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2007 12 31

happy 2008
Jay Phlitman and Kim Kangaroo
Bob Harris
The Keneallist 2007 12 31
Ted Nash
Where's the equilibrium?
FZ Statues
Phlitman & Kangaroo
Kilissa Cissoko

2007 12 28

Russ Stedman: Duct Tape Shall Make You Free
Ugly Radio Rebellion revisited
The Zappa Forum

2007 12 24

Russ Stedman: Run Down To The Butchershop
new vinyl bootleg
Magazine covers and more
The Varese album

2007 12 23 - part two

Russ Stedman: Here's Your Change

2007 12 23 - part one

Think you know FZ?
Think you know GZ...

2007 12 22 - part two

Russ Stedman: Dumb Stupid
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo

2007 12 22 - part one

You can't do that on bootz anymore

2007 12 21 - part two

Strictly Genteel
A Sealed Tuna Sandwich
Life inside the piano
The Wrong Object

2007 12 21 - part one

URR (& PJP) 2007 12 19
Sul Divano 2007 12 19
Healing Force

2007 12 19

Russ Stedman: Geography Amongst Others

2007 12 18

Steve Vai 2007 12 18

2007 12 17

Willy Geets

2007 12 16

Zappa / WAZOO
Captain Beefheart
featuring Adrian Belew

2007 12 15

Zappa on Dutch Radio
Cpt.Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention

2007 12 14 - part two

The Central Scrutinizer Band
Sul Divano
More Bobby Jameson
Bogus Pomp

2007 12 14

Bobby Jameson
My Guitar
The Electra Ensemble
Pat Savage

2007 12 09

The Keneallist 2007 12 08
Another Zappa painting discovered

2007 12 08

Jos Steen
Pojama People
Zappa Street in Amsterdam ??
Ugly Radio Rebellion
The Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub

2007 12 07

Where's My Waitress
Frank Zappa Flavored Beer
Buffalo bootleg on yellow vinyl
Zap 7777

2007 12 06

Another new Zappa bootleg DVD
Bozzio & Wackerman

2007 12 05

Bruce Bickford's "Prometheus Garden"
to be released on DVD
Residents Video Retrospective
Tam Nà Vulinn
New Zappa bootleg CDs
Adrian Belew
Captain Beefheart promo albums

2007 12 04


2007 12 03

Italian Zappa book
Zappa on dutch radio 6

2007 12 02

New Beefheart album
leftovers from the last couple of months
Ugly Radio Rebellion - November update
Big Electric Chat 2007 11 18
Zappa Plays Zappa goes to Japan
Grande Mothers Re-Invented on tour
Zappa Wazoo
Zappateers festival, march 2008
  L'ensemble de Basse Normandie
20 Idiot Bastards
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the concert calendar


short bits: 

* * * Octafish has a new album ready: "Party Alarm" * * *
* * * Two new Zappa bootegs announced: picture disc vinyl versions of 'One Size Fits All' and 'Over-Nite Sensation'. * * *
* * * The Zappa / Pink Floyd Amougies collaboration will be released on another CD-bootleg, "Astronomy Domine". * * *
* * * A new vinyl bootleg has been announced "Bacon Fat", with the Tornoto 1969 concert. * * *
* * * Unbelievable, yet predictable, "Wazoo" has been announced as a vinyl bootleg album as well... * * *

2007 12 31
all the best...
happy 2008


Only recently, this obscure picture of Jay Phlitman and Kim Kangaroo turned up. It shows the duo at "the attick".


Crossfire Releases Zappa Veteran Bob Harris´ The Great Nostalgia with Guests Steve Vai, Thana Harris, Tommy Mars and Stuart Hamm

11/28/07 - New York - Bob Harris, keyboardist/vocalist of the 1980 Frank Zappa band with guitarists Steve Vai, Ray White and Ike Willis, keyboardist Tommy Mars, bassist Arthur Barrow and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, will soon have his 1986 album The Great Nostalgia released in an expanded format by Crossfire Publications. The Great Nostalgia, originally a self-financed release on his Mastahna label, has been remastered (and in some cases remixed) from the original session tapes.

More than twenty-one years after its first release, The Great Nostalgia has been expanded by six additional tracks. Frank Zappa heard the album in 1986 and thought that the track "Ageless Love" was outstanding and should kick off the album. Bob Harris, who is currently working with '80s rock legends Axe, wanted to change the song order because he highly valued Zappa´s opinion, but the album had already been pressed. Out of respect for Frank Zappa, "Ageless Love" is now the first track on Crossfire´s reissue, and Jeremy Barber´s violin has replaced the original keyboard emulation of that instrument.

Suzannah (Thana) Harris, known to Zappa fans for her vocals on the revised Sleep Dirt album, can be found throughout The Great Nostalgia on the tracks "Ageless Love," "The Flower" and three of the bonus tracks. Of the additions to the album, Thana and Bob´s duets on the standard "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (live at the Zappanale 13 festival) and It´s A Beautiful Day´s "White Bird" (from Thana´s album Thanatopsis) are obvious highlights.

Guitar legend Steve Vai played electric sitar on "Autumn In Nepal," presented here in Vai´s remixed version. He also played lead guitar on a remixed version of the bonus track "There´s Still Hope." Fellow FZ band member Tommy Mars played on "Autumn In Nepal," and noted bassist Stuart Hamm contributed to the track "The Flower." Billy James, known to music fans as the Ant-Bee, played percussion on the entire album. James´ tasteful use of percussion instead of drum machines is a very important asset to the longevity of The Great Nostalgia, as it sounds fresh without the usual `80s trappings.

One instrumental track recorded at the original sessions, "The Blue Gazebo," has been included on this edition. Two more recent tracks complete the album: the brilliant piano ballad "Magnet And Iron" and "Nobody Wins In A War," featuring sped-up vocals from Bob, Thana and son Nathan Harris.

The Great Nostalgia will be available at retail and through dozens of paid download services.

For more information:



Tar Tapes, Vol. 1 and Tar Tapes, Vol. 2, along with Mike's 2004 bonus PUP release, have just been made available for download only.

PUP was initially issued as a cool little 35-minute CD preview of the RadioKeneally internet broadcast service, personally assembled, narrated and labeled by Mike. It features a couple of very weird MK solo recordings, a ten-minute-plus early version of "L'il," (a song that was intended for, but never made it to, 2004's Dog), some live Mike Keneally Band recordings and more. It was originally included as a bonus to those who pre-ordered Dog. PUP is light and wispy, but fine fun nonetheless. And, at only $8, it's the cheapest Keneally music on MooseMart!

The Tar Tapes are downloadable versions of the long-sold-out limited edition CDs that highlight Mike's music from the '80s and very early '90s. Each download comes with an eight-page digital reproduction of the original CD cover, liner notes and lyrics. They can be downloaded as zip files containing high-quality (minimum 256k variable bit rate) mp3 audio files, compatible with all mp3 players. The files are DRM-free, meaning that there is no anti-copying code buried in them (we trust you). And they're only $10 each.

In addition, all three out-of-print Exowax bonus CDs that helped make the sold-out Special Editions so special are still available for downloading at MooseMart, including the interview/music disc Nonkertalk, the live acoustic Dancing With Myself and the exquisite re-imagined Wooden Smoke Asleep.



The entry for Ted Nash, was completely wrong. A mix between nephews.

Lars Arnwald was kind enough to sort it out:

There are (at least two) musicians called "Ted Nash".

The first one, Ted Nash (born in 1959) is the son of Dick Nash (b.1924), one of the greatest trombonists in LA ever. He's also the nephew of multi-reed man Ted Nash (b.1922). This is the one with "Lumpy Gravy". He played tenor sax with the Les Brown Orchestra 1941-46, and with Billy May in the first half of the 50's. Then he switched mainly to alto sax and flutes in the LA studios. Of the sessions the brothers Nash participated in, one can note that they're practically in ALL recordings, albums and movies, that Henry Mancini did in LA. Listen to Ted's screaming alto solo in "Peter Gunn Theme". Dick Nash is still active while the elder Ted retired in 1984 and now lives in Carmel, CA.



  • Tribute bands Project/Object, Bogus Pomp, Sheik Yerbouti and the Ugly Radio Rebellion band have all heard from the ZFT lawyers...
  • Website Kill Ugly Radio has also received a letter from the ZFT lawyers...
  • As president of the Arf Society (organiser of the Zappanale Festival), Thomas Dippel has been summoned to court by the ZFT lawyers...

As a result, the fans of Frank Zappa's music are in shock. There's a lot of discussion going on at various places all over the web, and there's even more opinions, threads and discussions than one person can read in one day. (believe me, I tried...)

I can understand some of the points that the ZFT wants to make clear, but sending lawyers...
Isn't that a bit over the top?


The Zappanale Enema Bandit

one day he'll have to pay (some day he'll have to pay)

The police will say
yer under arrest
and the judge would have him
for a special guest
then they'll drag into Thomas for all of thee,
sayin don't nobody, no no, have no sypathy
in the ballpark performances in the 1st degree
and then Thomas might say Why is everybody lookin' at me?

Did you cause this misery? (x3)
well one fan shout: let the dipster be!

Thomas are you guilty?
Thomas are you guilty?
Tell me now, what's your plea?
another one shout: Let the dipster go free!

Are you guilty Thomas, did you do these deeds?

Come on, now

he said,

it must be just what they all need !



Marco says:

Hi everyone,

Just in time for your new year's eve party: two new album downloads from WM Recordings, totally free.
And yes, this includes the release of our 75th free album! 

