side a
side b of the numbered edition
side b of the unnumbered edition

frank zappa


2007 lp picture disc-bootleg   zap7777 (300 numbered copies)
2007 lp picture disc-bootleg   zap7777 (not numbered)

limited edition of 300 copies, although a couple of unnumbered copies showed up as well.


side one

  1. later that nite
  2. take your clothes off when you dance
  3. what's the ugliest part of your body?
  4. lumpy gravy
  5. you're probably wondering why i'm here
  6. anyway the wind blows
  7. cheap thrills
  8. love of my life
  9. fountain of love

side two

  1. i'm not satisfied
  2. status back baby
  3. flower punk
  4. who are the brain police?
  5. america drinks and goes home
  6. you didn't try to call me
  7. stuff up the cracks
  8. deseri