bobby jameson

In 1966 Bobby Jameson recorded a 7" on Penthouse Records. The track was arranged by Frank Zappa.

Bobby Jameson recorded a solo album about the same time, called "Color Him In". It got released on Verve.


  bobby jameson: gotta find my roogalator / gotta find my roogalator
    (1966, 7"dj, usa, penthouse) - arranged by frank zappa
  soundtrack: mondo hollywood
    (1967, lp, usa, tower / capital) - soundtrack for the l.a. freak scene documentary

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random notes

Bobby Jameson on "Color Him In", speaking to Marco Kalnenek, december 2007:

The album is called "COLOR HIM IN" on Verve. Frank got Tom Wilson at Verve to pick it up and release it. Tom and Frank produced "Mothers Of Invention" for Verve. It's been re-released as a bootleg cd on Fallout out of England. It's out now.


added info: Produced by Legendary Vocal Arranger Curt Boettcher, this Dreamy Collection of Psychedelic Pop is the Second Album by Famed Hollywood Hipster Bobby Jameson (His First, the Classic "Songs of Protest and Anti Protest, Had Been Credited to Chris Lucey), and Appeared in the Summer of '67.





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