russ stedman

duct tape shall make you free!
- incl.zappa riff in 'dummy up' & 'black napkins' (frank zappa)

2004 cdr usa private release

russ stedman: guitar, vocals, ...

including the following "official statement of plagiarism & theft":
music created by the following artists was used as inspiration, if not just outright used:
frank zappa, dust, the cure, janet jackson, michael jackson, butthole surfers, the police, black randy & the metro squad, the beatles, and tone loc.

  1. a hiding & finding game
  2. dummy up - incl. zappa riff
  3. some new amendemnets
  4. my people love me
  5. mark russell
  6. skull & bones
  7. there's a tit on television
  8. where'd his other glove go?
  9. smoke some weed
  10. black napkins