WM074: Lee Rosevere - Play 3
The third and final release in the series of experimental compilations by Lee Rosevere.

WM075: The Rabbits - Squeeze one out
The Rabbits aim to bang ear drums around the globe and while the globe spins they go ding ding ding and bla bla bla with a nice boom boom boom to make things a little more engaging.

Don't forget to check out the official WM Recordings MySpace:

We wish you all a very musical new year!


Marco Kalnenek



As the ZFT doesn't seem too happy with the FZ monument in Bad Doberan,  I thought I'd better add the picture to the UM files. (before it gets removed, replaced or painted in the colour that they want...)

The picture below shows the FZ monument in Bad Doberan, by Václav Cesák. Inaugurated in 2002.

And the second picture shows the sculpture of Frank Zappa that you can find in Vilnius, Lithuania.

It was made by Konstantinas Bogdanas, a Lithuanian sculptor who was known for portraits of Lenin.



  • 2008/01/25 Phlitman & Kangaroo - concert 'Arts-o-Bases', Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium


news from Kilissa Cissoko  (from the Voice Of Cheez)

2007 12 30

Wow! I cranked today... and finished posting my Flute Recital...from 1986. Here's the WHOLE BLESSED THING--including a suite of pieces I composed for Flute & Piano! 
Enjoy! Kilissa

***************UPCOMING PERFORMANCES*********************** 

Dance Alive! is an all-ages community event held on first Fridays every month in the Elmwood Village. Come be part of the festivities. *Drum circle from 6-7 (BYOD). *Dance and Listen to live music by the Bloodthirsty Vegans band - original/rock/reggae/hip-hop (two sets, 7 and 8:30). *Open Mike from 8-8:30. Alcohol-free refreshments. Kids activities. Sliding scale donation ($5-10), kids & teens free. In the Parish Hall of the UU Church of Buffalo, 695 Elmwood Ave. at West Ferry. Open to the public!

UJIMA THEATER presents...
Kilissa Cissoko plus Bloodthisty Vegans Band w/ MyRapNameIsAlex
Thursday, January 17, 8-9:30 pm 545 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY Tickest $10, Box Office: 716-883-0380 Wine and Other Refreshments Available



2007 12 28


  • russ stedman: duct tape shall make you free!
        (2004, cdr, usa, private release) 
    • Earlier this week, I was rather excited abour Russ Stedman's "Dumb Stupid", an excellent and very funny album.
      "Duct Tape" even goes a little further. The music on the album is great, and the lyrics are hilarious.
      I love it.
      'Dummy Up' is build upon a Frank Zappa riff, and with Zappa's 'Black Napkins', Russ Stedman shows that he knows his classics.
      The liner notes present the following "official statement of plagiarism & theft":
      music created by the following artists was used as inspiration, if not just outright used: frank zappa, dust, the cure, janet jackson, michael jackson, butthole surfers, the police, black randy & the metro squad, the beatles, and tone loc.
    • highly recommended !!


2007 12 27, URR said:

Nondramatic Public Performance... FZ... 

Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

The FZ Birthday Tour
with IKE WILLIS was total success 
and only minor injuries...

Check out the letter we got from
Gail Zappa...

i'll be posting all the pictures and press from the tour asap and the next one is in the works for Feb 2008...




I have never really been a reader / user of the forum over at the official Frank Zappa site. Lately, however, things have changed. I'm not only reading, I'm even posting. Four posts so far...  :-)

They're all on the same subject hower. I'm a bit concerned (putting it mildly) with the way that the ZFT is communicating with their fans, with bands and with organisations that try to keep Frank Zappa's music alive.


2007 12 24


  • russ stedman: run down to the butcher shop and buy me a rose
        (2000, cdr, usa, private release / jmrm05)
    • "Run Down To The Butcher Shop And Buy Me A Rose" (the title had me laughing out loud) is another of Russ Stedman's straight-foreward rock albums. Rock 'n roll guitar solos included.
      My favourite tracks: 'Sweet Ophelia' (which would be a perfect commercial move during the Eagles revival that we're having); 'Don't Listen To Your Parents' (love those vocals), and 'Skyrockets' (love it!!)


Here's a bit of extra info on the "Enema Improvisations" bootleg that i mentioned last week.

20 copies on clear vinyl
50 copies on black vinyl

side one

  1. enema bandit  -  7 min
  2. guitar improvisation  -  5 min

side two

  1. guitar improvisations  -  12 min


-- info & pics: Oliver

cover of the clear vinyl release cover of the black vinyl release


slime.oofytv.set is back with a beautiful set of scans and pictures.

On the right is the program booklet for the Frank Zappa / Ensemble Modern concert series in Frankfurt, September 1992.

Below are scans of various magazine covers.


-- scans & info: slime.oofytv.set

  • ink no.24
        (1971/12/17, magazine, uk)
    • Issue number 24 of British Ink magazine included a half-page ad for the premier of the 200 Motels film in London; plus a one page review of Freak Out! [2nd u.k. release containing all the original tracks] & a review of the 200 motels soundtrack.

  • schwann spectrum vol.6 / no.4
        (1995/fall, magazine, usa)
    • The fall issue of Schwann Spectrum magazine included a 5-page article: 'The Present-Day Composer Refuses To Die", on ryko's 1995 CD re-release program [originally published in stereophile sept-95].

  • baltimore city paper vol.9 / no.41
        (1985/10/11, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of the Baltimore City Paper includes a piece on Zappa entitled: 'Frank Zappa Defends Rock'.

  • the georgetowner
        (1985/09/27, magazine, usa)
    • This September issue of The Georgetowner included an article called "Frank Zappa VS. Kandy Stroud: Is Labeling Of Record Albums A Censorship Issue?", plus a Zappa interview with Ted Koppel.

  • rock espezial no.38
        (1984/10, magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 38 of Spanish Rock Espezial magazine included a 2-page interview with Frank Zappa: "Farmacuetico Frustrado".

  • melody maker
        (1967/08/26, magazine, uk)
    • This August 26 issue of Melody Maker had Zappa on the cover with the famous "Meet A Mother!" slogan. The same issue also includes a 1-page article: 'Meet The Boss Mother Sussing Out Britain'.

  • conecte no.302
        (1983/06, magazine, mexico)
    • Issue 302 of Mexican Conecte magazine included a 4-page article on Frank Zappa: 'Impertinentes E Informales Divagaciones Sobre'

  • conecte no.165
        (1980/04, magazine, mexico)
    • Issue 165 of Mexican Conecte magazine had Frank Zappa on the cover. There was, no Zappa content inside, however.


  • the columbia symphony orchestra: the varèse album
        (2007, 2cd, usa,  wounded bird records wou 1078)
    • Nikolai Zaharov did send me all the data & picture for this album by the Columbia Symphony Orchestra.
      It's a reissue of two albums that got publihed in the early sixties.

-- info: Nikolai Zaharov

2007 12 23 - part two


  • russ stedman: here's your change
        (2000, cdr, usa, private release / jmrm04)
    • Originally recorded (and released on tape) in 1993, this re-mastered CDR has 5 bonus tracks.
      "Here's Your Change" shows the heavier side of Russ Stedman: a lot of fuzz and distortion on the guitar, including the essential guitar solos.
      Very impressive.
      Worth your investigation.

2007 12 23 - part one


Trivia quizz about FZ:

-- info: Ive Hapers


No, the following is not really a part of the trivia quizz that got mentioned above, although it might be:
  • Which bands, organisations and websites have heard from Gail Zappa's lawyers?
    • the Arf-Society
    • the Zappanale Festival
    • Bogus Pomp
    • Project/Object
    • Sheik Yerbouti
    • all of these

You thought right. All of them.

And it gets worse. Thomas Dippel, president of the Arf Society, has been summoned to court. He has to pay up for the CDs, DVDs and T-shirts that are made by the Arf Society; for the use of the name "Zappa" in "Zappanale", and so on, and so on.

Gail Zappa even wants the Bad Doberan statue of FZ to be removed...

The ZAPPA Family Trust, 11848 Vose Street, CA 91605 North Hollywood, USA represented by Gail Zappa claims 150000,- Euro against Arf-Society e.V., represented by it's chairman Thomas Dippel, for illegal use of the trademark "Zappanale" and the "Zappanale-logo".

For further use of the name Zappanale for the festival, on products like Cd's or clothing the chairman of the Arf-Society, Thomas Dippel, has to pay up to 250000,- Euro or has to be sent to prison for 6 months up to 2 years.

For further promotion for the Zappanale-festival on the domain  the chairman of the Arf-Society, Thomas Dippel, has to pay up to 250000,- Euro or has to be sent to prison for 6 months up to 2 years.


Good luck, Thomas. Let us know how we can help.


As far as I can tell, the next step will be the music magazines. They have used Zappa's name in various articles, and even have used pictures of FZ. Now that I think of it, there have been a lot of newspapers that have mentioned FZ as well, somewhere in the last 40 years. Go get them, Gail.

And if I'm not mistaken, during the first ZpZ tour, belgian national television did some sort of special during "De Rode Loper". I guess this means that belgian national television will be taken to court as well. A pity, 'cause I'm rather fond of our national tv.
What an incredible waste of time and money...


