bogus pomp  /  the bogus pomp orchestra

Bogus Pomp started out as a quartet  (Jerry Outlaw: guitar, vocals - Rick Olson: keyboard - Alex Pasut: bass - Tom Mccowan: drums), but quickly grew to a 10 piece ensemble. They're based in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. Since 1994, the group has performed the music of Frank Zappa exclusively.  

The Bogus Pomp Orchestra consists of Bogus Pomp (the 10-piece electric band), plus a 15-piece chamber ensemble.

The band performed several concerts with Ike Willis in 1998 and 1999 and from october 1999 until august 2008, Napoleon Murphy Brock was a member.


August 2005, Bogus Pomp headlined the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. The picture below (taken by Bazbo) shows the band at Zappanale.

The band's 2005 Zappanale concert got broadcast on the internet and was also made available in very limited quantities (22 copies) on DVDR by the Arf Society.

Late 2006, early 2007, the band released two concerts on DVDR. The first one was their Zappaween XI concert, the second a recording of a semi-acoustic concert, both in St.Petersburg, Florida.

In 2007, The Bogus Pomp Orchestra contributed their version of Frank Zappa's 'The Idiot Bastard Son' to "20 Extraordinary Renditions", Andrew Greenaway's project that got released on Cordelia Records. 
The info said:
Recorded on 21 August 2004 at the Tampa Theater, conducted and arranged by Tom Trapp. The BPO is a 15 piece chamber ensemble, combined with the 10 piece electric band.

The band performed as the "Bogus Pomp Semi-Acoustic Orchestra" at the 2008 edition of the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. The recording got released on CD by the Johann-Sebastian society, who had co-organised the event with the Arf Society.

The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra contributed a track to the "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" tribute that got released on Cordelia Records in 2010. It was the recording of a piece that the band had performed in Hamburg in 2008.

August 4, 2012, Bogus Pomp performed at the "Zappanale" festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. It was their third visit to Zappanale.  The picture on the right shows Jerry in action during the concert. Picture taken by Mick Zeuner.

One day later, the band returned as Jerry Outlaw & Friends, perfoming progressive rock music by Jeff Beck, King Crimson and Zappa.




bogus pomp: a pungent steaming affair
    (2002, cd, usa, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

  bogus pomp: live at mahaffey theatre
    (2005, dvdr, usa, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat. n.m.brock & the persuasions

  bogus pomp: live at the 2005 zappanale
    (2005, dvdr, ger, arf society) - all compositions by frank zappa

  various artists: zappanale 16
    (2006, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions, also incl. one van vliet composition

  various artists: zappanale 16 - retrospective
    (2006, dvd, ger, the arf society) - feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions 

  various artists: zappanale # 16
    (2006, cd, ger, arf society) – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  bogus pomp: zappaween XI
    (2006, dvdr, usa, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

  bogus pomp: zappaween
    (2006, dvdr, usa, thurgaland) - all compositions by frank zappa
  bogus pomp: the bogus pomp low budget semi-acoustic orchestra
    (2007, dvdr, usa, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

  various artists: 20 extraordinary renditions
    (2008, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa

  bogus pomp semi-acoustic orchestra: zappanale 19
    (2008, dvdr, germany, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

  bogus pomp feat. napoleon murphy brock: zappa spielt für bach
    (2009, cd, ger, s.j.s.-edition nr.3) - all compositions by frank zappa

boguspomp_zappa_bach.jpg (23618 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 19
    (2009, mp3-dvd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
z19_mp3disc.jpg (23620 bytes)
  various artists: 21 burnt weeny sandwiches
    (2010, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa
  the bogus pomp orchestra: 2014
    (????, ??, usa, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa
  various artists: mappa zappa
    (2018, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa



  • 2007/02/17 concert 'The Garage Bar', St Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2007/10/27 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween 12", 'The State Theater, St.Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2007/12/15 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theatre', Ocala, FL, usa

  • 2008/06/07 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Ritz Theater', Ybor

  • 2008/07/19 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/20 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'State Theater', St. Petersburg, FL, usa


  • 2008/11/01 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween", 'State Theater', St.Petersburg, FL, usa  
  • 2009/06/05  concert 'Skipper's', Tampa
  • 2009/06/21 concert Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa
  • 2010/10/30 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween", State Theatre', St.Petersburg, FL, usa
    • Chunga's Revenge, Florentine Pogen, City of Tiny Lites, Advance Romance, Illinois Enema Bandit, Easy Meat (Niagara Falls), Tell Me You Love Me, Magic Fingers, Dupree's Paradise, Approximate, Dupree's Paradise, The Torture Never Stops, Doreen, Absolutely Free medley, Trouble Every Day, The Grand Wazoo, Cosmik Debris, Zomby Woof, Yo Mama
    • sharing the bill with Jerry Outlaw & Friends


