jay phlitman

Jay Phlitman is the musical alter ego of Jean-Marie Mievis.

Together with Kim Kangaroo (Kim Duchateau) he is Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo, later renamed Intige Taluure.

The obscure picture on the right shows Kim Kangaroo and Jay Phlitman at the attick.


  jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: there's land under the snow
    (1989, k7, bel, lama tapes 002)

  jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: philip eats donuts in the jungle ep
    (1997, 7"ep, bel, lama recordings 002)

  phlitman & kangaroo: the x-mas with hugo ep
    (1998, cdr, bel, lama recordings 003)

  jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: sapori
    (2000, cdr, bel, lama recordings 006)

  the lama home band: deux ma sacoche
    (2001, cdr, bel, lama recordings 007)

  phlitman & kangaroo: dancin man ep
    (2001, cdr, bel, lama recordings 008)

  phlitman & kangaroo: elbow me gently
    (2001, cdr, bel, lama recordings 008 1/2)

  jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: jazzmasters
    (2005, cdr, bel, lama recordings 014)

  jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: say yes to live!
    (2007, cdr, bel, kaspar hauser records khr011)

  various artists: adaptations from the moon
    (2007, cd, ger, private release) - feat. phlitman & kangaroo

adaptationsfromthemoon.jpg (22704 bytes)


jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: on the tip of our tongues, on the top of our lungs
    (2008, 2cdr, bel, lama recordings 020) - anthology 1985-2006


jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: velvet coma hotel
    (2011, lp, belgium, bananafishin' records 001)

phlit_kang_velvetcomahotel.jpg (39881 bytes)

  jay phlitman & kim kang: candy queen speedway
    (2012, 10"ep, belgium, bananafishin' records 002) - happy attictunre mentions frank zappa in the lyrics

phlitman_kang_10inch.jpg (43904 bytes)

  jay phlitman & kim kang: monsters
    (2014, lp, belgium, bananafishin' records 004) - mentions frank zappa and captain beefheart in the lyrics

phlitman_kang_monsters143.jpg (15632 bytes)

  the lama home band: the end of the intellect
    (2015, lp, bel, bananafishin' records 006) - feat. jay phlitman
lamahomeband_endofintellect.jpg (40565 bytes)
  rudy trouvé / intige taluure : newtons flat fidelity vol.1
    (2016, k7, bel, bananafishin' records 007) = rudy trouvé, jay phlitman and kim kang
rudytrouve_intigetaluure_vol1_newtonsflatfidelity.jpg (72933 bytes)
  plus instruments / intige taluure : newtons flat fidelity vol.2
    (2017, k7, bel, bananafishin' records 008) = truus de groot, jay phlitman and kim kang
plusinstruments_intigetaluure_vol2_newtonsflatfidelity.jpg (44316 bytes)
  intige taluure: tiger! tiger! steer clear of heaven
    (2018, lp, bel, bananafishing records 009)


Jay Phlitman in the studio, recording a Dwalmacat radio show.



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