, ??, ??)


frank zappa: zappa in new york
   (1978, 2lp, usa, discreet)

  andré heller: basta
    (1978, lp, ger, mandragora intercord int 460 110) - feat. peter wolf, terry bozzio, patrick o'hearn, ed mann, vinnie colaiuta

heller_basta.jpg (11773 bytes)


frank zappa: sleep dirt
   (1979, lp, usa, discreet)

26 frank zappa: sheik yerbouti
   (1979, 2lp, usa, zappa records)

29 frank zappa: joe's garage acts II & III
   (1979, 2lp, usa, zappa records)

  cam newton: welcome aliens: party music for the first authenticated landing
    (1980, lp, ??, ??)
  group 87: group 87
    (1980, ??, ??)
30 frank zappa: tinseltown rebellion
   (1981, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

31 frank zappa: shut up'n play yer guitar
   (1981, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)
32 frank zappa: shut up 'n play yer guitar some more
   (1981, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

33 frank zappa: return of the son of shut up 'n play yer guitar
   (1981, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  frank zappa: shut up 'n play yer guitar - box set
    (1981, 3lp, eur, cbs)
  alex degrassi: clockwork
    (1981, lp, ??, ??)
  missing persons: spring session m
    (1982, lp, usa, capitol)

35 frank zappa: ship arriving too late too save a drowning witch
   (1982, lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  herbie armstrong: back against the wall
    (1983, lp, ??, ??)


frank zappa: baby snakes
   (1983, lp pict.disc, usa, barking pumpkin)

  group 87: a career in dada processing
    (1984, lp, ??, ??)
  missing persons: rhyme & reason
    (1984, lp, ??, ??)


frank zappa: them or us
   (1984, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  1984 dan siegel- another time, another place  


patrick o'hearn: ancient dreams
    (1985, cd, usa, private 2002-2-p)
  1986 missing persons- color in your life  
  1986 stewart, rod- every beat of my heart  
  1986 stewart, rod- rod stewart  
  1986 berlin- count three and pray   
  frank zappa: the guitar world according to frank zappa
    (1987, mc, usa, ??)
  vienna: guess what
    (1987, cd, usa, warner bros) = peter wolf  /  feat. patrick o'hearn

vienna_guesswhat.jpg (15303 bytes)

  andy taylor: thunder
    (1987, cd, usa, mca records dmcg 6018) - feat. patrick o'hearn, mark volman & howard kaylan

andy_taylor_thunder.jpg (83408 bytes)

  1987 marx, richard- richard marx  
  1987 shankar, ravi- shankar project: tana mana  
  1987 soul of the machine (producer, engineer)  
  1987 patrick o'hearn- forever the optimist  
  missing persons: the best of the missing persons
    (1987, cd, usa, capitol cdp 7 46628 2) = compilation


patrick o'hearn: between two worlds
    (1987, cd, usa, private 2017-2-p)  
  1988 patrick o'hearn- reunion  


patrick o'hearn:  rivers gonna rise
    (1988, cd, usa, private 2029-2-p) - feat.warren cuccurullo, terry bozzio  
51 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.1
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)

  1988 chin, colin- intruding on a silence  
  1988 isham, mark- castalia  
  1988 private music- private music sampler 1988  
  1988 matthews, iain- walking a changing line  
  frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.3 (54)
   (1989, 2cd, usa, ryko)
  1989 private music sampler -private music sampler (producer)  


patrick o'hearn: eldorado
    (1989, cd, usa, private 2054-2-p)


patrick o'hearn: mix up
    (1990, cd, ger, private 261143)     = a remixed compilation  
  patrick o'hearn: black delilah
    (1990, 12"2, usa, private 2076-1-pdj1/2)
  patrick o'hearn: black delilah
    (1990, cd-pro, usa, private 2076-2-pdj)  
  1990 narada collection- narada collection, vol. 2 (bass, producer)  
  1990 maunu, peter- warm sound in a gray field (synthesizer, bass, engineer, mixing)  
  1990 narada- narada mystique sampler 1 (bass, producer)   
  1990 private music sampler - private music sampler, vol. 5 (composer, producer)  


frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.4
   (1991, 2cd, usa, ryko)  


patrick o'hearn: indigo
    (1991, cd, ger, private 262-222) - feat.warrenc cuccurullo  
  frank zappa: conceptual continuity
    (1991, cd, usa, rhino foo-eee records r2 71023)
59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)


patrick o'hearn: the private music of patrick o'hearn
    (1992, cd, usa, private 82104-2)     = compilation with three previously unreleased tracks


original motion picture soundtrack: white sands
    (1992, cd, usa, ??) - composed by patrick o'hearn / feat. terry bozzio and warren cuccurullo
  1993 narada- narada decade (producer)  


patrick o'hearn: trust
    (1995, cd, usa, deep cave records) - feat. warren cuccurullo, terry bozzio

patrickohearn_trust.jpg (19939 bytes)

  1995 patrick o'hearn- trust: radio edits  


patrick o'hearn: metaphor
    (1996, cd, usa, ??)