2007 12 22 - part two


  • russ stedman: dumb stupid
        (2006, cdr, usa, private release / bfr04)
    • A couple of days ago, I got my first dose of Russ Stedman, "Geography Amongst Others", a fine, straight-forward rock album.
      "Dumb Stupid" is quite something else. Where "Geography" is very rock & pop - like, "Dumb Stupid" is on the other side of the musical spectrum. This is one is right up my alley. Great album. I hear influences by Pere Ubu, Snakefinger, Zappa, and, well, maybe even Russ Stedman.
      My favourite tracks: 'Spongedoug Squaredick' (my kids haven't heard this one yet...), and 'Drunks', which probably should have been titled 'Stupid Fucking Drunks Who Can't Get Their Shit Together' with some hilarious Prince-like voice, and 'Alex', which is some sort of prank phone call mixed over a guitar solo.
      Highly recommended.


  • jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: say yes to live!
        (2007, cdr, bel, kaspar hauser records khr011)

    • Kaspar Hauser Records has released a collection of live tunes from Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo. The album presents 20 tracks, recorded between 1994 and 2005. Most of the tracks were recorded at different locations and with different line-ups. "Say Yes To Live!" gives a good impression of what Phlitman and Kangaroo are all about. This is belgian low-fi madness at its best.
      I guess that I should also mention the fact that 'Happy Attictune" mentions Frank Zappa and Uncle Meat... 
      The CDR is housed in a DVD-case, and the beautiful cover drawing is by Ida Madonna.



2007 12 22 - part one


Take it from me. If you're a Zappa vinyl bootleg fetishist, you really want to browse this book.

I picked up Dieter Jakob's vinyl bootleg bible at the post office yesterday, and I can only say one thing: this is the best looking and most informative book that I have read in years.

Lots and lots of data (incuding matrix numbers !!) and great pictures of sleeves, labels and vinyl.

A tremendous work. Thank you, Dieter.

  • 500 pages A4 (large format, about 8.2 by 11.7 inches), almost all pages full coloured.

  • Hardcover with thread sewing

  • Digitally printed on special high quality paper (paper used for illustrated books)

  • More than 3600 (!) photos from covers, label, vinyl (LPs and singles), booklets, other details, etc. about more than 300 different titles (vinyl only!)  

  • 100 handnumbered copies

2007 12 21 - part two


strictly genteel - the recordings of frank zappa - volume two
1970 - 1971

by scott parker
    (2007, book, usa, private release)

It's out, and it's great.
Strictly Genteel takes a look at Zappa's recordings from 1970 to 1971:

part one

  • the discography

    • albums

    • singles

    • compilations

    • oddball stuff

    • bootleg lp's and cd's

  • unreleased material

  • audio documenation (demos, interviews, ...)

  • videography

part two

  • the 1970 - 1971 live tapes, with comments on every show that circulates among collectors, including a transcript of the spoken word parts during these concerts.


an incredible piece of work;
only 250 copies



February 18, 1994, German radio did a broadcast called "Das Luftdichtverpackten Thunfisch Sandwich".

Almost 60 minutes of Zappa music. Great stuff & interesting comments.

-- info: Gerard Wissink


October 22, 1994, Dutch radio 4 did a 3-hour broadcast entitled "Life Inside The Piano". It included the world premiere of Zappa's 'Civilisation Phase III".

the radio show consisted of:

  • a collage of FZ's music (by Co de Kloet)
  • comments
  • "Civilisation Phase III"
  • comments
  • material from "Francesco Zappa"
  • comments
  • material from "The Perfect Stranger"
  • comments

-- info: Gerard Wissink



Last October, The Wrong Object did another couple of remarkable concerts. I was fortunate to see them in Rijkevorsel, where the band was joined by Robin Verheyen and Alex Maguire.

Early november, the biggest part of this concert got broadcast on dutch radio 6, including interviews with Michel Delville and with Alex Maguire.

  • 2007/11/08 radio show "de wissel", vpro, radio 6, NL

  • 2007/11/10 radio show "zaterdagavondmagazine", vpro radio, radio 6, NL

-- info: Gerard Wissink

2007 12 21


2007 12 19

From the Ugly Radio Rebellion newsletter:

We added another show...

2007/12/22 10:00am - Noon
St Alphonzos Pancake Breakfast
8001 Rockside Rd
Valley View, OH 44125

$15 - includes pancakes and waffles!!!

Check out another amazing band...

Pojama People performing the music of Frank Zappa
Dec 21 Friday 9pm FREE
Sahalie Wine Cellars
151 NW Monroe St 
Corvallis, OR 97330 

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays!!!


  • 2007/12/20 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Jackie O's', Athens, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert "FZ Birthday Party 'The Winchester', Cleveland, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Cellars', Corvallis, OR, usa
  • 2007/12/22 / 10.00 am Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Dantes', Valley View, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/22 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Macs Bar', Lansing, MI
  • 2007/12/23 / 12:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'King Brewing Co', Pontiac, MI, usa
  • 2007/12/23 / 9:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'The Buzz Bar', Detroit, MI, usa



SUL DIVANO 2007 12 19

2007 12 19




Viernes 21 de Diciembre a las 22 hs. 
en Foro Gandhi. Av. Corrientes 1743.

Hermano, si para estas fiestas quieres sorprender a tus seres queridos con algo original, regala un Show Musical.
Si sientes que ya no quedan bandas que representen tus valores... o simplemente con valores , ven y escucha a SUL DIVANO..!

Si estás cansado del típico "pauer trio", ven y escucha, 8 músicos en escena + una muñeca inflable..!

Si te quieres levantar una mina de verdad, ve y escucha a DIEGO TORRES..!
Si quieres comulgar con el rock verdadero, ven y escucha a SUL DIVANO..!
Si  simplemente quieres comulgar, ve y escucha al CARDENAL BERGOGLIO..!
Si eres bipolar, si tienes problemas, si la vida no es lo que esperabas, ve y escucha a un PSICÓLOGO 
...y él te recomendará el SHOW DE SUL DIVANO..!

Si buscas fórmulas trilladas, lugares comunes y respuestas conocidas.... LO LAMENTAMOS..!

Si quieres comenzar el 2008 desafiando tus sentidos, ven y escucha SUL DIVANO..!

Si tu socio te estafó, o tu ex se quedó con todo, o si nunca tuvisete un mango ni ex, ven y escucha SUL DIVANO (y te regalamos la muñeca/o inflable para que le des con ganas). 


SAN ANTONIO Y SU SÉQUITO DE SÁTRAPAS CON ONDA te invitan a disfrutar de lo poco que queda de la cultura en Argentina...





Valor entrada: 8 veces menos que Creamfields, 8 músicos en escena y prometemos usar las 12 notas musicales (varias veces) o te devolvemos la entrada...! ($12,-)
Si queres ver los nuevos videos de la banda, podes entrar a nuestro sitio o en myspace (ver al pie del mail), los títulos cargados son estos: Praia Do Gunga (TM), Mercenario Sax (TM), Echidna's Arf (FZ)  & Peaches en Regalia (FZ)

  • 2007/12/21 Sul Divano - concert 'Foro Gandhi', capital federal, argentina




-- info: Zjakki Willems

2007 12 19
There's more, but that'll be something for the next couple of days.
In the meantime, here's a very fine Russ Stedman album:


  • russ stedman: geography amongst others
        (2002, cdr, usa, private release / csr3)
    • "Geography Amongst Others" was my first encounter with the music of Russ Stedman. Sure, I had heard his contribution to the "Where's My Waitress" Zappa tribute, but none of his own material.
      "GAO" presents eight excellent, melodic guitar-orientated rock songs. There's no polishing, cleaning or producing where this came from. This is straight-forward, music: vocals, guitar, bass and drums, all played by Russ Stedman.
    • I like it a lot.

2007 12 18
OK, so here's the story. About a week ago, I stumbled upon the XLJAZZ website. I knew that they had done a couple of Zappa tribute concerts, so I wanted to check out the site for some info that I could add to this here very site. Much to my surprise, I found out that the band had released a couple of albums, including a "Zappa XL" one.
Here they are:


  • xljazz: 03 04
        (2005, cd, nl, buitenkunst bk 0512)
    • May 2004, the XLJAZZ ensemble performed "Monk, Mingus & more". Later the same year, the big band played a "Tribute to Hermeto Pascoal".
      Recordings of both of these tributes can be found on "03 04".
    • Very impressive.

  • xljazz: zappa xl
        (2006, cd, nl, buitenkunst bk 0613)
    • August and October 2006, the XLJAZZ ensemble did a couple of Zappa tribute concerts. A short while later, this "Zappa XL" album got released.

      Thirteen Zappa tracks. Very fine arrangements and impressive solos.
      Hans Hasebos on vibes !!
      Do I need to say more?
    • A must-have.

STEVE VAI 2007 12 18

Besides Steve's best wishes for 2008, his newsletter also mentions:

... things on the agenda for 2008

  1. At some point this year we will be making the followings videos available for download through iTunes & other digital distribution stores.

    1. Alien Love Secrets DVD

    2. Select tracks from Live at the Astoria

    3. The original promotional videos for:

      1. "For the Love of God"

      2. "I Would Love To"

      3. "The Audience Is Listening"

      4. "Down Deep Into The Pain"

      5. "In My Dreams With You"

  2. The release of the new signature Jemini distortion pedal from Ibanez.

  3. The completion and distribution via internet sites and perhaps retail of Archives Vol. 5 - Gold from the Vault.
    I'm very excited about this CD. It will have songs on it that were once available as Vai-tunes downloads, along with a handful of never heard tracks that have been sitting on the shelf in the vault that never made it to records from the past. You may find some nuggets on here...

