willy geets

Flemish comic book artist Willy Geets cannot hide that he's a Frank Zappa addict.  One not only comes across Zappa references in his artwork (signed Wegé), but also in his audio output. A long time ago, Willy Geets was able to transform into Willy Wally, a 'k7-only radio show dj'. More recently, he has also been spotted as a part of musical duo Tegennenoam.

The picture on the right is taken from "De Verchroomde Megafoon Der Voorbestemming" (The Chromeplated Megaphone Of Destiny - For Real), an underground movie that was shot at Galerie Dieperick in Wortel, Belgium on May 14, 2004. It shows Willy Geets as 'art connoisseur' Jan Ped, opening the Wegé exhibition.





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