adrian belew

Born: 23-Dec-1949 / Birthplace: Covington, KY

Fall 1977, Adrian Belew joined Frank Zappa's band. He recorded and toured with Zappa until 1978.

After his time with Zappa, Belew joined David Bowie's band. He also played with King Crimson (1981 - 1984), with the Bears (1986) and with various other artists as a session guitarist.

Since 1993, he has been touring and recording with King Crimson again, but he also made a number of solo releases.

February 2006, Adrian Belew toured with the Paul Green School Of Rock kids.

July 2006, the Adrian Belew Trio headlined the 17th edition of the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany.


The picture on the right (at Zappanale in 2006) was taken by Bazbo.

Februari 2011, Adrian Belew performed with the dutch Metropole Orkest, performing his piece 'e', in an arrangement by Tom Trapp. The composition 'e' had been previously recorded by the Adrian Belew power trio. The concert got broadcast on dutch national radio on March 24, 2011. It got re-broadcast on August 16, 2012.

The Adrian Belew Trio live at Zappanale 2006




  david bowie: stage
    (1978, 2lp, usa, emi) - feat.adrian belew
26 frank zappa: sheik yerbouti
   (1979, 2lp, usa, zappa records)

  david bowie: lodger
    (1979, lp, usa, emi) - feat.adrian belew
  talking heads: remain in light
    (1980, lp, ??) - fe
  david bowie: another face
    (1981, lp, ??) -
  ryuichi sakamoto: left handed dream
    (1981, lp, ??)
  david byrne: catherine wheel
    (1981, lp, ??) -
  garland jeffreys: escape artist
    (1981, lp, ??) - f
  king crimson: discipline
(1981, lp, ??) - f
  tom tom club: tom tom club
    (1981, lp, ??)
  jerry harrison: red and the black
    (1981, lp, ??) - f
1 adrian belew: the lone rhino
(1982, lp, usa, island il 9751)

  adrian belew: big electric cat
    (1982, 10", ??, island 10wip 6791)
  joe cocker: sheffield steel
    (1982, lp, ??)  
  king crimson: beat
    (1982, lp, ??)
  robert palmer: maybe it's live
    (1982, lp, ??)
  talking heads: the name of this band is talking heads
    (1982, lp, ??) -


frank zappa: baby snakes
   (1983, lp pict.disc, usa, barking pumpkin)

2 adrian belew: twang bar king
    (1983, lp, usa, island 205635)  

belew_twangbarking.jpg (31760 bytes)

  joan armatrading: the key
(1983, lp, nl, a & m amlx 64912) - feat.adrian belew

  peter wolf: lights out
    (1983, lp, ??)
  king crimson: 3 of a perfect pair
    (1984, ??)
- feat.adrian belew
  jean-michel jarre: zoolook
    (1984, lp, france, disques dryfus)
- feat.adrian belew  //  uses a zappa sample in 'diva'

zoolook_lp.jpg (79015 bytes)

  laurie anderson: mister heartbreak
    (1984, cd, can, warner cd-25077) - feat. adrian belew
  adrian belew: electric guitar (instructional video)
    (1985, vhs, usa, ??)
  elvis brothers: adventure time
    (1985, ??)
- feat.adrian belew
  the bears: trust (m/s)
    (1985, 7"-pro, us, irs 53197) (ps) - feat.adrian belew
3 adrian belew: desire caught by the tail
    (1986, cd, ??, island 7 90551-2)  

  laurie anderson: home of the brave
    (1986, video, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  cyndi lauper: true colors
    (1986, ??) - feat.adrian belew  
  paul simon: graceland
    (1986, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  laurie anderson: home of the brave (soundtrack)
1986, cd, can, warner cd-25400) - feat. adrian belew  
  adrian belew: joan miro's procession through the insides...
(1987, 7”-flexi, usa, guitar player magazine # 30)  march 1987
  the bears: the bears (1)
    (1987, cd, us, irs recs irsd-42011) - feat.adrian belew
  king crimson: compact king crimson
    (1987, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
51 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.1
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)

  the bears: rise and shine  (2)
    (1988, cd, us, irs rcs irsd-42139) - feat.adrian belew
4 adrian belew: head
    (1989, cd, ger, atlantic 781959-2)

  adrian belew: oh daddy / peaceable kingdon
    (1989, cd5", ??, ??)
54 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.3
   (1989, 2cd, usa, ryko)
  mike oldfield: one glance is holy
    (1989, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  david bowie: sound + vision
    (1989, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  mike oldfield: earth moving
    (1989, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  various artists: christmas guitars
    (1989, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
5 adrian belew: young lions
    (1990, cd, usa, atlantic a2 82099-2)

  adrian belew: not alone anymore
    (1990, cd5"-pro, usa, atlantic prcd 3418-2)