  4. The digital availability of "Naked Tracks" (Tracks from the catalog without the lead guitar) for those who might like to play along.

  5. "Music As Art - For The Love of God." Similar to what was offered in the past with "The God Eaters", this will be nicely framed lithographs of the hand written lead sheet to the first two pages of "For The Love of God".

  6. The contribution of a guitar track to Jason Becker's new solo record.

  7. The Real Illusions: Reflections transcription folio through Hal Leonard.

  8. Perhaps the announcement of a new Legacy amp with Carvin.

  9. The completion and availability of the 6th installment to The Secret Jewel Box: Panic Jungle Alcatrazz Live

  10. The arrangement and recording of "The Blossom Suite" that was originally written for myself and classical guitarist extraordinaire, Sharon Isbin. To be released on her solo record through Sony.

  11. The editing and release of a DVD with the String Theories band from a performance in Minneapolis during the 2007 tour.

  12. We are looking at the possibility of two orchestral performances with Orchestras in the Canary Islands of pieces from Sound Theories Vol. 1 & 2.

Clearing the boards for a new studio recording...


World tour, visiting your very backyard. See you there!

Geez, I get dizzy just writing it down.

Stay tuned to for updates on these things. They can all change and perhaps I'll just go to Tahiti for a few months. Well... maybe just a week.


2007 12 17
Hey, look. It's my pal Willy...
and, no, I haven't received any letters from German lawyers...
and, yes, I also think that is a great site...
why are you asking?


Flemish comic book artist Willy Geets cannot hide that he's a Frank Zappa addict.  One not only comes across Zappa references in his artwork (signed Wegé), but also in his audio output. A long time ago, Willy Geets was able to transform into Willy Wally, a 'k7-only radio show dj'. More recently, he has also been spotted as a part of musical duo Tegennenoam.

The picture on the right is taken from "De Verchroomde Megafoon Der Voorbestemming" (The Chromeplated Megaphone Of Destiny - For Real), an underground movie that was shot at Galerie Dieperick in Wortel, Belgium on May 14, 2004. It shows Willy Geets as 'art connoisseur' Jan Ped, opening the Wegé exhibition.


  • movie / documentary: de verchroomde megafoon der voortbestemming
        (2007, dvdr, bel, private release)
    • I guess it can't get more obscure than this. "De Verchroomde Megafoor Der Voorbestemming" is a hand-shot documentary of the opening night of an exhibition.
    • feat. willy geets, luk van soom, and lots of others

      filmed at gelerie "dieperick", wortel, belgium on 2004/05/14


      • comic book character tistjen dop
      • trifonius zonnebloem
      • 'art conoisseur' jan ped, opening a wegé exhibition
      • sculptor luk van soom, inaugurating the artwork "de verchroomde megafoon der voorbestemming" (the chromeplated megaphone of destiny - for real)
      • tegennenoam performing 'in frankrijk' (= 'in france' (frank zappa))
    • I just love this kinda stuff...

2007 12 16


WAZOO is in the house !!
and it's great.
what am i saying?  it's fabulous.

Show the ZFT that they should continue, and buy the album.


Scheduled for release on 180 gr vinyl, gatefold 2 LP: 


on CARGO REC. (releasedate december 17, 2007)

-- info: Nikolai Zaharov


Thanks to Nikolai Zaharov, here's the data for:

2007 12 15


December 4, 2007, on Dutch Radio 6, Co de Kloet and Wim Brands took closer look at some of Zappa's stories.

The streams can be found here:



-- info: Gerard Wissink  /  Zjakki Willems



2007 12 14
Okay, so here's a bit more. Mostly concerts: Argentina, Brasil, USA, ...


2007 12 10
show da scrutinizer

Queridos Scruteiros !

Aniversário do Zappa em grande estilo

cheio de surpresas incríveis,

Dia 21/12/07, sexta (finalmente),

às 22,00(em ponto) no Teatro Paulo Eiró, Av. Adolfo Pinheiro 765, 15,00R$
tel. 5546.0449 



2007 12 12


Viernes 21 de Diciembre a las 22 hs. en Foro Gandhi. Av. Corrientes 1743, Los esperamos para despedir el año con buena música y buena onda, si te lo perdes es porque no tenes la Filcar a mano...!

Si queres ver los nuevos videos de la banda, podes entrar a nuestro sitio o en myspace (ver al pie del mail), los títulos cargados son estos:         Praia Do Gunga (TM), Mercenario Sax (TM), Echidna's Arf (FZ)  & Peaches en Regalia (FZ)

  • 2007/12/21 Sul Divano - concert 'Foro Gandhi', capital federal, argentina



Charles Ulrich already pointed this out to me in 2004, but I guess I'm a bit slow sometimes:

Bobby Jameson's 'Gotta Find My Roogalator' was arranged by Zappa, not written by Zappa.
And I also took care of the spelling mistakes... At least I hope that I did...

And her are Jameson's MySpace pages:





  • 2007/12/15 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theatre', Ocala, FL, usa


Fred adds:

Hi Gang,

Directions to the Ocala show next Saturday are as follows:

I-275 north toward Ocala
Merge onto I-75 north
Go about 77 miles to exit 352 ( W. Silver Springs Blvd. Hwy 40 )
Take right at end of ramp
Go about 3 miles to intersection of 301-27 (Pine Ave) 
Go straight crossing Pine Ave  and up the hill to
Magnolia Ave - Take right
Theatre will be on your right with parking behind building.
50 South Magnolia Ave 
Ocala Fl.

Please call me @ (352) 427-6455 if you have any questions.



2007 12 14
Let's just call this part one, as I've got some more stuff lined up for later today...
Below you'll find the picture of Bobby Jameson's first solo album. It got released about the same time as his "Gotta Find My Roogalator" single. In 1966.
And there's a couple of other pictures too: a guitar that wants to kill your mama, and an addition to the "others of invention" section.


Bobby Jameson on "Color Him In", speaking to Marco Kalnenek, december 2007:

The album is called "COLOR HIM IN" on Verve. Frank got Tom Wilson at Verve to pick it up and release it. Tom and Frank produced "Mothers Of Invention" for Verve. It's been re-released as a bootleg cd on Fallout out of England. It's out now.



The piece of art on the right was made by Bohouš, the president of the Czech Frank Zappa FanClub.

The guitar / gun has the lyrics of Frank Zappa's 'My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama' written all over it.

It's part of an exhibition in the foyer of the Brno theatre at this very moment.


The Electra Ensemble performs the music of contemporary composers. Corrie van Binsbergen wrote 'The Fifth Element" for the ensemble.

So I've added an entry for "The Electra Ensemble".



Blues guitarist Pat Savage has played with The Doobie Brothers, Manfred Man, Urian Heep, The Marshall Tucker Band, and lots of others. He has performed Frank Zappa's 'The Torture Never Stops' in concert on a couple of occasions.


2007 12 09
just a little bit of info...


The Keneallist - 2007 12 08

A message from Mike:


More drivel for you, from me

Happy Saturday -- today was Friday a few minutes ago, and what did I do? Spent a few hours in the studio working on The Assumptions' debut record -- and by the way, I've been informed (after my last Keneallist in which I apparently inaccurately referred to myself as co-producer) that I am, in point of fact, the sole producer of the album. Well, I'd best get to cracking that whip a little harder then. Then it was off to the local School of Rock for what will be my last staff meeting as music director -- for events have conspired in various ways to make it necessary for the SoR and myself to amicably part ways. Sad, really. It's been an amazing year getting the San Diego school on its feet, and while it is now up and running in highly robust fashion, it's not an easy thing to step out of the lives and musical development of the amazing young people I've been working with. And of course it won't be possible for me to stay away entirely.

What is undeniable though, so I won't even waste a moment trying to deny it, is that I was quite unable to finish a new album of my own this year, and while there does look to be a lot of live activity on the horizon, I look forward to 2008 presenting me with more opportunities to do what needs to be done in a studio-ish setting and start getting some new tunes out there for you to hear and wonder about.

Anyway -- it's the holiday season, isn't it, and you should join me in heading to the ever irresistible and buying loads of CDs and shirts for the people in your life who need them so much, while there's a 10% off holiday sale going on no less. And there's a new download available now -- the limited edition EP PUP, which in late 2003 heralded the coming of both Radio Keneally and the Dog album. If you haven't heard PUP it's pretty much structured like a radio program with me as host playing loads of otherwise unavailable music, including what is probably one of my best songs "SunFlute," what is certainly one of my weirdest "Party Poopers," and a long early studio take of an instrumental called "Li'l" which I was certain was going to appear (in a different version) on the Dog album, but which, as if by magic, didn't, so for the moment this PUP version is the only one commercially available. Only 8 bucks for this essentially album-length "EP." Do it! Happy holidays!

Dec. 13, I'll be with the DETHKLOK lads again doing a free show in Atlanta. Only the first 450 people to show up get in, and this one is only for those humans who are 18 years of age and older, sorry kids. It's at Atlanta Center Stage, and you can find out more here.

Then a plane ride home just in time to get me to the two Paul Green School of Rock San Diego gigs at The Epicentre (8450 Mira Mesa Blvd. in San Diego), where the kids will be playing THE BEST OF THE '90s (featuring, lest I need remind you, my daughter singing "Paranoid Android") and I'll do a couple of solo tunes also. These are on Saturday Dec. 15 at 1:00 pm and Sunday Dec. 16 at 4:00 pm. All ages welcome! Tickets are only ten bucks! As these will be my last official SoR events as a music director these are going to be super emotional, so if you've always wanted to see me bust out in tears at a gig, now's your chance.

