(2006, cdr-promo, ??, emi / virgin cdvr2023)

captain beefheart and the magic band

bluejeans and moonbeams (9)

1974 lp usa virgin records  v2023

    (2006, cdr-promo, ??, emi / virgin cdvr2023)
    (2010, lp, usa, mercury srm 1018lp)

1974 studio recording

    captain beefheart (don van vliet): harmonica, vocals
    dean smith: guitar
    michael smotherman: keyboards
    mark gibbons: keyboards
    jimmy caravan: synthesizer
    ira ingber: bass
    gene pello: drums
    ty grimes: percussion
guests :
    bob west: bass

produced by andy dimartino

  1. party of special things to do   (d.van vliet, e.ingber)

  2. same old blues   (j.j.cale)

  3. observatory crest   (d.van vliet, e.ingber)

  4. pompadour swamp   (d.van vliet)

  5. captain's holiday   (r.feldman, w.richmond, s.hickerson, c.blackwell)

  6. rock 'n' roll's evil doll   (d.van vliet, m.gibbons, i.ingber)

  7. further than we've gone   (d.van vliet)

  8. twist ah luck   (d.van vliet, m.gibbons, i.ingber)

  9. bluejeans and moonbeams   (d.van vliet)