  adrian belew: pretty pink rose
    (1990, cd5", usa, atlantic a7904cd 7567-86173-2)  

  adrian belew: pretty pink rose - extended play
    (1990, ??, ??, ??)
  paul simon: rhythm of the saints
    (1990, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
6 adrian belew: desire of the rhino king
    (1991, cd, usa, polygram 314-510 518-2)  = remix compilation of first 3 albums+ guitar player mag flexi

  king crimson: essential king crimson
    (1991, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  king crimson: abbreviated king crimson
    (1991, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
7 adrian belew: inner revolution
    (1992, cd, usa, atlantic 82370-2)

  adrian belew: standing in the shadow
    (1992, cd5"-pro, usa, atlantic prcd4430-2)

59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)
  zimbabwe legit: zimbabwe legit
   (1992, ??) - feat.adrian belew  
  caifanes: el silencio
    (1992, cd, usa, rca 3381-2-rl) - produced by adrian belew
8 adrian belew: the acoustic adrian belew
    (1993, cd, usa, adrian belew presents abp cd93001-1)

  various artists: guitar tribute to the beatles - come together
    (1993, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  paul simon: 1964:1993
    (1993, ??)
- feat.adrian belew
  crash test dummies: god shuffled his feet
    (1993, cd, ger, bmg ariola) - feat. adrian belew
  adrian belew: never enough
    (1994, cd-promo, usa, caroline records pro cd 12) = unreleased version of album tracks
9 adrian belew: here
    (1994, cd, nl, caroline records carcd 26)  

  adrian belew: i see you
    (1994, ??, ??, ??)
  adrian belew: peace on earth
    (1994, ??, ??, ??)
  nine inch nails: downward spiral
    (1994, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  sara hickman: necessary angels
    (1994, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  ryuichi sakamoto: soundbytes
    (1994, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  raisins: raisins
    (1994, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  king crimson : vrooom
    (1994, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
10 adrian belew: the experimental guitar series vol.1: the guitar as orchestra
    (1995, cd, usa, adrian belew presents abp 7522-2)  

  king crimson : b'boom : official bootleg : live in argentina
    (1995, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  king crimson: thrak
    (1995, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  jars of clay: jars of clay
    (1995, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  king crimson: dinosaur
    (1995, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  bentmen: patient zero
    (1996, cd, usa, private release) - feat.adrian belew


frank zappa: frank zappa plays the music of frank zappa
   (1996, cd, usa, barking pumpkin)

  various artists: twang! - a tribute to hank marvin
    (1996, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  king crimson: thrakattak
    (1996, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  seltzer: seltzer
    (1996, ??)
- feat.adrian belew
  various artists: sometimes god hides - the young person's guide to discipline
    (1996, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  various artists: come and get it - a tribute to badfinger
    (1996, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
11 adrian belew: op zop too wah
    (1997, cd, ua, passenger)


frank zappa: have i offended someone?
   (1997, cd, usa, ryko)

  caifanes: historia
    (1997, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  cyndi lauper: she's so unusual/true colors/hat fu
    (1997, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
12 adrian belew: belewprints – the acoustic adrian belew volume two
    (1998, cd, usa, adrian belew presents abp 04198)  

  hard rain: hard rain
    (1998, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  projekct two : space groove
    (1998, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  various artists: sometimes god smiles: the young person's guide to discipline volume II
    (1998, ??)
- feat.adrian belew
13 adrian belew: coming attractions
    (1999, cd, usa, thirsty ear)

14 adrian belew: salad days
    (1999, cd, usa, thirsty ear recordings )

belew_saladdays.jpg (37067 bytes)

  projekct two: live groove
    (1999, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  king crimson: projeckt x - heaven and earth  (33)
    (2000, cd, ??, ??)
  kevin max and adrian belew: raven songs 101
    (2003, cd, usa, private release)
  king crimson: happy with what you have to be happy with
    (2003, cdep, uk,
sanctuary recordings ) - feat.adrian belew

  king crimson: the power to believe
    (2003, cd, ??, sanctuary records)
- feat.adrian belew

  william shatner: has been
    (2004, cd, usa, ??) - feat. adrian belew


frank zappa: quaudiophiliac
    (2004, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01125-9-9)

15 adrian belew: side one
    (2005, cd, usa, sanctuary records)

  porcupine tree: deadwing
    (2005, cd, usa, lava records) - feat.adrian belew

16 adrian belew: side two
    (2005, cd, usa, sanctuary records)


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)

17 adrian belew: side three
    (2006, cd, usa, sanctuary records )

belew_sidethree.jpg (33674 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 17
    (2006, 2cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: zappanale 17 - retrospective
    (2006, dvd, ger, the arf society) - feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: pink box - the songs of pink floyd
    (2007, 2cd, ??, ??) - feat. adrian belew, dweezil zappa, aynsley dunbar
songsofpinkfloyd.jpg (77840 bytes)
  various artists: zappanale # 17
    (2007, cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