Plus I'm going to Japan for a solo concert on February 1 (see below). Really looking forward to that, I haven't been in Japan in something resembling forever. I'll only be in town for a couple of days but we're planning on slotting in several instore appearances at record stores and such, so keep watching this space for more information about that.

Thanks bunches to Co de Kloet, who's about to play my last solo concert in its entirety on Holland's Radio 6, on December 12 (and you get to listen online, even if you live in Nantucket or Blizz). (See belower.)

Thanks gang --

Love again


* * * * * * * * * *

Upcoming Keneally appearances:

Dëthkløk  (featuring Brendon Small, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller & Gene Hoglan)

Thursday, December 13
Center Stage
1374 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309
Info: (404) 885-1365 
Doors open at 9:00 p.m.
Admission Free!
Space is limited, so arrive early. Only the first 450 people will be guaranteed admission!


Keneallive in Tokyo 2008

Mike Keneally in Solo Concert
Friday, February 1, 2008
Harajyuku Astro-Hall
New-Wave Harajyuku B1 4-32-12
Jingumae Sibuya-ku 150-0001
Tokyo, Japan
Tickets: 6,500¥ (approx. $59)

Mike's Offside Open performance coming to
Co de Kloet's Radio 6 December 12

GELDERN, GERMANY, August 18, 2007: Mike's first European solo concert was presented, fittingly, at the debut of Burkhard Hennen's Offside Open International New Music Festival, in a delightful outdoor summer environment. The 70-minute performance saw Mike employing guitars and piano, sometimes simultaneously. In addition to a few Keneally catalog gems not often played, Mike previewed some music from his upcoming Scambot project. Thanks to Co de Kloet and NPS' Studio 6 radio for inviting Mike to play.

The show will be broadcast in its entirety by our pal Co on Radio 6 Wednesday, December 12 between 10 p.m. and midnight, Holland time (GMT +1 hour). You can listen online using this link. (Photo by Pieter van Hoogdalem)



"THE FOUR SEASONS OF LOVE", a painting by Frank Zappa

the work is signed by Frank Zappa -on the lower right part of the painting.

When sold on ebay, a letter of the original owner came with the painting saying: "He called me his little super devil"--from the time when both of them went to Community College --


2007 12 08


In a couple of day, Jos Steen will open for Thurston Moore at the AB club in Brussels, Belgium.


LIVE,  DEC 10, 2007
HEATHER LEIGH MURRAY (20.15 - 20.45)
JOS STEEN (19.30 - 20.00)

'Ancienne Belgique', Brussels, Belgium


2007 12 05

Join us again at Sahalie Wine Cellars in Corvallis for a Zappa Birthday Party Dec 21 (Friday) at 9pm! The Quiller Kartet will be at it again along with guest guitarist Brian Berg Olsen. He has a night cap, so you _know_ he's the right man for the job!

Pojama People performing the music of Frank Zappa
Dec 21  Friday  9pm  FREE
Sahalie Wine Cellars
151 NW Monroe St
Corvallis, OR 97330

AND.......ALSO.........BUT WAIT>>>>

Another evening of loopy marimba-induced pleasure awaits you in Eugene

Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band
Dec 15  Saturday  8pm  FREE
The Beanery
152 W 5th Av
Eugene OR
342 3378

spread the word!

  • 2007/12/15 Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band - concert 'The Beanery', Eugene, OR, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Cellars', Corvallis, OR, usa


Taking Berlin as an example, Peter van Nijen wants a Zappa Street in Amsterdam, NL.

He even started a website & petition to collect supporters. Check out:

-- info: Ive Hapers


2007 12 08

December Update

Special Event
FZ Birthday Tour
with special guest

12/20 - Jackie O's - Athens, OH

12/21 - FZ Birthday Party - The Winchester - Cleveland, OH

12/22 - Macs Bar - Lansing, MI

12/23 (12:30pm) - St Alphonzos Pancake Brunch - King Brewing Co - Pontiac, MI

12/23 (9:30pm) - The Cadieux Cafe - Detroit, MI

We have lots of fun stuff lined up... in Cleveland there will be custom Tshirts with caracature artist EJ Farb, Flowers the Clown and a limited supply of FZ Kill Ugly Radio special brew... also a possible live TV appearance and another show added for Sat 12/22 am... updates as they happen!!!!


  • 2007/12/20 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Jackie O's', Athens, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert "FZ Birthday Party 'The Winchester', Cleveland, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/22 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Macs Bar', Lansing, MI
  • 2007/12/23 / 12:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert "St Alphonzos Pancake Brunch", 'King Brewing Co', Pontiac, MI, usa
  • 2007/12/23 / 9:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'The Buzz Bar', Detroit, MI, usa




The mugs below were produced by the Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub in preparation of the visit to Zappanale 2008.
These, and other mugs, are available from the CFZFanclub.

2007 12 07
Still no Wazoo in sight, and I ordered my copy on 31/10/2007. One would imagine that even a slow boat could do this faster...
Maybe the Zappa's need a Yurripean distribution center...?
Anyway, please make room for the fabulous "Where's My Waitress" compilation.


  • various artists: where's my waitress (the return of the son of) - a home-taper tribute to frank zappa
        (2007, cdr, usa, private release)
    • In 1994, Russ Stedman compiled a k7 (cassette) entitled "Where' My Waitress, A Home-Taper Tribute To Frank Zappa". The tape presented contributions from well-known home-tapers such as Russ Stedman (of course), Dino Dimuro, Don Campau and the Rudy Schwartz Project, to name but a few.
      In two weeks, on Zappa's birthday, Russ Stedman will be releasing a re-mastered version with eight (!!) bonus tracks.
      I don't have too much info about the participating artists (so if you can add anything, let me know), but it's obvious that they are all familiar with Zappa's music: an excellent choice of songs, and a bunch of very fine coverversions.
    • A must-have !
      Available from Russ Stedman's website!

More info on the home-taping phenomenon:


Sure, you've heard about it, but have you seen the pictures:


-- info: Bob D. & Stephen Chillemi


About a month ago, Project/Object did a concert in Cleveland, Ohio. A video recording of this excellent concert was made available through the Zappateers site.

Andre Cholmondeley * Napoleon Murphy Brock * Eric Svalgard * Eric Slick * Dave Johnson * Josh Oxford

A huge file to download, but very worth your while.

  • 2007/10/17 Project/Object - concert ‘Beachland Ballroom’,Cleveland OH, usa  
    • set one
      • Intro, Big Swifty, Montana, San Ber'dino, Let's Move To Cleveland, Hot Plate Heaven, City Of Tiny Lights, Uncle Remus, Tinseltown Rebellion, T'Mershi Duween, Pound For A Brown, I'm The Slime, Merchandise Banter
    • set two
      • Intro, Andy, Inca Roads, I'm So Cute, Jones Crusher, Blessed Relief, Apostrophe, Watermelon In Easter Hay, Village Of The Sun, Echidna's Arf (Of You), Peaches En Regalia


Zappa's "Buffalo" album got released on bootleg (on vinyl) about half a year ago.

After the black vinyl bootleg, and the blue vinyl bootleg edition, a yellow vinyl edition turned up as well...
In a limited edition of 200 copies.

ZAP 7777

  • frank zappa: zap7777
        (2007, vinyl picture disc-bootleg, ??, zap 7777)
    • I mentioned this bootleg picture disc a couple of months ago. It got released in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies.
      More recently, a couple of unnumbered copies showed up as well...

2007 12 06
OK, so the "Waitress" CD has to wait until tomorrow. It's just too good to get out of my CD-player.
Instead, here's a picture of a new bootleg DVD (another registration of the 1988 Barcelona gig), and a DVD that every Zappa fan should have: the Bozzio / Wackerman "Solos & Duets" DVD.


  • frank zappa: zappa in barcelona
        (2007, dvd-bootleg, mp 42088)
    • Here's another bootleg release of the 1988 Barcelona show.
      Rather recent.
      Nothing new.


  • terry bozzio - chad wackerman: solos & duets
        (2004, 2dvd, usa, dw dvd pr04duetsdvd)
    • Originally released in 2001 "Solos & Duets" got released on DVD in 2004. A hell of a performance, including Zappa's 'Black Page #1", played as a duet!!
      The same DVD also includes "Bozzio - Live In Concert". Good God, this is so good...

2007 12 05
Somehow, I'm getting the impression that it's December. And it's not just the cold weather. It's the beautiful albums that are coming out.
Only yesterday, I talked about the latest Phish release, today it's the impressive Tam Nà Valinn album, and tomorrow it'll be "(The Return Of The Son Of) Where's My Waitress, a home-taper tribute to Frank Zappa"...
It almost makes me forget that I still haven't received "Wazoo".


2007 12 01


2007 has been a busy year, so I have several announcements to make. First, thank you all for your continued support. Generous donations and sales of Monster Road DVDs have greatly helped fund the completion of my new documentary ROCATERRANIA. In other news...