1996 shankar, ravi- in celebration: the highlights  


original motion picture soundtrack: crying freeman
    (1996, cd, usa, ??) - composed by patrick o'hearn


frank zappa: läther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: frank zappa plays the music of frank zappa
   (1996, cd, usa, barking pumpkin)

  missing persons: late nights early days
    (1997, cd, japan, bandai music entertainment)

  1997 absolute new age- absolute new age (producer)  
  1997 spaces: a journey into ambient worlds  


frank zappa: have i offended someone?
   (1997, cd, usa, ryko)

  1997 roach, steve- on this planet   


patrick o'hearn: windham hill retrospective
    (1997, cd, usa, windham hill)


patrick o'hearn: so flows the current
    (2001, cd, usa, ??)
  missing persons: lost tracks
    (2002, cd, usa, one way records one35189)

  missing persons: the best of missing persons
    (2002, cd, usa, capitol 7235-36234-2-5) = compilation


frank zappa: halloween
    (2003, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01101-9-9)

14 patrick o'hearn: beautiful world
    (2003, cd, usa, private release)

patrickohearn_beautifulworld.jpg (15512 bytes)


frank zappa: quaudiophiliac
    (2004, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01125-9-9)

  terry bozzio, patrick o'hearn, alex machacek: out trio
    (2005, dvd, usa, altitude digital)

15 patrick o'hearn: slow time
    (2005, cd, usa,
16 patrick o'hearn: the so flows sessions
    (2006, ??, usa,
17 original motion picture soundtrack: the wheelhouse
    (2006, ??, usa,
18 original motion picture soundtrack: simpatico
    (2006, ??, usa,


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)

19 patrick o'hearn: glaciation
    (2007, cd, usa, ??)
20 patrick o'hearn: simpatico
    (2008, cd, ??, ??)


frank zappa: one shot deal
    (2008, cd, usa, zappa records)

  john hiatt: same old man
    (2008, cd, usa, new west records) - feat. patrick o'hearn

john_hiatt_same_old_man.jpg (22642 bytes)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2008
    (2008, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

aaafnraaa2008.jpg (24142 bytes)


frank zappa: philly '76
    (2009, 2cd, usa, vaulternative records)

zappa086.jpg (27298 bytes)

  john hiatt: the open road
    (2010, cd, usa, new west records) - feat. patrick o'hearn

johnhiatt_theopenroad.jpg (14459 bytes)


frank zappa: hammersmith odeon
    (2010, 3cd, usa, vaulternative records 20101)

fz_vr20101.jpg (24690 bytes)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2010
    (2010, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet zappa

aaafnraaaa_2010.jpg (22223 bytes)

  john hiatt: dirty jeans and mudslide hymns
    (2011, cd, usa, ??) - feat. patrick o'hearn

hiatt_dirtyjeans.jpg (21554 bytes)

  john hiatt: mystic pinball
    (2012, cd, usa, ??) - feat. patrick o'hearn

johnhiatt_mysticpinball.jpg (21914 bytes)

  frank zappa: aaafnraa - 21 december 2012
    (2012, itunes, --, --)
aaafnraa2012.jpg (32945 bytes)
  john hiatt: the eclipse sessions
    (2018, cd, usa, new west records) - feat. patrick o'hearn
       narada decade: the anniversary collection (producer)  


semi-official radio show releases

  frank zappa: berlin 1978
    (2018, 2cd, uk, leftfieldmedia lfm2cd575) = 1978/02/15 berlin concert