18 adrian belew: dust
    (2007, download only, ??)


frank zappa: one shot deal
    (2008, cd, usa, zappa records)

19 adrian belew: side four (live)
    (2008, cd, usa, adrian belew presents abp2167)
  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2008
    (2008, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

aaafnraaa2008.jpg (24142 bytes)

  adrian belew: lone rhino / twang bar king
    (2009, cd, uk, bgo records bgocd868) - cd-release of the two vinyl albums

  michael clay & adrian belew: a cup of coffee and a slice of time
    (2009, cd, usa, abp-5189)

clay_belew_coffee.jpg (45697 bytes)


adrian belew: e
    (2009, cd, usa, abp-60109)

belew_e.jpg (26352 bytes)


frank zappa: hammersmith odeon
    (2010, 3cd, usa, vaulternative records 20101)

fz_vr20101.jpg (24690 bytes)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2010
    (2010, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet zappa

aaafnraaaa_2010.jpg (22223 bytes)

  the adrian belew trio: live in germany
    (2011, dvd, usa, adrian belew)

belew_germany2008dvd.jpg (28237 bytes)

  metropole orkest: adrian belew's e for orchestra
    (2011, cd, usa, adrian belew 052011)

metropole_belew_e_cd.jpg (10732 bytes)

  metropole orkest: adrian belew's e for orchestra
    (2011, dvd, usa, adrian belew)

metropole_belew_e_dvd.jpg (13976 bytes)

  julie slick: terroir
    (2012, cd, usa, slick sound 04) - feat. eric slick, robbie 'seahag' mangano, marco minnemann and adrian belew

julieslick_terroir.jpg (21468 bytes)

  frank zappa: aaafnraa - 21 december 2012
    (2012, itunes, --, --)
aaafnraa2012.jpg (32945 bytes)
  various artists / the pink floyd tribute band: the dark cloud of the moon
    (2013, lp+cd, russian federation, lilith lr 408lp) - feat. adrian belew

lr408lp.jpg (25117 bytes)

  various artists / the pink floyd tribute band: if you were in the middle
    (2013, lp+cd, russian federation, lilith lr 409lp) - feat. adrian belew
lr409lp.jpg (24924 bytes)
  various artists / the pink floyd tribute band: another hole in the wall
    (2013, lp+cd, russian federation, lilith lr 410lp) - feat. dweezil zappa, adrian belew

lr410lp.jpg (24557 bytes)

  the crimson projekct: live in tokyo
    (2014, cd, usa, inside out music) - feat.adrian belew
crimsonprojekct_liveintokyo.jpg (38080 bytes)
  crimson projekct: zappanale 25
    (2014, dvdr, ger, arf society) - feat.adrian belew
z25_crimsonprojekct_dvdr.jpg (14767 bytes)
  adrian belew: dust
    (2014, cd, usa, adrian belew presents abp-1114)

adrianbelew_dust.jpg (28867 bytes)

  adrian belew: i'm food for you
    (2015, download, -, -) = adrian belew 'flux' kickstart song

belew_flux.jpg (20594 bytes)

  adrian belew: sixteen
    (2015, cd, usa, adrian belew presents abp-1115)

adrianbelew_sixteen.jpg (27966 bytes)

  adrian belew: twenty
    (2015, cd, usa, adrian belew abp-1116) = adrian belew 'flux' kickstarter album, limited edtion of 173 numbered and signed copies

adrianbelew_twenty.jpg (28040 bytes)

  adrian belew: live at rockpalast
    (2015, cd/dvd, uk, repertoire)

belew_rockpalast_repertoire.jpg (25996 bytes)

  adrian belew: flux - volume one
    (2016, cd, usa, private release)

belew_fluxvolumeone.jpg (20710 bytes)

  david bowie: a new career in a new town (1977 - 1982)
    (2017, 11cd, ??, ??) - feat. adrian belew / also released as a 13 lp set

bowie_anewcareer2017.jpg (14312 bytes)

  gizmodrome: gizmodrome
    (2017, cd, ger, ear music 0212193emu) - feat. adrian belew

gizmodrome_st.jpg (21962 bytes)

  gizmodrome: riff tricks - the instrumentals - vol.1
    (2017, cd, ger, ear music 0212450emu) - feat. adrian belew

gizmodrome_rifftrick_inst_vol1.jpg (27010 bytes)

  gizmodrome: gizmodrome & riff tricks - the instrumentals - vol.1
    (2017, 2cd, japan, ear music / ward records) - feat. adrian belew

gizmodrome_st_rifftrick_2cdjapan.jpg (27515 bytes)