In the next few months, Bright Eye Pictures will release Bruce Bickford's PROMETHEUS' GARDEN, the first film over which Bickford maintained 100% artistic control. PROMETHEUS' GARDEN is a 28-minute stop-motion film utilizing clay puppets and sets, cutouts, replacement series, aluminum foil, "strato-cut" slices, molten wax, and other techniques. The film is (very) loosely based on the Greek myth of Prometheus - an immortal who (in some versions of the story) created the first mortals out of clay. He also stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the people. Zeus exacted revenge by ordering Prometheus chained to a mountain where an eagle ate Prometheus' liver. Since he was immortal, Prometheus' liver grew back after each daily visit by the eagle, forcing Prometheus' to face horrific pain for eternity. Bickford's incorporation of this myth into his animated film includes appearances by Vikings, cowboys, Vietnam War era mercenaries, imps, elves, fairies, and countless other historical and mythological creatures.

PROMETHEUS' GARDEN, like most of Bickford's later films, is an unscripted stream of consciousness animated over the course of years. Bickford began work on PROMETHEUS immediately after the release of Frank Zappa's film BABY SNAKES in 1980; BABY SNAKES featured a sampling of Bickford animation edited and scored by Zappa. The only other extant films featuring Bickford's stunningly original animation - THE DUB ROOM SPECIAL and THE AMAZING MR. BICKFORD - were also edited, scored, and released by Zappa. PROMETHEUS' GARDEN was completed by Bickford in 1988 as a 16mm print with optical track, but never properly released.

I recently recorded Bickford's (characteristically dry-witted) commentary tracks for the upcoming DVD and began production on "extra" elements - including the documentary featurette, LUCK OF A FOGHORN. Stephen van Vuuren of SV2 Studios is authoring the DVD. I hope to have the DVD ready for sale on the Bright Eye Pictures site (along with MONSTER ROAD, the documentary feature I made about Bickford) no later than February 1, 2008. Bickford has several films that have hovered near completion for years. Hopefully, the release of PROMETHEUS' GARDEN will spark a chain reaction so that Bickford's recent work can find the audience it deserves. Please spread the word!

LUCK OF A FOGHORN (documentary featurette) release:

I am currently editing a 30-minute documentary "featurette" that will be included on the upcoming exclusive Bright Eye Pictures DVD release of Bruce Bickford's PROMETHEUS' GARDEN. This new half hour documentary will take viewers behind the scenes and into the mind of Bickford, creator of PROMETHEUS' GARDEN. I shot miles of film while making MONSTER ROAD and most of this footage has never seen the light of day. LUCK OF A FOGHORN will unearth these images along with footage from the making of PROMETHEUS. Carrboro, NC musician Laird Dixon (from Shark Quest) has created an original score for LUCK OF A FOGHORN and it is hauntingly beautiful. The title of the featurette originates from a surreal day dream Bickford had while hovering near death with pneumonia in hospital. In addition to releasing this featurette on DVD, I am also planning a festival, museum, and gallery tour of exhibitions. Please let me know if there is a festival, museum, university, gallery, art cinema, or other venue in your locale that might be interested in screening this half-hour documentary.

ROCATERRANIA Production Status (trailer now online!):

I'm also currently editing a new documentary feature, ROCATERRANIA, a portrait of scientific illustrator and visionary artist Renaldo Kuhler. When he was a teenager, Renaldo Kuhler's family moved from just outside New York City to a remote cattle ranch in Colorado. The sudden vacuum of social stimuli caused young Renaldo to retreat into his diaries and notebooks where he invented an imaginary country called Rocaterrania. What began as an escape from an isolated existence became a lifelong obsession. Hundreds of illustrations created over half a century tell the history of Rocaterrania, the sublimated life story of Renaldo Kuhler. ROCATERRANIA will chronicle Kuhler's journey, revealing a secret and stunningly beautiful body of art work to the world. I hope to have the film completed by March, 2008, for submission to festivals. I am also planning to pursue the creation of a book version of ROCATERRANIA in the next couple of years.

The soundtrack for ROCATERRANIA is being composed and performed by SHARK QUEST, the North Carolina based instrumental band that scored MONSTER ROAD. Sara Bell, Laird Dixon, Chris Eubank, Chuck Johnson, and Groves Willer (joined by violinist Gabriel Pelli and many other talented musicians) are creating an otherworldly score for a film about an otherworldly man. Shark Quest's score is integral to the film and I am forever grateful for their collaboration. A big thanks to all of the talented musicians who have contributed to the score. Another big thanks to the Southern Documentary Fund for their sponsorship and to the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation for their recent generous grant to the ROCATERRANIA project, funding the completion of the soundtrack.

The production of ROCATERRANIA has been made possible by a Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, a services grant from Alpha Cine Labs in Seattle, additional support from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, private support from Patrick and Suzanne Helmick, a project grant from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, as well as DVD sales of MONSTER ROAD. I began filming Renaldo Kuhler almost ten years ago (February, 1998), so this project has been a long time in the making. Thank you, Dorothy, for unconditionally supporting my obsession to tell this story.

A preliminary trailer for ROCATERRANIA is now available online:


Creating a new web site for each film I make is becoming cumbersome, confusing, and expensive. So, with the help of Stephen and Marie van Vuuren (of SV2 Studios), I will be launching a new web site in early 2008:

The new site will include a DVD store (with MONSTER ROAD and PROMETHEUS' GARDEN, etc.) as well as information on past, current, and future projects from BRIGHT EYE PICTURES.

That's about it. Thanks again for your support. I wish you all a peaceful and joyful winter of holidays.

Best always,

Brett Ingram



Hello Residents Friend:

Just a reminder to those in California, or nearby: This Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the Residents Video Retrospective at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. 7:30 each night, tickets are cheap, and members of the Cryptic Corp will be speaking each night about the different programs. Should be fun, and we'll be there too hawking various items that fit into one of those plastic moving boxes. So stop by and say "I do believe in sanity", and then try to keep walking...(kidding, kidding!)

Also, for those looking to start, continue or finish their holiday shopping, if there are little ones in your lives, please consider these options, as they are other stores we operate. has just relaunched with many new designs for not only the infant, but also the toddler (everything from 3months up to 6 years).
Funny phrases (I have a wedgie, Mommy needs Wine, Daddy Needs Coffee etc) and a new line of sea creature drawings bound to spark a young imagination. Anyhow, that's over at

and Hank Hooper, kids music that adults won't hate or be embarrassed by, has a new book/cd. It's called Hank Hooper is PLAYGROUND FORTUNE TELLER, and it's a 16 page full color book, with a full length 17 song disc. The disc has musical guests such as doseone (subtle, themselves, anticon), nils frykdahl (sleepytime gorilla museum, faun fables) and dawn mccarthy (faun fables, also sang with bonnie prince billy and others). There are also new Hank Hooper ROBOT MAN tees for the kids. Hank has been providing free podcasts, minimovies and more, and this is his first release. There is a small amount of these available immediately for the holidays (more will be made, but maybe not in time for the holiday shipment.) At the Hank Hooper site there is a video preview of the book, and you can hear a bit of the music. We certainly hope that the little ones in your lives enjoy these tunes (appropriate for 1 year thru 10 years). Available at

Thanks, and we hope to see you at the screenings (if you can't make it, tell yer friends and family to stop by if they're local), or online.

the Ralph Gang  -



  • tam nà valinn: vestibule
        (2007, cd, bel, homrecords)
    • Tam Nà Vulinn are from Bretagne, France. They bring acoustic world music with a lot of traditional Celtic and Irish influences, but with a jazzy touch.
      I like it a lot. Great violin playing by Baptiste Argouarc'h, who also wrote most of the pieces on this album.
      The surprise, however, can be heard during the last 5 seconds of the second track "Happy Wet Nuddles", where the band plays the ending of Frank Zappa's 'Zomby Woof".
      My favourite track, however, is Tam Nà Vulinn's rendition of Marcus Miller's 'Tutu'. Excellent.


-- info: Zjakki Willems


  • zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.12
        (2007, cd-bootleg, ??, fakedisc)
    • This is the famous 1974/11/15 concert in Buffalo, NY. A soundboard source, and with Tom Fowler, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock and George Duke in the band, you can't expect anything less than a great show.
      A longer (81-minute) recording of this show circulates. "Volume 12" doesn't bring you the encores.


The Adrian Belew Trio has an album scheduled for release, entitled "Side Four (Live)".
So there's on time to waste. Here's a bit more data for the Adrian Belew discography:


Last year, a couple of Beefheart albums got re-released on EMI / Virgin. You can the covers of the promotional CDRs that got distributed below.

2007 12 04
There's more to be added, but that'll be something for tomorrow. New bootleg CDs, another bootleg DVD, a belgian band that recorded a snippet of Zappa's 'Zomby Woof', the Beefheart promo CDs from last year, ...
For now, let's focus on the latest Phish album.
(thanks to Danny Mathys for pointing this one out to me !!)


  • phish: vegas 96
        (2007, 3cd, usa, jemp records)
    • Finally, Phish has released a live album that includes their version of Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'. Recorded live in Las Vegas, December 1996, this sure is one dynamite show.
      An excellent dynamite show.

2007 12 03
With an actual newsflash: tomorrow on dutch radio 6, a Frank Zappa special !!
Co de Kloet does it again...

and there's a picture of a new book on Zappa. Well, not really a new book as it's a translation of a book from 2004, but still, it's new...


frank zappa

by barry miles
    (2007, book, italy, feltrinelli)

- Barry Miles' book from 2004, entitled "Frank Zappa" has been published in Italy.


