frank zappa

joe's garage acts 2 & 3 (29)

1979 2lp usa zappa records
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released december 1979

frank zappa: guitar, vocals
warren cuccurullo: rhythm guitar, vocals
denny walley: slide guitar, vocals
ike willis: lead vocals
peter wolf: keyboards
arthur barrow: bass, vocals
ed mann: percussion, vocals
vinnie colaiuta: drums, optometric abandon
patrick o'hearn: bass   6
terry bozzio
dale bozzio

al malkin
geordie hormel
barbara issak

  1. a token of my extreme

  2. stick it out

  3. sy borg

  4. dong work for yuda

  5. keep it greasy

  6. outside now

  7. he used to cut the grass

  8. packard goose

  9. watermelon in easter hay

  10. a little green rosetta