2010/03/11 John Hiatt - tv-show"The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS-TV/USA)"

random notes

born: september 6th, 1954

in the early '80s, this bassist and synthesist was mired in the glitz and grind of pop music as a member of the group missing persons. then friend peter baumann, best known for his work with tangerine dream, made o'hearn an offer he couldn't refuse. baumann had visions of starting a record label catering to his first love, contemporary electronic music, and he wanted o'hearn to become a charter member of the new company. nearly a decade and a half-dozen albums later, o'hearn is still amazed at the success of ancient dreams, the richly hued debut release that established his career as a solo artist and helped launch the private music label. born in los angeles and raised in oregon, o'hearn was exposed to a wide variety of music by his parents, who were both working musicians. though he studied cello, violin, and flute, he gained early experience playing bass with his parents' lounge act. as his musicianship began to excel, he found himself accompanying jazz greats like joe henderson, joe pass, tony williams, and charles lloyd. while living in san francisco in the mid '70s, he played with frank zappa and co-founded the visionary progressive band group 87 with mark isham and peter maunu before joining missing persons. o'hearn's style reflects all of these experiences within the context of a highly personal electronic sound. during the late '80s, however, his innovative vision seemed to blur under the strain of the commercialism infiltrating the new-age and contemporary instrumental realms. urged on by increasingly conservative, pop- oriented executives at private music, o'hearn conformed to more conventional song forms on albums like between two worlds and rivers gonna rise. his music suffered from excessive predictability as a result. the record label even released some crass disco mixes of the composer's most tuneful selections on the embarrassing mix up. fortunately, o'hearn's good musical sense prevailed in the long run. his more recent releases eldorado and indigo are both admirable, highly satisfying albums. he is, however, the last remnant of the private music label's original roster of innovative, electronic-based instrumentalists. -- linda kohanov

patrick o'hearn has been releasing albums on his own. at least one of these albums, "river's gonna rise", with the help of terry bozzio and warren cucurrullo(?).  

patrick o'hearn solo career--he has in fact had several albums, and both terry bozzio and warren cuccurullo have helped on some. i know in particular that warren helped on rivers gonna rise, indigo, and the white sands soundtrack

released a bunch of new age stuff. apparently used to keep in touch with zappa due to zappa's use of an instrument called a "roland octapad." (1990 time frame).

last night i began reading a screenplay named "silent tongue" by playwright and actor sam shepard (acting credits include "the right stuff", "country"), and the title page credits patrick o'hearn for music.

warren cucurullo reckons he is going to work with patrick and terry bozzio this year (1994) on an album. let's hope so.

patrick o'hearn and white sands--yes he did the score for that movie, as well as fatherhood and the upcoming silent tongue. if you look closely in the credits to the movie white sands, you will see that he was assisted in this by warren cuccurullo and terry bozzio.

patrick o'hearn toured (on bass) with andy taylor in 1987, and appeared with andy on the mtv new years eve special that year, and the band did a 6 or 7 song set, including "when the rain comes down" with andy's friend dweezil zappa with him on guitar. also, any concert videotape or audiotape from andy's 1987 tour will have patrick on it.

     stewart gartland( said:
i have a patrick ohearn album called eldorado which is kinda new worldy but has some very nice tunes on it. i still think patrick's bass solo on the purple lagoon (fz live in ny) is one the best.

patrick o`hearn can be heard playing some of the best bass of his career with guitarist cam newton on cam`s 1980 release welcome aliens:party music for the first authenticated landing.i have the vinyl release...great stuff ....james diesel, atlanta ga.

     from: román (
i remember seeing the name of patrick o'hearn as the composer of the music of the last episodes of the "falcon crest" tv series (i couldn't even belieeeve it!)  

     from: "stan, terry, or sarah lovell" (
patrick o'hearn and i were both music students at mt. hood community college in gresham, or. in the early 70's.

     from: albert lu (
my girlfriend, sue wilkinson, worked with patrick a little while ago, and collaborated on several projects. if you want to take a look at sue's site, it's at

      from: ryan childress (
greetings - have been searching high and low for any new material by patrick o' hearn. discovered he contributed a track on a various artist compilation titled "prelude" (i believe it is on the universal label) - this compilation includes various new age artists interpretations of classical music - more specifically the prelude or introductory movement in a classical composition. credits describe one track by o'hearn - i believe it to be a bach original. if anyone knows anything about any new material or releases by o'hearn - please post it or e-mail me (  thanks!

 patrick o'hearn's home site: h



1979 baby snakes

198 "falcon crest" tv series  (composer)

1987 made in heaven (as titus white/bass player)

1988 destroyer  (composer)

1992 heaven is a playground (composer)

1992 white sands (composer)

1993 father hood (composer)

1993 silent tongue (composer)

1994 as good as dead (composer) (tv)

1995 crying freeman (composer)

the others of invention



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