2007 12 02
quite a busy weekend over here at the UM headquarters.
i bought a new pc table, which means that i had to get the old desk out, puzzle the new one into one piece, and move the whole lot.
anyway, i did treat myself to a new screen as well, so things are looking rather new and flashy...
in the meantime, it looks like the show that ZpZ played in Antwerp a couple of months ago is finally up on Dime. Grab it, but make sure that you buy their DVD first  :-)
(support the artists)


leftovers from the last couple of months


2007 11 21

November Update

The show on December 6 at Tonys Sports Bar in Sandy Springs, GA has been cancelled and waiting on a date to reschedule...

We would like to welcome our newest team-mate;
Jim Kirkland - stunt violinist - Atlanta, GA

Layla Hall... 11/24/07 =  2 years with URR...
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Good job and thank you!!!

FZ Birthday Tour with Ike Willis

  • 2007/12/20 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis
     - concert 'Jackie O's', Athens, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis
     - concert "FZ Birthday Party 'The Winchester', Cleveland, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/22 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis
     - concert 'Macs Bar', Lansing, MI
  • 2007/12/23 / 12:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis
     - concert "St Alphonzos Pancake Brunch", 'King Brewing Co', Pontiac, MI, usa
  • 2007/12/23 / 9:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis
     - concert 'The Buzz Bar', Detroit, MI, usa

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



highlights from the Zappanale newsletter:

Zappanale #19
15.08.- 17.08. 2008
Bad Doberan/Ostsee

The date for Zappanale 19 has been set.

Confirmed artists:

  • Denny Walley
  • The BOGUS POMP Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra

As usual, the event will kick off with a special event on 2008/08/14 in downtown Bad Doberan, AND,
a special concert is being prepared on 2008/08/13 in Hamburg.


Tickets are 84 euro for the three-day festival.
Buy your ticket before January 01 and get a 10 euro discount !
Buy 10 tickets and get one for free.



Big Electric Chat 
The Adrian Belew Newsletter 
  November 18, 2007

In this edition:







Adrian Belew, Julie Slick, & Eric Slick will be hitting the road once again in early 2008.

For links to venues, please visit and click on the NewsBelew link.



In its latest newsletter, The Zappa Family Trusts says that the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD is now available both on tour and through Barko-Swill.

... the Zappa Plays Zappa tour is going to Japan!!



2007 11 15


the only FZ alumni on the planet consistently performing the music of the maestro
80 plus concerts so far, 

featuring former members of the mothers of invention

  • Don Preston
    (with FZ  1966 - 1974) - piano, keyboard  synthesizers, electronics, vocals

  • Roy Estrada  
    (with FZ  1964 - 1984) - bass, pachuco falsettos and operatic madness, (gas mask)

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock
    (with FZ  1972 - 1984) - lead vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, suavenicity, dancing(!)

  • Miroslav Tadic - electric guitar

  • Christopher Garcia  - drumset, percussion, marimba, vocals


Safari Sam¹s
5214 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA, 90027

U.K. Tour MARCH 2008


festival tour
days and dates forthcoming



released october 31, 2007

grand wazoo / hot rats / m.o.i. 20 piece band

music composed, arranged & conducted by frank zappa

disc one

  1. intro intros
  2. the grand wazoo (think it over)
  3. approximate
  4. big swifty

disc two

  1. "ulterior motive"
  2. the adventures of greggery peccary
  3.   movement I
  4.   movement II
  5.   movement III
  6.   movement IV - the new brown clouds
  7. penis dimension
  8. variant I - processional march


and now, the newsflash from a little while ago, but this time with the extra bonus flyer...

Zappa(teers) festival in Holland!!!

Following on from the success of the Zappateer weekend in England earlier this year,
the Zappateers are following up with the third Zappateer weekend for of the 14th and 15th March 2008, in a tranquil forest location near the historic Dutch city of Nijmegen close to the German border.

Promising to be bigger and even better than last time, Audrey one of the festival organisers said;
Everyone had such a great time at Bradford we just couldn't resist doing another one. This time we're holding it in mainland Europe to make it as accessible as possible for Zappateers and Zappa fans from all over Europe to attend. We've even managed to select a venue which includes accommodation so people don't have the expense or struggle to find accommodation themselves and which also means the partying can continue all weekend”.

Audrey was even more excited when talking about the line-up for the weekend.
We're really excited about this year's acts, we've so far confirmed 5 great bands, have another amazing band in the process of confirming and have possibly 2 or even 3 more bands in the pipeline, I really think people are going to be in for a dynamite show”.

The bands confirmed so far are:

    Wrong Object,
    those accomplished purveyors of psychedelic jazz with modern rock sensibilities and downright great musicians are a real coup for the festival and promise to be a real highlight of the weekend.

    Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo,
    Known as the Dutch masters, veterans of Zappanale, and all round great guys, Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo are doing their best to keep the music of Zappa alive by lovingly recreating his fabulous work live. Do not miss.

    The Foolz,
    veterans of the Zappa scene and great friends of the Zappateers always entertain whenever they're let loose on their instruments and on their native soil will excel themselves.

    Monty and the Butchers,
    those young English dudes fresh from their fabulous début performance at Zappanale and their brilliant show at Bradford on Avon offer a high octane mix of Zappa and their own funky compositions.

    a Dutch band will Freak everyone out with some early Zappa complete with zany and crazy stage antics reminiscent of Zappa's Garrick theatre days.
As for the previous Zappateer Festivals, a small scale intimate weekend is the aim, meaning tickets will be limited to a maximum of 150, which if the success of the Bradford on Avon weekend is repeated are expected to sell quickly.
The tickets are priced at 80 EUR which includes indoor festival accommodation meaning you can leave your tents at home, just bring a sleeping bag, pillow case, sheet and dancing shoes.



L'Ensemble de Basse-Normandie is an 18-piece, professional orchestra: 12 string instruments, 5 wind instruments and 1 piano. The orchestra is conducted by Jean Luc Rimey-Meille.

January 2008, the ensemble will do a tour entitled "The Big Note - Frank Zappa Alchimiste". For these concerts, a number of extra instruments will be added: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, trumpet and a trombone.

The pieces to be performed include:

  • Watermelon In Easter Hay

  • Regyptian Strut

  • Little Umbrellas

  • Project X

  • Inca Roads

  • Duke Of Prunes


  • Echidna's Arf (off You)

  • Don't You Ever Wash That Thing

  • Peaches En Regalia

  • Sinister Footwear

  • Opus 1 N°4, premier mouvement (minuetto) de Francesco Zappa


  • Music:  Frank Zappa / arr. Jean Luc Rimey-Meille

  • Libretto: Pacôme Thiellement 

  • Actors: Marco Bataille-Testu, Marie Lemoine

  • Costumes: Fanny Mandonnet

the orchestra:

  • ....

the added musicians:

  • Jean Marc Simon: guitar

  • Pascal Berne: bass

  • Attilio Terlizzi: drums

  • Fred Escoffier: keyboards

  • Sébastien Bonniau: percussion

  • ??: trumpet
    ??: trombone



-- info: cosmikd / zappateers



Now here's what I call an impressive project:

Andrew Greenaway, aka The Idiot Bastard, has teamed up with Cordelia Records to bring you what might become a very fine selection of songs.

Read all about it on Andrew's essential site:

Contributing artists include

  • Andre Cholmondeley

  • Die Beistelltische

  • Doot!

  • Ensemble Ambrosius

  • Evil Dick & The Banned Members

  • Frazknapp

  • Freedom In Hats

  • John Tabacco

  • Lex Kemper

  • Monty & The Butchers

  • Nigey Lennon

  • Pojama People

  • Project/Object

  • Roddie Gilliard

  • The Thurston Lava Tube

  • The Vegetarians

  • Todd Grubbs

  • The Whip It Out Ensemble

  • The Wrong Object



the concert calendar * the concert calendar


  • 2007/10/04 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Messehalle', Erfurt, Germany

  • 2007/10/04 Steve Vai - concert 'Berklee Performance Center ',Boston, MA, usa  

  • 2007/10/04 Struber Jazztett - concert ‘Babylon’, Berlin, Germany

  • 2007/10/05 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Grand Rex', Paris, France

  • 2007/10/05 Steve Vai - concert 'Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel ',Providence, RI, usa

  • 2007/10/06 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Elisabeth Hall', Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2007/10/06 Steve Vai - concert 'North Fork Theatre at Westbury ',Westbury, NY, usa

  • 2007/10/08 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'The Music House', Arhus, Denmark

  • 2007/10/09 Zappa plays Zappa - concert -Venue To Be Announced-, Stavanger, Norway  

  • 2007/10/09 Struber Jazztett - concert ‘Nancy Jazz Pulsations’, Nancy, Lorraine, France

  • 2007/10/10 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Peer Gynt', Bergen, Norway  

  • 2007/10/10 Project/Object - concert 'Webster Theatre ', Hartford, CT, usa

  • 2007/10/11 Project/Object - concert 'Revolution Hall ', Albany, NY, usa

  • 2007/10/12 Project/Object - concert 'Lion's Den ', NYC, NY, usa

  • 2007/10/12 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Sentrum Scene', Oslo, Norway  

  • 2007/10/13 Project/Object - concert ‘Asbury Lanes’,Asbury Pk NJ, usa

  • 2007/10/13 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Olympen', Lund, Sweden  

  • 2007/10/13 Mike Keneally - concert "Budapest Autumn Festival", Budapest, Hungary

  • 2007/10/13 Jack and Jim - concert 'Outpost', Albuquerque, New Mexico, usa

  • 2007/10/14 Project/Object - concert 'World Café Live ', Phila, PA, usa

  • 2007/10/14 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Cirkus', Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2007/10/14 Jack and Jim - concert 'Cedar Cultural Center', Minneapolis, usa

