various artists

adaptations from the moon
- feat. phlitman & kangaroo

2007 cd ger private release

tuxedomoon tribute album

vompiled and constructed by oliver schupp

  1. john costello: everything you want
  2. phlitman & kangaroo: ninotchka
  3. festspielhaus: in the name of talent (italian western 2)
  4. gosane: where interests lie
  5. cabaret of complexity: blind
  6. john costello: egypt
  7. another: what use?
  8. !!*: in the name of terror (iraqi western 2)
  9. cult with no name: some guise
  10. gosane: everything you want / the stranger
  11. duke sexton: east
  12. dry monopole: time to lose
  13. mistakemistake: (special treatment for the) fmily man
  14. anonymous: the unknown fan