  adrian belew: flux volume two
    (2017, cd, usa, private release)
  pat mastelotto & bill monyon bpm&m: xtrakcts & artifakcts
    (2018, cd, usa, moonjune) - feat.robert fripp, tony levin, trey gunn, adrian belew

bpm_m_cd2018.jpg (48057 bytes)

  belew: flux 3
    (2018, cd, usa, private release)
  david bowie: welcome to the blackout
    (2018, 3lp, usa, parlophone) - feat. adrian belew  //  record store day release  //  re-issued as a 2 cd
  adrian belew: pop sided
    (2019, cd, usa, private release)


semi official 'radio show' releases

  adrian belew: live at the paradise theater boston
    (2017, 2cd, uk, air cuts ac2cd8001)

belew_liveatparadisetheaterboston.jpg (29837 bytes)

  frank zappa: berlin 1978
    (2018, 2cd, uk, leftfieldmedia lfm2cd575) = 1978/02/15 berlin concert



Adrian Belew is probably featured on many bootlegs as he has performed with Bowie, King Crimson, Zappa, ...
Listed here are (factory produced) CD(s) that list Adrian Belew as the main artist


adrian belew & the bears: the elephant guitar
    (????, 2cd-bootleg, ??, fill in records)

belew_boot_fi942002_front.jpg (31768 bytes)




random notes

interview by gary marks
    (from "t'mershi duween #40" august 1994 copyright fred tomsett)







Adrian Belew & The School Of Rock

Adrian Belew Power Trio

  • 2006/03/05 concert ‘The Knitting Factory ‘,New York, NY, usa

  • 2006/03/23 concert ‘Cat's Cradle ‘,Carrboro, NC, usa

  • 2006/03/24 concert ‘Melting Point  ‘,Athens, GA, usa

  • 2006/03/25 concert ‘Exit / In ‘,Nashville, TN, usa

  • 2006/03/26 concert ‘Blueberry Hill's Duck Room ‘,Saint Louis, MO, usa

  • 2006/04/03 concert ‘Teatro Ciack Ponderosa Music & Art‘,Milan, italy

  • 2006/04/04 concert ‘Auditorium Flog ‘,Florence, italy

  • 2006/04/05 concert ‘Stazione Birra ‘,Rome, italy

  • 2006/04/17 concert ‘East Coast Blues & Roots Festival ‘, australia

  • 2006/04/21 concert ‘Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club ‘,Hurlston Park NSW, australia

  • 2006/04/22 concert ‘Canberra Southern Cross Club ‘,Woden ACT, australia

  • 2006/04/23 concert ‘Selina's / Coogee Bay Hotel‘,Coogee NSW, australia , -

  • 2006/04/25 concert ‘‘,Anzac Day holiday Corner Hotel, Richmond VIC, australia

  • 2006/04/26 concert ‘Ruby's Love Lounge ‘,Belgrave, VIC, australia

  • 2006/04/29 concert ‘St. Andrews Hotel ‘,Andrews VIC, australia

  • 2006/07/07 concert ‘Veteran's Park Amphith.Springfield Arts Council‘,Springfield, OH , usa

  • 2006/07/17 concert ‘Zappanale‘, Bad Doberan, Germany  

    • intro announcement by Jim Cohen, Writing On The Wall, Dinosaur, Ampersand, I Remember How To Forget, Young Lions, Eric Slick drum solo, Beat Box Guitar, Madness Man, The Lone Rhinoceros, Of Bow And Drum, Big Electric Cat, Frame By Frame, band intros, Three Of A Perfect Pair, crowd and Jim Cohen encore announcement, Elephant Talk, Thela Hun Ginjeet, outro crowd and announcement, Adrian Belew becomes a member of honour of The Arf Society