  • 2007/10/15 Project/Object - concert ‘Chameleon Club’,Lancaster PA, usa
  • 2007/10/16 Project/Object - concert ‘Jazz Cafe’,Wilkes Barre PA, usa
  • 2007/10/17 Project/Object - concert 'Beachland Ballroom ', Cleveland, OH, usa

  • 2007/10/17 Jack and Jim - concert 'Davey's Uptown', Kansas City, usa

  • 2007/10/18 Project/Object - concert 'Magic Bag ', Detroit, MI, usa

  • 2007/10/18 Jack and Jim - concert 'The Picador', Iowa City, usa

  • 2007/10/19 Project/Object - concert 'Martyr's ', Chicago, IL, usa

  • 2007/10/19 Jack and Jim - concert 'Oleavers', Omaha, usa

  • 2007/10/20 Project/Object - concert 'Martyr's ', Chicago, IL, usa

  • 2007/10/20 Mike Keneally- concert "IB Expo '07", Halmstad, Sweden

  • 2007/10/22 Project/Object - concert 'Shank Hall ', Milwaukee, WI, usa

  • 2007/10/23 Project/Object - concert 'Majestic Theatre ', Madison, WI, usa

  • 2007/10/24 Project/Object - concert 'Poison Room ', Cincinnati, OH, usa

  • 2007/10/25 Robin Verheyen, Alex Maguire & The Wrong Object - concert 'l'An Vert', Liège, Belgium - 20.00 h

  • 2007/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert '??', Mechelen, Belgium (private afternoon gig)

  • 2007/10/27 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween 12", Janus Landing

  • 2007/10/27 The Muffin Men - concert ' franzis', wetzlar, germany

  • 2007/10/27 Robin Verheyen, Alex Maguire & The Wrong Object - concert 'De Singer', Rijkevorsel, Belgium

  • 2007/10/27 Corrie van Binsbergen - concert 'Zaal 100", Amsterdam, NL

  • 2007/10/28 The Muffin Men - concert ' kantine', köln, germany

  • 2007/10/30 The Muffin Men - concert ' objekt5', halle, germany

  • 2007/10/31 The Muffin Men - concert ' quasimodo', berlin, germany

  • 2007/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Café Hahn', Koblenz, Germany -  “Halloweenparty” with a lot of special guests and a special program !!!

  • 2007/10/31 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Beacon Theatre’,New York, NY, usa


  • 2007/11/01 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Chevy Theatre’,Wallingford, CT, usa

  • 2007/11/01 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Dark Horse Tavern', Atlanta, GA, usa

  • 2007/11/01 The Muffin Men - concert 'gewerkschaftshaus', erfurt, germany

  • 2007/11/02 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Broadway Theatre @ UPAC’,Kingston, NY, usa

  • 2007/11/02 The Muffin Men - concert ' colos-saal', aschaffenburg, germany

  • 2007/11/03 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘House of Blues’,Atlantic City, NJ, usa

  • 2007/11/03 The Muffin Men - concert ' stairway ', wallmenroth, germany (special double concert with sheik yerbouti)

  • 2007/11/03 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Jackie O's', Athens, OH, usa

  • 2007/11/04 Aigui / Bonnen - concert "Leverkusener Jazztage", Leverkusen, Germany
  • 2007/11/04 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Providence Performing Arts Center’,Providence, RI, usa  

  • 2007/11/05 Steve Vai - concert ‘Freegellsmusic', Belo Horizonte, Brazil  

  • 2007/11/06 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Town Ballroom’,Buffalo, NY, usa  

  • 2007/11/06 Steve Vai - concert ‘Bourbon Street’, Sao Paulo, Brazil  

  • 2007/11/06 Aigui / Bonnen - concert 'Objekt 5', Halle/Saale, Germany

  • 2007/11/07 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Warner Theatre’,Washington, DC, usa  

  • 2007/11/07 Steve Vai - concert ‘Hellooch’, Curitiba, Brazil

  • 2007/11/07 Aigui / Bonnen - concert 'Scala Lichtspieltheater', Leverkusen, Germany

  • 2007/11/08 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Toads Place’,Richmond, VA, usa  

  • 2007/11/08 Soul Cryptographers - concert 'Kehler Liddell Gallery', New Haven, CT, usa

  • 2007/11/09 Steve Vai - concert ‘Polideportivo Sausalito’, Viña del Mar, Chile

  • 2007/11/09 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Bar', corvallis, OR, usa

  • 2007/11/10 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Ameristar Casino’,Kansas City, MO, usa  

  • 2007/11/10 Steve Vai - concert ‘Court Central (outdoor)’, Santiago, Chile

  • 2007/11/12 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Verizon Wireless Theatre’,Houston, TX, usa  

  • 2007/11/12 Steve Vai - concert ‘Gran Rex Theatre’, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2007/11/13 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Hogg Auditorium’,Austin, TX, usa  

  • 2007/11/13 Steve Vai - concert ‘Gran Rex Theatre’, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2007/11/14 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Palladium’,Dallas, TX, usa 

  • 2007/11/14 Struber Jazztett - concert ‘le Théâtre’, Auxerre, France  

  • 2007/11/16 Markus Stauss - concert 'L'An Vert', Liège, Belgium (8.15pm)

  • 2007/11/16 Ugly Radio Rebellion – concert ‘The Last Great Watering Hole’, Tucker, GA, usa

  • 2007/11/16 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Fillmore’,Denver, CO, usa

  • 2007/11/17 Markus Stauss - concert 'De Plusetage', Baarle Nassau, NL

  • 2007/11/17 Ensemble Modern - concert "Nuit Contemporaine", 'l'Arsenal', Metz, France
  • 2007/11/18 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Roseland’,Portland, OR, usa

  • 2007/11/19 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Paramount’,Seattle, WA, usa

  • 2007/11/20 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Orpheum’,Vancouver, BC, usa 

  • 2007/11/20 Struber Jazztett - concert ‘Espace Athic’, Obernai, France  

  • 2007/11/22 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Southern Jubilee Auditorium’,Calgary, AB, usa  

  • 2007/11/22 Alan Holdsworth - concert ‘Guitar Festival‘,Wirral,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman  

  • 2007/11/22 Rainer Tankred Pappon Trio - concert 'Museu Da Imagem E Do Som', São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2007/11/23 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Northern Jubilee Auditorium’,Edmonton, AB, usa  

  • 2007/11/24 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Brewery Arts Center‘,Kendall,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman  

  • 2007/11/25 Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band - concert 'Cozmic Pizza', Eugene, OR, usa

  • 2007/11/25 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Arts Centre‘,Swindon,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/11/26 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Jazz Caffe‘,London,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/11/27 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Lyric Theatre’,Brisbane, Australia  

  • 2007/11/28 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘The Stables‘,Milton Keynes,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/11/29 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Hamer Hall’,Melbourne, Australia

  • 2007/11/29 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Academy‘,Manchester,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/11/30 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Hamer Hall’,Melbourne, Australia

  • 2007/11/30 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘The Cluny‘,Newcastle,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman


  • 2007/12/01 Het Wisselend Toonkwintet (Corrie van Binsbergen) - concert 'Cultuurcentrum', Hasselt, Belgium

  • 2007/12/01 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Rios‘,Leeds,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/12/01 Frogg Café - concert "The Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase', Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore, MD, usa

  • 2007/12/02 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Thebarton Theatre’,Adelaide, Australia

  • 2007/12/02 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘The Brook‘,Southampton,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/12/03 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Enmore Theatre’,Sydney, Australia

  • 2007/12/03 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Queens Hall‘,Nuneaton,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman  

  • 2007/12/04 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Enmore Theatre’,Sydney, Australia

  • 2007/12/04 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Metropole‘,Abertillary,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2007/12/05 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘Robin 2‘,Wolverhampton,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman  

  • 2007/12/05 Fattore Zeta - concert 'Centro Sociale Askatasuma', Torino, TO, Italy

  • 2007/12/06 Alan Holdsworth- concert ‘The Acorn‘,Penzance,UK  /  feat. Chad Wackerman
  • 2007/12/06 Ugly Radio Rebellion – concert ‘Tonys Sports Bar’, Sandy Springs, GA, usa  -cancelled
  • 2007/12/15 Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band - concert 'The Beanery', Eugene, OR, usa
  • 2007/12/15 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theatre', Ocala, FL, usa
  • 2007/12/20 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Jackie O's', Athens, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert "FZ Birthday Party 'The Winchester', Cleveland, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Cellars', Corvallis, OR, usa
  • 2007/12/21 Sul Divano - concert 'Foro Gandhi', capital federal, argentina
  • 2007/12/21 Central Scrutinizer Band - concert 'Teatro Paulo Eiró', , são paulo, brasil
  • 2007/12/22 / 10.00 am Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Dantes', Valley View, OH, usa
  • 2007/12/22 Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'Macs Bar', Lansing, MI
  • 2007/12/23 / 12:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert "St Alphonzos Pancake Brunch", 'King Brewing Co', Pontiac, MI, usa
  • 2007/12/23 / 9:30pm  Ugly Radio Rebellion, feat.Ike Willis - concert 'The Buzz Bar', Detroit, MI, usa







  • 2008/08/13 concert "Zappanale", Hamburg, Germany

  • 2008/08/14 concert "Zappanale", downtown Bad Doberan, Germany

  • 2008/08/15 - 2008/08/17 concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan Germany

    • Denny Walley

    • The BOGUS POMP Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra