russ stedman

In 1994, American underground artist, musician and home taper, Russ Stedman compiled "Where's My Waitress", a Frank Zappa tribute. Around 1995 he formed Ten Center with Michael Myers.


  the michael kenyon seizure: the michael kenyon seizure
    (1993, k7, usa, private release) - samples frank zappa
michaelkenyonseizure_1993.jpg (32129 bytes)
  various artists: where's my waitress - a home-taper tribute to frank zappa
    (1994, k7, usa, private release) incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
wheresmywaitress_k7cover.jpg (47866 bytes)
  russ stedman: orchestral fakes
    (1995, cdr, usa, private release)
russstedman_orchestralfakes.jpg (48497 bytes)
  the michael kenyon seizure: planet of the stars / pink floyd tour book
    (1995, k7, usa, private release)
michaelkenyonseizure_planetofthestars.jpg (31732 bytes)
  ten center: snazzed outta yer drawers
    (1995, k7, usa, private release)
tencenter_snazzed.jpg (48505 bytes)
  ten center: why can't i play it
    (1995, k7, usa, private release) - incl 'go cry on somebody else's shoulder (frank zappa)

tencenter_whycantiplayit.jpg (33882 bytes)

  russ stedman: here's your change
    (2000, cdr, usa, private release / jmrm04)
  russ stedman: run down to the butcher shop and buy me a rose
    (2000, cdr, usa, private release / jmrm05)
  russ stedman: geography amongst others
    (2002, cdr, usa, private release / csr3)
  russ stedman: duct tape shall make you free!
    (2004, cdr, usa, private release) - incl.zappa riff in 'dummy up' & 'black napkins' (frank zappa)
  russ stedman: dumb stupid
    (2006, cdr, usa, private release / bfr04)
  various artists: where's my waitress (the return of the son of) - a home-taper tribute to frank zappa
    (2007, cdr, usa, private release) - incl. various artists covering frank zappa
  russ stedman: alert but without acute distress
    (2010, cdr, usa, stedmusik sm05) - incl. 'penis dimension' (frank zappa)
russ_stedman_alert.jpg (25143 bytes)
  russ stedman: grumpy lazy
    (2016, cd, usa, stedmusic sm15) - incl. 'deodenum' (frank zappa)
russ_grumpylazy.jpg (62397 bytes)
  russ stedman: penalty tracks
    (2016, cd, usa, stedmusic) - incl. 'montana' (frank zappa) / for supporters of the indiegogo campaign for "lumpy gravy"
russ_stedman_penaltytracks.jpg (33179 bytes)
  russ stedman: some stuff that happened a long time ago
    (2017, download, --, bandcamp)
russtedman_somestuff2017.jpg (16015 bytes)
  russ stedman: geometry notes ep
    (2018, download, --, bandcamp)


random notes

RUSS STEDMAN - "BLOATED & PRETENTIOUS" : (FACTSHEET FIVE, #52 ) - I guess I was a bit disappointed with Russ Stedman's last tape but this new one more than makes up for it. 25 songs on this tape. Every one of them is uniquely funny and tunefully executed. We get a great selection of incredibly twisted covers of songs written by Frank Zappa, Ozzy Osbourne, and Wang Chung. I can't decide if I like the covers or the semiautobiographical songs the best. I just love the song written about his biggest fan Earl Peel or the one about his only review in Sound Choice (What, Factsheet Five's not good enough !) Believe me, we're just scratching the surface. 25 songs for five bucks, you just can't go wrong. Russ Stedman is proof that enjoyable, Iistenable music can come out of one-man basement tapes. (R. Seth Friedman)

RUSS STEDMAN "DUCT TAPE SHALL MAKE YOU FREE" : (Jim Santo's Demo Universe) - Where did you go, Russ Stedman? After self-releasing 37 recordings in 14 years, culminating in 1996's The Substandard Experience, the guy vanished for eight years. Then this platter shows up with nary a Post-It note of explanation. Not a word in the two years since, either. Home-tapers sure are weird. Well, let's be grateful for what we have: a wickedly funny, musically adroit skewering of these United States in all its faded glory. Sure, he takes on easy targets like ol' Dubya ("Dummy Up"), but who else would have the balls to declare that perennial PBS denizen Mark Russell "needs to fucking die"? And Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction will never be forgotten, thanks to the side-splitting "There's A Tit On Television" (Brother Michael gets his fair shakedown in "Where'd His Other Glove Go?," a track cleverly built on The Police's "Walking On The Moon" an inspired sample!). "Smoke Some Weed" is another howler, tracing the arc of a bored teenager who ends up as "the oldest person at the stupid Phish concert." Rusted Man wraps it all up with an abbreviated cover of Zappa's "Black Napkins," a tip of the hat to the maestro of satirical virtuosity. Who knows where Stedman is now? At home in Sioux Falls, no doubt. Wish he'd come out to play again. (Jim Santo)



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