wegé, real name willy geets, is a flemish comic book artist and illustrator whose work, from time to time, hides some nice zappa references.

in 1988, wegé made an illustration (and an article) for a belgian newspaper about a "zappa revelation" afternoon.(= three hours of non-stop zappa(-related) music that were organised by peter van laarhoven in turnhout.  the poster for these events were drawn by hilère.

very fine references to frank zappa's music can also be found in wegé's greeting cards:





March 2014, Wegé designed the flyer / poster for the Banned From Utopia concert at 'De Singer' in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.
On the right is the picture that he used for the flyer.

The May 2014 issue of Belgian local magazine "De Brug", included a review of the Band From Utopian concert that was held in Rijkevorsel.
The magazine cover featured another Wegé drawing.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of jazz club "De Singer" in Rijkevorsel, BE, Wegé made this illustation for the cover of a local newspaper, 'De Nieuwe Brug'.
It shows various artists and bands that have performed at 'De Singer'. In the upper right corner, a reference to The Banned From Utopia.




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