various artists

where's my waitress (the return of the son of)
- a home-taper tribute to frank zappa

    - all compositions by frank zappa

2007 cdr usa private release / jovial milkman re-master #10

compiled by russ stedman

part of this collection was originally released as jovial milkman cassette JM025 in 1994:

various artists: where's my waitress - a home-taper tribute to frank zappa
    (1994, k7, usa, private release) – incl. various artists covering frank zappa

all compositions by frank zappa, except 'frank', written by joe newman

  1. the rudy schwartz project: 'frank'  (joe newman)
  2. russ stedman: 'black napkins'
  3. don campau: ‘my guitar wants to kill your mama'
  4. dino dimuro: ‘uncle meat'
  5. russ stedman: ‘you're probably wondering why i'm here’
  6. ken clinger: ‘concentration moon’
  7. l'edarps a moth: 'tinseltown rebellion'
  8. the d-cups: ‘eddie, are you kidding’
  9. dino dimuro: ' genes'
  10. ten center: 'go cry on somebody else's shoulder'
  11. the rudy schwartz project: ‘the black page’
  12. m.o.t.o.: 'jerryroll gumdrop'
  13. kevyn dymond: 'absolutely free'
  14. kevyn dymond: 'the idiot bastard son'
  15. russ stedman: ‘baby snakes'
  16. berth: 'uncle bernie's farm'
  17. l'edarps a moth: 'the evil prince'
  18. ken clinger: ‘concentration planet’
  19. tom furgas: ‘igor's boogie (phase one)’
  20. evan peta & michael c. reeves: ‘in france’
  21. russ stedman: ‘king kong’
  22. k.d. & ed smitz: 'muffin man'
  23. dino dimuro: 'cruising for burgers’
  24. eric hausman: ‘sexual harrasment in the workplace’
  25. l'edarps a moth: 'ms.pinky'
  26. screamin' popeyes: ‘take your clothes off when you dance’
  27. kevyn dymond: 'america drinks and goes home'