willy wally

willy wally (real name willy geets) has his own radio show called "radio prostaat".  the bizarre thing about it, is that these shows were never broadcasted on the radio.  they were sent into the world on audio-tape k7 by mail.

being a guitar player, willy wally not only played records during his radio shows.  every now and then, he sang and played guitar.

  willy wally: radio prostaat
    (19??, k7, bel, private release)
  willy wally: radio prostaat / ruben guevara, flo & eddie, willy wally
    (19??, k7, bel, private release) - incl. 'revised sofa for low budget guitar and vegetable' (w.wally) = a collage of zappa music performed by willy wally
  willy wally: bathroom demo
    (19??, k7, bel, private release) - incl. 'the dangerous kitchen' (frank zappa), performed by willy wally


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