  • 2006/07/19 concert 'De Boerderij', Zoetermeer, Holland

  • 2006/07/21 concert ‘Herzberg Festival‘,Herzberg, Germany
  • 2006/08/08 concert ‘B. B. King's House Of Blues’ - NY, NY, usa
  • 2006/08/09  concert ‘Stephen Talkhouse’ - Amagansett, NY, usa
  • 2006/08/10  concert ‘Turning Point’ - Piermont, NY, usa
    • Writing on the Wall, Dinosaur, Ampersand, Young Lions, Beat Box Guitar, Matchless Man, Madness, Drive 1, Within You Without You, Drive 2, Lone Rhino, Of Bow and Drum, Big Electric Cat, Frame By Frame, Three of a Perfect Pair, Elephant Talk, Thela Hun Ginjeet
    • an 89-minute recording of this concert circulates
  • 2006/08/11  concert ‘Buffalo Icon’ - Buffalo, NY , usa
    • Writing on the Wall, Dinosaur, Ampersand, Young Lions, Beat Box Guitar, Matchless Man, Madness, Drive (Aborted), The Lone Rhino, Of Bow and Drum, Big Electric Cat, Frame by Frame, Three of a Perfect Pair
    • Encore: Elephant Talk, Thela Hun Ginjeet
    • an 81-minute recording of this concert circulates
  • 2006/08/12  concert ‘Club Cafe’ - Pittsburgh, PA , usa
  • 2006/08/14  concert ‘World Cafe Live’, Philadelphia, PA , usa
    • Writing on the Wall, Dinosaur, Ampersand, Young Lions, Beat Box Guitar, Intermission Music, Matchless Man, Madness, Drive - Within You Without You, Walk Around The World, The Lone Rhinoceros
    • a 65-minute recording of this concert circulates (= only part of the concert)
  • 2006/08/16  concert ‘Chastain Park’ - Atlanta, GA, usa
  • 2006/08/17  concert ‘Freebird Live’ - Jacksonville, FL, usa
  • 2006/08/18  concert ‘State Theatre’ - St. Petersburg, FL, usa
  • 2006/08/19  concert ‘Bamboo Room’ - Lake Worth, FL , usa  


Adrian Belew at Zappanale, 2006/07/16, picture taken by Fred Williamson / Apostrophe.
Adrian Belew - Guitar, vocals
Eric Slick - Drums
Julie Slick - Bass guitar
  • set-list

    • Intro, Writing On The Wall, Dinosaur [King Crimson], Ampersand, Young Lions, Beat Box Guitar, Matchless Man, A Little Madness, Drive / Within You Without You [The Beatles], Neurotica, Of Bow And Drum, Big Electric Cat, Frame By Frame [King Crimson], Three Of A Perfect Pair [King Crimson], Adrian Speaks / City Of Tiny Lites (Tease) [Frank Zappa], Elephant Talk [King Crimson], Thela Hun Ginjeet [King Crimson]

  • a recording of this concert was seeded on DimeADozen










APRIL 2009 - Midwest USA



  • 2010/10/21 - concert 'The Sage Gateshead', North East Guitar Festival, Gateshead, UK

  • 2010/10/24 - concert 'Islington Academy', London, UK  

  • 2010/10/27 - concert 'P60', Amstelveen, The Netherlands

  • 2010/10/28- concert 'W2 Poppodium', Den Bosch, The Netherlands

  • 2010/10/29 - concert 'Hot Jazz', Münster, Germany

  • 2010/10/30 - concert 'Jazz Club', Hannover, Germany

  • 2010/11/01 - concert 'Spirit of 66', Verviers, Belgium

  • 2010/11/04 - concert 'Santiago Alquimista', Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2010/11/05 - concert 'Luz de Gas', Barcelona, Spain

  • 2010/11/06 - concert 'Rock Star Live', Barakaldo (Bilbao), Spain

  • 2010/11/08 - concert 'Harmonie', Bonn, Germany

  • 2010/11/10 - concert 'dashaus', Ludwigshafen, Germany

  • 2010/11/11 - concert 'Alcatraz' (w/ Joe Satriani), Milano, Italy

  • 2010/11/12 - concert 'Bronson', Madonna dell'Albero (Ravenna), Italy

  • 2010/11/13 - concert 'TimeZones', Bari, Italy  

  • 2010/11/14 - concert 'Modern Music Institute', Parma Guitar Clinic, Parma, Italy

  • 2010/11/17 - concert 'Randal Club', Bratislava, Slovakia

  • 2010/11/18 - concert 'Retro Music Hall', Prague, Czech Republic

  • 2010/11/19 - concert 'Quasimodo', Berlin, Germany

  • 2010/11/20 - concert 'HsD (Gewerkschaftshaus)', Erfurt, Germany


  Adrian Belew on the cover of Dutch Gitaar Plus magazine, December 2010.
The magazine includes a 4-page piece on Adrian (interview by Nicky Moeken).


2011/02/27 concert 'Paradiso', Amsterdam, NL
  • performing 'e' (a.belew)
  • broadcast on radio 6 on 2011/03/24
  • re-broadcast on radio 6 on 2012/08/16





Arf-Society is proud to announce: 

Adrian Belew is Headliner Zappanale 17

Hi freaks and friends,

it's done! Adrian Belew will be the headliner Zappanale#17.

The vocalist/multi-instrumantalist is a solo artist, a longtime member of King Crimson and The Bears, and a prolific producer and special guest on other recordings. He is equally comfortable with progressive rock/avant-garde rock, pop, jazz, new wave, electronica, industrial and much more.

