al malkin

al 'butzis' malkin appears in frank zappa's "video from hell". he demonstrates (on camera) with a banana how he likes to have his cock sucked. it's quite amusing. in the end, while he's gettin' into it, he takes a big bite out of the banana. when he realizes what he's done, he stops and shouts that the last part is not something that he enjoys.

al is mentioned in the thing fish album, but does not appear.  it is rumored that frank made dozens of hours of tape recordings of al doing his thing.

 in 1997, al malkin made an on-stage guest appearance with zappa tribute band project/object.  credited with onstage exhibitionism, possible molestation.

from: interview with warren cuccurullo from t'mershi duween #36

ag: could you tell me about al malkin and the mongoloid?

wc: al's a friend - he's also known as meatball. we used to miss school together, listen to frank and smoke pot. frank offered to tape his life story. he was like the wild man fischer of the 80s.

ag: do you know what happened to the planned i need you love album featuring those tapes of you and al?

wc: frank was editing those before his death. i've got another one here called the pus tape, it's recorded live with vinnie and bruce; really weird stuff. also there's lots of stuff on video.



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  doubleyousee: playing in tongues
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warrencuccurullo_playingintongues.jpg (26920 bytes)


frank zappa & the mothers of invention: carnegie hall
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