Belew's big break came in 1977 when Frank Zappa discovered him playing in a cover band in Nashville, Tennessee. Zappa invites him to Los Angeles to audition for his band. He earns the gig and plays on Sheik Yerbouti and he's to hear on following recordings:

Being in the right place at the right time helped Adrian with his next career steps. While on tour with Zappa, Belew meets David Bowie. The musical chameleon was also blown away with Belew's creativity and asks him to join the band. Belew performs on subsequent classic Bowie albums STAGE and LODGER (he would then rejoin his band in 1990 as guitarist and music director). During an earlier Bowie tour Belew met Talking Heads and he performed on their albums REMAIN IN LIGHT and THE NAME OF THIS BAND IS TALKIN HEADS and also joins the on the road.

King Crimson then enters the picture. Founder Robert Fripp was impressed by Belew's work, and Belew joined in 1981. King Crimson, whose debut album IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING, is often hailed as the first "progressive rock" album, went in a new creative direction with Belew on board.

After several years as avalued contributor on other musicians' work, Adrian finally launched his solo career in 1982 with THE LONE RHINO. Subsequent solo albums include TWANG BAR KING, DESIRE CAUGHT BY THE TAIL, MR. MUSIC HEAD, YOUNG LIONS, HERE, and OP ZOP TOO WAH.

Belew's staggering resume includes countless production and/or guest musician credits. For a complete list/discography, visit his official web site, . In the meantime, here is a partial list not including previously mentioned appearances with: Laurie Anderson, Joan Armatrading, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Joe Cocker, Crash Test Dummies, Jars of Clay, Cindy Lauper, nine inch nails, Robert Palmer, Mike Oldfield, Paul Simon and Peter Wolf.

Belew's latest project are the solo albums SIDE ONE, SIDE TWO and SIDE THREE, the first two are already released in january and july 2005. SIDE THREE will follow this april. They are "power-trio" albums featuring Primus bass guitarist Les Claypool and Tool drummer Danney Carey. 

Adrian has been nominated for a Grammy 2006 in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category for the song, "Beat Box Guitar" from Side One, even so Steve Vai.  This category includes solo, duo
, group, or collaborative performances, without vocals.  Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal.  

Singles or Tracks only.  Congratulations, Adrian!!!

     Nominees in the Best Rock Instrumental category: 
          Beat Box Guitar - Adrian Belew - Track from: Side One [Sanctuary]
          Birds Of Prey - Stewart Copeland - Track from: Orchestralli [Ponderosa]
          69 Freedom Special - Les Paul & Friends - Track from: American Made World Played [Capitol Records]
          Mercy - Joe Perry - Track from: Joe Perry [Columbia Records]
          Lotus Feet - Steve Vai - Track from: Real Illusions: Reflections [Epic/Red Ink]

For nearly three decades now, Belew has done far more than expand the boundaries of popular music.

The reason is that Adrian never saw any boundaries to begin with.

-- Thomas 

Adrian Belew warms up his act here for Europe

By Jordan Oakes

Musician Adrian Belew
Will the real Adrian Belew please warm up?

The venerable guitarist, songwriter and now painter will be coming to town with his self-proclaimed power trio.
"We're just doing four warm-up dates, St. Louis being one of them," Belew says.
Then the band will pack up its instruments and head overseas. After a lengthy tour of Europe and Australia, they'll return - revved up - to America: "I want to bring the power trio back to the States."

Belew means that in more ways than one. From the beginning, the musician whose first instrument was the drums has been a self-starter and innovator. And his whimsy-prone ambition has always stayed a step ahead of his fans' expectations.
It's a journey that spans his work with Frank Zappa; his role in reshaping (along with Robert Fripp) King Crimson from a '70s prog-rock artifact to a blueprint for guitar-based avant-garde music; and his Beatles-style pop experiments, alone and with the Bears.
These days, Belew is exploring the live possibilities of the rock trio.
He's divided his recent studio work into three albums to show the different sides of himself.

Last year's "Side One" combined pop songs such as "Ampersand" with the sort of weirder stuff you'd expect from a musician who doesn't so much
caress his guitar as argue with it.

"'Side Two' is a totally different kind of music," Belew says. "It has synthesizers and drum machines - almost like my own version of DJ music."
The upcoming "Side Three," though, will be a feast of leftovers.
"It's a lot of different material that didn't really fit in the other categories," he says.
But Belew is not easy to categorize. He's that rare breed of musician who, like Tom Verlaine and Nils Lofgren, is renowned for his guitar chops but can write a mean song. In particular, he has mixed and matched genres, from pop-rock to avant-garde, with ease - and now an easel.
"I think these days my fans have realized that I multitask," Belew says. "I like to do a lot of different things."
What some fans may not realize is that for the past couple of years, he's been mastering a new kind of task: painting.
Examples of Belew's work, which is decidedly abstract and menacing, can be found on the front of his recent CDs.
"My painting is very much like my music, in that I'm always discovering," says Belew, who's never had a guitar lesson. "I don't know in technical terms how to do something, or what I'm doing. I just discover things. That's the same way I've approached guitar all my life."
In the long arc of his career, Belew has gone from drummer's hide to artist's canvas. But deep down, he's all about the music.
"What I'm doing now is warming up my power trio for Europe and Australia," he says. "I think the date at Blueberry Hill will be a really good one in the sense that we're all anxious to play again. Even though it's a warm-up for Italy, we're going to play our hearts out."

from Robin

Adrian Belew has just announced his new power trio -- drummer is Eric Slick, who is a Paul Green School of Rock graduate and All-Star who just came off a month long tour as drummer for Project Object; Adrian's new bass player is Eric's sister Julie Slick, also a graduate of Rock School and a former All-Star.  Both Julie and Eric played at Zappanale 14 (the famous bass and drum solo on Pound for a Brown) and Eric played at Z16.  For details, please visit Adrian Belew's website at

the adrian belew e-newsletter
august 3, 2006




On Thursday, July 27, Adrian's engineer for the last 10 years, Ken Latchney passed away.  Adrian has posted a message regarding Ken's death on his web site.
Please visit to read.

R . I . P .   K E N   L A T C H N E Y
1        9        6        6       -       2        0        0       6



Adrian Belew with Julie Slick, & Eric Slick


The Adrian Belew Internet Newsletter
Monday, April 9, 2007


The Bears will embark on a short tour from April 26 thru May 4.  Do NOT miss this tour.  We cannot stress this enough. 
 April 26 -
Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
 April 27 -
Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
 April 28 -
Canal St. Tavern - Dayton, OH
 April 29 -
Lafayette Brewing Co. - Lafayette, IN
 May 1 -
Martyr's - Chicago, IL
 May 2 -
Blueberry Hill - St. Louis, MO
 May 3 -
Music Mill - Indianapolis, IN
 May 4 -
Southgate House - Newport, KY


You can now purchase the all new BEARS record, EUREKA! 

Simply visit or for more information. 

Both links will take you to StoreBelew.

Tracks include:

zelda fitzgerald (fetters) 
veneer (nyswonger) 
on (belew) 
troubled beauty (arduser)
normal (fetters) 
we never close (nyswonger) 
think (belew)
keep your own counsel (arduser)
idiot in the sky (fetters) 
doodle (belew) 
comin' round the mountain (trad.)


We are now into our 3rd month of music downloads at StoreBelew and thus far, it's been a huge success. 

Releases:  Past, Present, and Future include:

   Feb. 05:  Peas  (6:12) Vol. 01  No. 02
   Feb. 12:  Happy Guy (3:23)  Vol. 03  No. 19
   Feb. 19:  Duck Funk Symphony (5:35)  Vol. 04  No. 16
   Feb. 26:  Lone Rhinoceros Live (5:09) Vol. 02  No. 07

   Mar. 05:  Dust (3:40)  Vol. 02  No. 05
   Mar. 12:  Postcard From Holland (demo)(2:55) Vol. 4 No. 8
   Mar. 19:  Birds (7:03) Vol. 04  No. 01
   Mar. 26:  One Time (demo)(4:03) Vol. 04  No. 13
   Apr. 2:  What Do You Know? (complete) (3:30) Vol. 01 No. 10
   Apr. 9:   P Type (remix) (3:19) Vol. 3 No. 14
   Apr. 16: Staged Fright (6:30) Vol. 1 No. 9
   Apr. 23: Pygmies (3:58)  Vol. 2 No. 3
   Apr. 30: Shoe Salesman 1 & 2 (4:19)  Vol. 3 No. 11
   May 7: Kiss It Goodbye - Bears (4:56)  Vol. 3 No. 4
   May 14: Spies Vol. 1 No. 19

To download your track, visit, click on StoreBelew, and then the Purchase Downloadable Tracks link. 

Or click here:

ELEPHANT-BLOG (Adrian Belew Blog)

Adrian has been busy over at his blog.  If you haven't had a chance to read it, go do it now!  Read through the numerous Anecdotes from his career, stories behind the downloadable tracks from DUST, and various other tidbits of information you would never know otherwise.  Very entertaining stories, to say the least.  You'll be glad you did.

Adrian Belew's ELEPHANT BLOG   

That's all for now.  


Rob Murphree
Adrian Belew Webmaster

The Bears Webmaster 

 the adrian belew e-newsletter
 august 17, 2007


Adrian, Julie, and Eric will be braving the heat and hitting the streets in August thru September. Don't miss them.
2007/08/19 concert ‘Stella Blue’, Asheville, NC, usa
2007/08/21 concert ‘Cat's Cradle’, Carrboro, NC, usa
2007/08/22 concertSmith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA, usa 
2007/08/23 concert ‘Jack Rabbits’, Jacksonville, FL, usa 
2007/08/24 concert ‘State Theatre’ - St. Petersburg, FL, usa 
2007/08/25 concert ‘The Theatre’, West Palm Beach, FL, usa 
2007/09/08 concert ‘Teatro Diana’, Guadalajara, MEX
2007/09/09 concert ‘Teatro Metropolitan’, Mexico City, MEX
2007/09/15 concert “NW Soberstock 2007”, Seattle, WA, usa 
            For more info., please visit 

The best feature of Adrian's site is by far, his blog. If you haven't done so already, go read several of the many anecdotes by the numbers, or get the history of a dust particle, or simply get a glimpse into what's going on at StudioBelew. You have a lot of catching up to do. 
Every week since February 2007, a new Dust particle has been released and we haven't even gotten started. To see the accumulation of particles thus far, visit:   It's also a helpful tool in managing your Dust particles by their volumes and numbers. 
On behalf of Adrian, thanks for your support and please, travel safely.

Adrian Belew Webhamster

Big Electric Chat 
The Adrian Belew Newsletter 
November 18, 2007

In this edition:


Adrian Belew, Julie Slick, & Eric Slick will be hitting the road once again in early 2008.

For links to venues, please visit and click on the NewsBelew link.


You can now order your copy of the long awaited SIDE FOUR LIVE.  Side Four Live consists of live performances by Adrian, Julie, and Eric from 2007's amazing performances by the Power Trio and is Adrian's 1st LIVE solo release EVER.  Side Four Live is the perfect gift for that special Belew fan on your gift list.

Available SIGNED by Adrian, Julie, and Eric for $22.00 or UNSIGNED for $18.00. 
To purchase Side Four, visit and click the NewsBelew link.


Get the latest happenings from StudioBelew at Adrian's blog.  News, anecdotes, and other interesting bits of information straight from Adrian.  (


Every week since February 2007, a new Dust particle has been released into the air at StoreBelew.  If you missed the 2 Bowie particles, (Pretty Pink Rose, and Gunman), you owe it to yourself to get caught up and have a listen.

vol/no. track                                                  

For more on Adrian's Dust particles including links to blog entries, StoreBelew, and sample clips for each particle, please visit the NewsBelew link at  Each Dust particle is $1.49, payable through Paypal.


In a recent blog from Adrian, he announced he will soon be recording with Trent Reznor again.  They're scheduled to record the first week of December and if previous collaborations are any indication, we're in for another great record from Trent and Adrian.  (See Downward Spiral and The Fragile for past recordings)

That's it for now, folks.  As always, please visit for the newest news and latest from Adrian's blog.  (
On behalf of Adrian, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the tour in February.

Adrian Belew Webhamster

2008 02 10


February 10, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the Big Electric Chat for 2008. 

If the hints that have been dropped over on Adrian's blog are any indication, this is going to be an exciting year for Adrian, the Power Trio, and his fans.  Be prepared for: new downloads and merchandise in StoreBelew, the release of the Dust boxed set, a new studio record, lots of live Power Trio performances throughout the U.S., some Krimson rehearsals, and hopefully, a massive amount of signatures on the petition to (finally) get Adrian inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  More on that further down.

Hope to see you soon at

Your Webhamster,

Rob Murphree



Adrian, Julie, and Eric will soon be hitting the stages throughout America in February and March.

More dates are sure to be added but for now, here are the confirmed dates:


Wendy Lozenicins has taken on the duty of rallying the world to petition the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to induct Adrian into their ranks. (Thanks Wendy!) 

Due to the RNRHOF's rules, Adrian has only been eligible for a short while but with everything Adrian has done for music over the years (and what he's doing now), there is no better time to place him alongside the other greats of Rock N Roll. Help get Adrian inducted.  


As of this mailing, there are currently 407 petition signatures.


For the past year, not a week has gone by without the release of a Dust Particle. For a chronological list of what you may have missed and for what's to come, look below. Dust Particles are available for purchase at StoreBelew for $1.49 (USD) - payable via Paypal.

These are tracks previously available on Adrian's '99 release, Coming Attractions. All FREE tracks are available for download on the DUST page. Simply visit  and click the DUST link at the top of the page. The links to the free downloads are at the top of the Dust Track listing.


Think you know everything there is to know about Adrian Belew? I thought that too. Adrian's still burning up his keyboard on his Elephant Blog. Never a dull read.

NOTE: Due to time constraints while on the road, blogging may be minimal during Adrian's tour. 


If you're one of the few who've had trouble downloading from StoreBelew, we now have instructions on how to adjust your browser to allow you to download the files to your computer.  Visit and check the Latest News section.


That's it for now. You will receive another update as new tour dates or releases are announced.
And on behalf of Adrian, thank you for your support,

Rob Murphree

Adrian Webhamster







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