  • 2011/02/27 The HubbTones, Bogus Pomp, Jerry Outlaw & Friends - concert 'The Local 662', St.Petersburg, usa
    • benefit concert for Deborah's stolen photo equipment

  • 2011/09/24 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Capitol Theatre', Clearwater, usa

  • 2011/10/29 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween XVI", St.Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2011/12/31 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill', St Petersburg, FL, usa
    • Jerry Outlaw~guitar, Alex Pasut~bass, Rick Olson~keys, John Citrone~drums, Dan Campbell~violin, Byron Hogan~cello, David Pate~saxophones, David Coash~percussion, Pat Buffo~vocals.

  • 2012/02/12 Bogus Pomp and the University of South Florida Symphony Orchestra - concert 'Music Hall, Tampa, FL, usa
    • Amnerika, G-Spot Tornado
  • 2012/05/05 'Skipper's', Tampa, FL, usa

  • 2012/08/04 concert Zappanale, Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2012/10/27 concert "Zappaween 17", 'Skipper's Smokehouse', Tampa, Florida

  • 2013/02/16 concert 'The Blueberry Patch', Gulfport, FL, usa

  • 2013/06/08 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Masquerade', Atlanta, GA, usa

  • 2013/10/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Local 662', Saint Petersburg, FL, usa





bogus pomp - biography  (from the bogus pomp web-site  -

bogus pomp is a 10 piece ensemble based in tampa bay, florida, usa. since 1994, the group has performed the music of frank zappa exclusively. bogus pomp's members are an unlikely combination of educators, symphony players, jazzers, and rockers, all with a common interest in zappa's repertoire.

bogus pomp performs several times a year and has presented several memorable concerts with the florida orchestra, the buffalo philharmonic, a cappella legends the persuasions, and the annual halloween shows dubbed zappaween.

the group performed several concerts with ike willis in 98 and 99 and since october, 99, napoleon murphy brock has been a permanent member.


a brief history

bogus pomp began in august, 1994, when guitarist jerry outlaw and keyboardist rick olson got together for some informal jamming. both were ardent zappaphiles and, inevitably, they jammed on various progressions from zappa's catalog. this went on for a few weeks until jerry mentioned the sessions to bill templeton, then managing editor of jam magazine, a popular music industry trade rag. the next issue of jam had a square inch of text simply stating that jerry and rick were jamming on zappa's material and within days, bassist alex pasut had contacted the two and, after hearing 'keep it greasy', played for him over the phone, joined them. soon, drummer tom mccowan was recruited and a halloween set, opening for local trio deloris telescope, was scheduled.

in the weeks leading up to that first set, the quartet was aware of the risk they were taking. zappa fans are among the most demanding afficionados and bogus pomp wondered how their presentation would be received. being zappa hard-cores themselves, the group knew what the expectations would be. simply knowing that led to a sense of trepidation until the evening of the show.

bogus pomp:
  jerry outlaw: guitar, vocals
  rick olson: keyboard
  alex pasut: bass
  tom mccowan: drums

in a full page review of the set printed in jam magazine, music critic eric snider wrote "that four bay area musicians would attempt to do justice to zappa, whose compositions are among the most complex and sacred in the annals of popular music, had raised a few eyebrows among the local frank fanatics." snider went on to call the set "a triumph". with the enthusiastic response of the ample crowd, and good words from a known unforgiving critic, bogus pomp decided to take it on and continue.

within days, in response to a tiny ad placed on the bulletin board in the music department of st petersburg junior college, trombonist and brass studies instructor david manson signed on as organizer of, and arranger for what would become, and remains, bogus pomp's 3 piece brass section.

the group began to develop its repertoire and its audience. working locally, bp began to earn a reputation as a substantial draw and received steady offers from local clubs and venues.

the next addition to the band's line-up was mallet percussion, the sound that makes zappa's music almost instantly recognizable and dominated his compositions throughout his career. the band has worked with several talented percussionists including george bernardo and florida orchestra percussionist david coash, who currently occupies the chair. then came the first zappaween concert.

bogus pomp:
  jerry outlaw: vocals, guitar
  alex pasut: bass
  craig benson: drums
  rick olson: keyboards
  ross jobson: keyboards
  david manson: trombone
  keith hedger: trumpet
  david pate: saxophones, flute
  david coash: percussion

exactly one year after its debut performance, bogus pomp presented the first zappaween concert at jannus landing, a large courtyard venue in st petersburg. the concert was nearly four hours long before a capacity crowd who stayed to very last note. this began a tradition of zappaween concerts, held each halloween weekend.

at the first zappaween, steve evans, a boston businessman who had flown down for the show, introduced himself to the band, beginning a relationship that would result in a trip to boston to perform at ryles jazz club in cambridge, in celebration of evans' 40th birthday.

in early 1998, former zappa frontman, ike willis joined bogus pomp for several shows including zappaween 4 and the first of two concerts with the florida orchestra. ike's engaging personality was a real crowd pleaser and his guitar playing was a good fit with outlaw's but enough of a contrast to make back-to-back solos interesting. pat buffo (missing link in a tophat) added primal screams and other feral noises during those performances. ike willis currently tours with his own band and appears with band from utopia whenever they play.

the orchestra shows

in early 98, bogus pomp, through percussionist david coash, along with bank executive fred hemmer, presented a proposal to the florida orchestra. the idea was to present an unprecedented concert format. the florida orchestra, a full symphony, would peform a program of zappa's orchestral works. after an intermission, bogus pomp would juxtapose 90 minutes of zappa's rock repertoire.

the orchestra was immediately receptive to the idea and after a few months of meetings and discovery, added the concert to their 1999 season and began what would become a 9 month process to obtain the scores and negotiate with the zappa family trust, particularly gail zappa. republic bank, through the efforts of fred hemmer, sponsored a portion of the event and the support they provided was instrumental in making the concert a success.

bogus pomp enlisted the talents of ike wills, new york big band leader ed palermo, and vocalists dave martin and pat buffo, to augment the 9 piece band. the weekend of the concert also included a composer's symposium, held at the salvadore dali museum in st. petersburg which featured lectures by andy holinden, who teaches courses in zappa's music at the university of indiana, and dr. james borders, a musicologist who provided fascinating insight into zappa's creative process.

held at the beautiful mahaffey theater is st petersburg, the concert sold out at nearly 2000 seats on january 16, 1999. resident conductor, thomas wilkins, lead the orchestra through a powerful and moving program and were joined by bogus pomp on the two closing orchestral numbers, 'strictly genteel' and 'uncle meat'. bogus pomp selected pieces from a wide slice of zappa's repertoire.

the concert was a success. it received a wonderful review in the st petersburg times and earned the distinction of "best music event of 1999" by the weekly planet magazine and it's annual "best of the bay" awards.

bogus pomp and the florida orchestra repeated the event again in january of 2000. on may 23rd, 2000, bogus pomp, along with thomas wilkins, performed the program again with the buffalo philharmonic in buffalo, new york. the 2000 concerts featured napoleon murphy brock as a regular member of bogus pomp by then.

bogus pomp continues to perform the music of frank zappa and is constantly striving for a larger repertoire from zappa's vast catalog. the band plans more orchestral collaborations and the ongoing zappaween concerts. frank zappa's music is timeless and will have a lasting place in 20th century music history. bogus pomp is grateful for the opportunity to perform this music for anyone willing to listen.


random notes

     From: Ward Smith (
Let it be known that BOGUS POMP is not cover band or a tribute band.  They are a REPERTORY BAND.  Think in theatrical terms.  Is a theater group that does only the works of Shakespeare, called a Cover Company?   Zappa was a composer not a band.  A cover band would be ones who cover many songs. See Bar Bands.  Tribute Bands are the ones who, dress and perform like the group.  See Beatlemania and  The Blues Brothers.

* * *

     From: "Manson.David" (
I thought you might like to know that Bogus Pomp performed with Ike Willis last month for the first time and it was fantastic (March '98).  Also, on Jan. 16, 1999 Bogus Pomp, Ike Willis and the Florida Orchestra are performing together. Republic Bank is underwriting the orchestra's cost.

a concert review

Bogus Pomp/Persuasions show review - Date: 07 Aug 2000 00:48:02 GMT
From: FHemmer209 (fhemmer209@aol.comSpamnot)
Subject: Bogus Pomp/Persuasions show review

Last night's (8/5/00) show with Bogus Pomp, featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock, and The Persuasions exceeded all expectations, except attendance. About 600 attended the show at the beautiful Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg and the buzz among the regulars after the show was that this was the finest Bogus Pomp performance yet.

After Bogus Pomp opened the show with a four guitar version of Sleep Dirt, The Persuasions followed with an outstanding set of material from Frankly A Cappella. While the recorded version of these songs has received extremely positive critical acclaim, the live version is even better. Jerry Lawson led the Persuasions through their highly entertaining set with humor, ad libs, audience participation and an energy level that resulted in wild applause from the audience. These guys can flat out sing and it was obvious they love what they do. They set the standard for "a cappella" and are true professionals.

After an intermission Bogus Pomp hit the stage for a fast moving two hour set led by lead guitarist Jerry Outlaw and featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock. This was Napi's fourth performance with BP over the last year and it was obvious that he has melded with the band. I never saw Napi live with Zappa but I have seen videos from some of those performances from twenty-five years ago. This dude has lost nothing! He is the consummate stage professional and he just loves doing this material. I got to spend quite a bit of time with him this weekend and he is a true gem, as nice a person off the stage as he is a great performer on it. It was clear he was helping Bogus Pomp to have fun with the music and this resulted in an overall stage presentation that was as much fun to watch as to listen to. One of the "fun" parts was when they did The Evil Prince. Napi created the character for this tune with Frank many years ago and still has the original  tapes from those rehearsals. He sent a copy of them to BP several weeks ago so that they could rehearse this song prior to Napi's arrival from California. (While a recorded version of it is available, it was from a concert after Napi left Zappa's band and is not quite the same as we saw last night.) Well, Napi surprised the band when he ran out onstage with a long red and black cape that he constantly twirled around while singing this most challenging piece. I saw the surprised smiles on the others and it helped to maintain and enhance that "fun" attitude. The song was my personal highlight of the performance.

The Persuasions returned and joined BP for a rousing version of Hot Plate Heaven and then the show ending Uncle Remus. It was great seeing this wonderful group of performers on stage all at the same time. A site to behold.

I could go on and on about how great all the songs, primarily from the Roxy and One Size era, were but I would be repeating my self over and over. Comments such as "the best they have ever been" to "if you closed your eyes you would have thought it was Frank's band" were mentioned frequently after the show.

After the show, a lot of the fans and all the band members retreated to what is now the standard post show watering hole, Bertoni's. Well, guess what. The show wasn't over. The Persuasions just can't stop singing. These guys entertained the crowd with a number of songs, sometimes having a dozen or more additional participants gathered around singing with them. Some unexpecting lady who was not at the show had the best version of Happy Birthday sung to her that she will probably ever experience. But even good times must come to an end so, after hundreds of autographs were signed, the show finally ended about 2:00 AM.

Today, Napi and BP were working on some plans for Zappaween. There will be some new surprises that evening as Napi is sending them some more of his "tapes" for them to rehearse. I was very happy to hear the enthusiasm and the talk of the future direction for these talented musicians.

* * *

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 03:38:00 GMT
From: ZappaFan (
Subject: Re: Napoleon is The Evil Prince!

That show was totally unbelievable for me. I just moved to St. Pete just less than 2 weeks prior to this show. I was reading one of the local entertainment rags, and saw an ad for the show, which really caught my attention (which, coincidentally had an ad for Missing Persons on the same page). I had never heard of Bogus Pomp (since I haven't read this NG very much over the past few years) but there was no way I was going to miss Napolean. Actually I was under the misunderstanding that this was Nap's band, and that they must be on some sort of national tour! hehe I must say the music totally blew me away (I was the one with the over-enthusiastic whistle that a couple of people complained about -g- ) and having Napolean singing was about as close to the real thing as it gets. The band was so tight and played the songs so ON, you really could close your eyes and almost think it was the real thing.

I asked somebody "are these guys local?". After they said "yeah", I said, "I just moved here two weeks ago, I guess I really picked the right place to move to!!"

Boy howdy, ain't that the truth!!



through their website at various recordings of the band have been made available for download.

  1. andy
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  2. big swifty & stolen moments
        1999/10/31    "zappaween 5", 'jannus landing', st pete, fl, usa
  3. black page #2
        2000/07/12    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, fl, usa
  4. black page #2 (quartet)
        ----/--/--        'platinum post studio', orlando, fl, usa
  5. city of tiny lights
        1999/01/16    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa  
  6. don martin tribute & black napkins & ugliest
        2000/01/22    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)  
  7. dupree's paradise
        2000/01/22    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa
  8. dupree's paradise
        2000/07/14    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, fl, usa  
  9. florentine pogen
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  10. evil prince & montana
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  11. gumbo variations
        2000/07/14    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, usa
  12. idiot bastard son & cheepnis
        2000/03/24    'kleinhan's hall', buffalo, ny, 3/24/00 (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  13. inca roads
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  14. king kong
        1996/07/05    'gasoline alley', clearwater, fl, usa
  15. lucille
        1998/10/31    "zappaween 4", 'state theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + ike willis)
  16. mammy nun theme
        1998/10/31    "zappaween 4", 'state theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + ike willis)
  17. peaches en regalia
        2000/07/14    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, usa
  18. muffin man
        2000/07/14    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, usa
  19. pygmy twylyte
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  20. radio interview with napoleon murphy brock
        1999/10/31    wfla radio, tampa, fl, usa
  21. sofa #1
        2000/07/14    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, usa
  22. sofa #2
        1999/01/16    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + ike willis)
  23. son of orange county & penguin in bondage
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)
  24. the torture never stops
        1995/12/21    platinum post studio, orlando, fl, usa
  25. thirteen
        2000/07/14    'skippers smokehouse', tampa, usa
  26. titties n'beer
        1999/10/31    "zappaween 5", 'jannus landing', st pete, fl, usa
  27. t'mershi duween & dupree's paradise
        1999/01/16    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa
  28. uncle meat
        1999/01/16    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa
  29. uncle remus
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock + persuasions)
  30. village/echidna/don't you ever wash that thing?
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + napoleon murphy brock)  
  31. watermelon in easter hay
        2000/01/22    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa  
  32. what's the ugliest love of my life
        2000/08/05    'mahaffey theater', st pete, fl, usa (bogus pomp + persuasions)
  33. zomby woof
        1996/07/05    'gasoline alley', clearwater, fl, usa




     From: FHemmer209 (
Rick Olson, BP keyboards, has done a great job of creating a very classy site that is full of information with a twinge of humor. The best part for you fans will be all the music for your downloading pleasure. It is about time that this group's music is available publicly. Enjoy it all. Also you could give Jerry Outlaw a call (band leader, guitarist and lead vocals) at 813-323-3230. He is very receptive to talking about the band.
Or e-mail him at:

     From: FHemmer209 ( - Date: 01 May 1998 01:26:51 GMT
This show has been in the works for over a year now but its safe to say its now a done deal. A joint performance featuring The Florida Orchestra and Bogus Pomp will be officially announced very soon. It will be held January 16th, 1999 at the Mahaffey Theater in St.Petersburg, Florida. The Florida Orchestra is a full-time 80+ member symphony orchestra performing in the Tampa Bay area and Bogus Pomp is the area resident Zappa "cover" band. Plans are for the Orchestra to play approximately 45 minutes of Zappa orchestral works by themselves with Bogus Pomp joining them for a joint effort of approximately 20 minutes. After an intermission Bogus Pomp will play the second set without the Orchestra. The setlist is being developed as well as other plans for the entire weekend. Discussions are underway for a composers symposium to be held on Friday the 15th, possible Zappa related art exhibits, poetry readings etc. (Ideas are welcomed!) Also, Bogus Pomp will probably play their "standard" Zappa show on the 15th. Other individuals may also perform. A website featuring this event(s) will soon be developed and it probably will be part of the new Bogus Pomp website that is under construction. The new site will be The present site is  but it needs updating. This entire effort (copyrights, licensing agreements, music scores etc., etc., etc.) is being coordinated with the ZFT  and Gail Zappa has offered her support. She told me she hopes it goes well so it could maybe become an annual event. The orchestra staff is extremely excited about this and consider it to be one of the highlights of next season. I will be posting updates about this "Zappaning" as things progress. If you want to be updated by e-mail let me know. 
-- Fred

     From: FHemmer209 (fhemmer209@aol.comSpamnot)
Last night (August 5th 2000) Napi and Bogus Pomp did The Evil Prince and it was spectacular. Napi was in a cape and played the *bad dude* to the hilt. He sang the entire lead vocal part himself which is a challenge by itself, let alone singing it while prancing around the stage.  An awesome show! The Persuasions were great too!

* * * 2002/05/25    fred hemmer wrote:

Hi Gang,

The following is a copy of an e-mail from Jerry to me. It tells it all.

Hey Fred, 
        would you please let everyone know that Iratowns is playing at Skipper's on thursday, june 20 and on friday, june 21.   They are opening for someone on thursday and headlining on friday.   These should be really fun shows.  I'll be sitting in with them and playing on friday. 
We are gonna tear it up!!!!   It will be great to see them again.  Especially Dan the man!!! 
He is going to play at Zappaween with us too!!!   I can't wait.   We have been getting the fire going again in the BP camp.  We feel a renewed freshness when we play now.  Even though we fell behind for many months, the long break seemed to do the band some good.   We can't wait to play again.   We feel like kicking some ass again!!!!   We want to debut three new tunes at Zappaween.   Let's keep them a secret for now, ok?   The tunes are  (Sorry, censorship at work).   I can't wait to play that solo in (Censored again)!!! 
Let's do dinner sometime.  I never see you anymore.    Please put the word out and let's get together soon.   Oh yeah,  the rock band that I play with, MoneyShot, is playing at gasoline alley on may 30th at 10pm.   We are only doing a short one hour set. Let people know that too.   Tell them to say they came to see MoneyShot when they walk in the door.  If they do, we get paid more.  
thanks Fred             Jerry 

* * * 2002/08/16    fred hemmer wrote:

That's right, after a (too) long siesta, Bogus Pomp will perform the Eight Annual Zappaween on October 26 at the State Theater in downtown St. Petersburg. All the regular band members, including Napoleon, will be there. As well as some special guests. I will be getting back with you with more details in the near future. We just wanted to get the date out so all of the out-of-town fans can make their plans.

* * * 2002/10/24    fred hemmer wrote:

Subject: Zappaween update

Hi gang,

Just a reminder that Bogus Pomp with Napoleon Murphy Brock will perform the Eight Annual Zappaween show this Saturday at the State Theater in St. Petersburg. Doors open at 8:00 and showtime is 9:00. Tickets are $15 at the door, general admission. Beer and wine available.
Of course, a Halloween Costume Contest will be held and the winner will get a guitar. And Jerry tells me this won't be just any guitar either. It will be special. For those of you who haven't been to a Zappaween show, this is an opportunity to see these musicians perform Frank Zappa's music with a sense of fun and bufoonery. No orchestra show here! Audio and video recording of the show is permitted. Just get Jerry a copy please!
And don't forget, BP will play in New Port Richey on Halloween night. I will send time and location details out soon.
Also, some things are going on to help these guys be in a position where this will NOT be the last Zappaween. I will be in touch with information about that soon.

* * * 2003/02/02 fred hemmer wrote

Subject: Bogus Pomp is alive and well

Hi gang,

I am so glad to write and report that Bogus Pomp is going to continue and they will not be disbanding. Thanks to the contributions of a handful of supporters, enough funds have been pledged to pay for the travel costs to fly their drummer back and forth from Jacksonville for rehearsals.  Bogus Pomp will play Zappaween, one other Tampa Bay area upscale event and one out of town event. Talks are already underway for another orchestra related event and for their inclusion in the annual Zappanale festival in Germany.
The money was pledged by people under the following scenario. For each $200 contributed you will get two tickets to Zappaween and two tickets to the other local event. Priority seating and/or entry will be provided to insure the best seating. You will also get two free T-shirts for Zappaween. If another CD is printed you will get one of them. Other things such as attendance at a rehearsal will be offered too as opportunities become available. Jerry said he may even show up and serenade you on your doorstep!
If you would like to participate under this plan, or make any contribution, please e-mail me. We have established a Bogus Pomp Fund at Peoples Bank to hold the funds and I have agreed with the band to control all disbursements for rehearsal expenses. While we have enough pledges to make the commitment for the next year, additional funds could help continue the project even longer.
If you have any questions please e-mail me.
This is GREAT news and I am so excited that these guys will continue with their outstanding project. That "last" show was really emotional as it appeared that their end had come. To have things reversed like they did has the guys very excited.
I will provide updates soon!

-- Fred

* * * * * 2003/04/18, fred hemmer wrote

Subject: Bogus News

Hi gang,

Several things:

Save August 21 as a special show with Bogus Pomp and a 15 piece chamber orchestra ensemble event at the Tampa Theatre. I will announce other info about it soon. This could be their best event ever!

Also, BP is on Tampa area TV as follows:

             please send this to everyone!!!!   BP is being shown on cable access in the area. 
I hope everyone gets to record this!!  It's most of the Clearwater Jazz Holiday performance and it's pretty good if I may say so myself.  Be sure to check out Alex as he dives off the top ring ropes during his bass solo.  Also, (in case you were dying to know) YES that is the world famous Tom Trapp on the drums in this video.   Tom Trapp,.... gentleman and scholar. :)
                                                                          Jerry Outlaw
----- Original Message ----- From:
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 8:54 PM
Subject: Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Hey Jerry,
This is Pete from Cable Access. I was going to call you but this way I can send all the info so you can have a hard copy.
Yes, finally the Jazz Holiday material is airing! The first showing was last Monday and it will run until the end of May. Here are the Show times...

It airs every -

Monday at 3:30 pm and 11:30 pm
Wednesday at 11:00 pm
Thursday at 5:30 am
Saturday at 2:00 am


Time Warner cable (channel 96) in Clearwater
GTE Americast (channel 21) in Pinellas County

* * * * *

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003
Subject: Bogus Pomp Orchestra Zappa tickets on sale soon!

Hi Frank Zappa fans!

Bogus Pomp will perform what possibly may be their best show ever on August 21 at the Tampa Theatre The gig will feature numerous orchestral, jazz, rock pieces written by Frank Zappa performed by the traditional Bogus Pomp members together with about 15 members of the Florida Orchestra. Unlike the two previous sold out shows with the whole Florida Orchestra where the two "bands" split duty, this show will have all 25 musicians on stage performing at the same time for the whole show. And with an accomplished conductor, Tom Trapp. I don't think there is anyplace in the U.S. where you could see this other than this show.

The venue is great. Tampa Theatre is a restored old theater with remarkable charm. Seats 1400 with a balcony... not a bad seat in the house. You will feel like you are in a castle courtyard enjoying fantastic music. Beer and wine is available. Recording, both video and audio, is welcomed. Just give us a copy please!

Tickets are $27.50 and go on sale Friday, June 27 at 10:00AM. You can purchase tickets at any Ticketmaster outlet, or online at, or at the Tampa Theatre box office. Hint: The Tampa Theatre has good seats held for their members and you can join their membership by going to their Website at . Reduced priced tickets for students with valid ID are available.

The band has been rehearsing for this for months. Musical scores have been written specifically for this 25 piece combo. This will be a great show!

Hope to see you there!

-- Fred

* * * * * *
august 2003 fred hemmer said:
Good evening Bogus Pomp fans!

Just in case you were on vacation or had your computer crash or just plain checked out for a while, I want to remind you of the Bogus Pomp show coming up this August 21 at the fabulous Tampa Theatre This is not you normal concert. This a special event whose cost has been underwritten by a handful of loyal supporters and will feature the regular Bogus Pomp ensemble plus approximately 15 members of the Florida Orchestra. As many of you already know, Bogus Pomp and The Florida Orchestra played two sold out shows in 1999 and 2000 and received critical acclaim from many throughout the music industry. People from all over the USA and several other countries attended the events. Both of those events featured a performance by the full 88 member Florida Orchestra followed by a two hour set by Bogus Pomp with Napoleon Murphy Brock in 2000 and Ike Willis in 1999.

The August 21 show will be somewhat different. It will be a joint show with the full Bogus Pomp ensemble and approximately 15 members of the Florida Orchestra performing together for the full two hour show. The music scores for all musicians have been written just for this show by Tom Trapp who will also conduct the show. We are very lucky to have an opportunity to see a concert of this caliber right here in the Tampa Bay area. And if you are reading this from out of town, it is worth the travel! The following is the set list:

set one: peaches en regalia * holiday in berlin (overture) * zoot allures * big swifty * little umbrellas * who are the brain police? * approximate * sleep dirt * king kong * black napkins * wild love * the black page * t’mershi duween * dupree’s paradise
set two: dog breath variations / uncle meat * let’s move to cleveland * blessed relief * amnerika * cleetus awreetus awrightus * the idiot bastard son * mom and dad * holiday in berlin (full blown) * twenty small cigars * sofa * watermelon in easter hay * g-spot tornado * strictly genteel

* * * * * *
august 23, 2003, fred hemmer said:
Subject: Bogus Pomp Orchestra Update

Hi Zappa fans,

The Bogus Pomp Orchestra show Thursday night was special. The immediate reaction from many after the show was "it MUST be done again"! I will keep everybody posted with plans if they develop. There are so many people to thank who made this possible.

I copied a few comments from some e-mails I received that sum of the feelings of the crowd. And the following link is to the review in the St. Petersburg Times.

Following the copied comments are some addresses of pictures taken by another fan.

<<Gentlemen, I was thrilled by the show last night. It exceeded all my expectations. I was very impressed by the arrangements and how the Bogus Pomp instruments melded so well with the orchestra. Tom Trapp did an awesome job. Then of course there were the outstanding performances by the individuals from Bogus Pomp.

I brought my employees to the show, all of whom have different musical tastes and they were all blown away by what they saw. You definitely have some new fans. They all want recordings of the show - and they are all psyched for Zappaween.>>

<<I NEEDED THAT SHOW BIG TIME!!    (Second row center balcony.)
G-Spot Tornado.... 20 Samll Cigars...  Idiot Bastard Son in
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!>>

<<I am so very impressed with the level of the performance I witnessed last night. As an ardent fan steeped in decades & dozens of Zappa concerts (including the Ircam guys in paris and some musicians from the Concertgebouw Orch in a club in A’dam), I can tell you that you all need to take a huge bow.

Words which sprang to mind last night (some that only are accolades when performing Zappa compositions) were articulate, heroic, competence, and unusual passion and excitement, even from the FL Orch players.

I closed my eyes during Sofa, Black Napkins and others and was transported back to the Felt Forum in 70’s NY. Because it did not sound like a well-executed version of the record, but sounded like the umpteenth live retooling of a piece that makes it a whole new experience - as true maniacal composer/musicians like Zappa, Peter Gabriel and few others can do. Hats off to Jerry and Tom Trapp for doing what I have not seen anyone do on stage before with FZ music.>>

* * * * * *

2003/09/28 Fred Hemmer said:

Bogus Pomp won two awards in The Weekly Planet's 2003 Best List. They were for:

The following links will take you there.

* * * * * *
2003/10/15 Fred Hemmer said:

Subject: Zappaween IX information

The Ninth Annual Zappaween festival is happening at the State Theatre in downtown St. Petersburg on Saturday, November 1st.   Bogus Pomp will once again burgeon forth with over three hours of the best damn music you could ever hope to hear a band perform live.   Electric violin and guitar virtuoso, Dan Campbell will be joining Jerry and the guys once again to bring a level of musical excellence (combined with freewheeling buffoonery) to Tampa Bay that only happens once a year.   As always, Jerry will give the best dressed freak one of his very own electric guitars.   A particularly cool high point of this years Zappaween performance will be during the second set, as Bogus Pomp will perform the HOT RATS album in it's entirety.   Expect Dan to really be smokin' the violin on this stuff.  As always, video and audio recording is welcomed and encouraged.   Anyone recording audio should bring your own microphones because board access is not always available.   

                 Every time we do Zappaween at the State Theatre, it's a NONSMOKING show.

                  Jerry and the band really do appreciate everyone that respects this request.

    Tickets are $15.  Doors are at 8 pm, show is around 9pm or so.   Bogus Pomp has become an institution of musical excellence over the last decade and this 9th year in a row further establishes Zappaween as a St.Petersburg tradition.   Bogus Pomp wants to sincerely thank everyone who has supported the band in our effort to keep this incredible music alive.   See you there!!!!     

* * * * *  
2003/11/07 Fred Hemmer said:

Stan Ivestor on Zappaween IX:

For their ninth Zappaween extravaganza, Bogus Pomp ( did two long sets of Zappa music. Without Napi on vocals, both sets were mostly instrumental, and the guys really tore the place up, showcasing the jazzier side of Frank's music. It's a joy to see musicians who have the technical complexity of this music down cold and who bring such skill to performances that are brimming with enthusiasm. These are some hard pieces to play, but here they are, with eyebrows and exclamation points to spare. Guest violinist and guitarist Dan Campbell-who appeared with the band last year as well--added some unusual backgrounds and solos. And keyboardist Rick Olson played quite a bit of guitar, along with a Middle Eastern guitarlike instrument on "Thirteen."

Set 1 opened with a loud and proud King Kong, featuring lively solos by Dan and Jerry. Second in line was Road Ladies, a bluesy outing with Jerry and Rick handling vocals. Dog Meat was then served, as tight as that puppy has ever been stuffed. Then came a raucous and jumpy I'm the Slime. The Black Page was next, featuring BP's own arrangement, which incorporates elements of several of Frank's versions. And then they segued into 50-50-the instrumental version! You know, there were some good things about 1973, after all. Ring of Fire (tribute to Johnny Cash) brought down the house, in a very respectful way, of course. Thirteen (Middle Eastern style) was a highlight for me, though perhaps a bit delicate for the room. This was probably the most radical departure from an original played that night and had some very interesting sonorities-I'd love to hear a studio version of this. Up next was The Torture Never Stops-the traditional Halloween favorite, including one of Jerry's best guitar solos of the evening. And then Cosmik Debris in a swinging, enthusiastic version, followed by Approximate as a duet between John Citrone on drums and David Coash on percussion. Very cool. Closing set 1 was what I'll always think of it as Side 4 of Sheik Yerbouti: Wild Love / Yo' Mama, with great interplay between lead guitar and keyboards on the latter.

A Pound for a Brown was the cooking opener for the second set, followed by the entire Hot Rats album: Peaches en Regalia / Willie the Pimp / Son of Mr. Green Genes / Little Umbrellas / The Gumbo Variations / It Must Be a Camel. All were given spirited interpretations, although Gumbo was perhaps the most successful, with lots of raw-edged soloing. David Pate's opening solo was perhaps the best of his many fine solos. Next was Zomby Woof, followed by Big Swifty in much the style of 1988 FZ band (with Lohengrin, Carmen theme, 1812 Overture theme, improvisation, Giant Steps). Providing blessed relaxation was a slow and noirish reading of 20 Small Cigars, followed by a dense and very accurate G-Spot Tornado, both played even better than in the recent BP Orchestra show. Since Campbell was here again, I was hoping for a repeat of last year's magnificent Black Napkins, and I was not disappointed. Next was BP's rollercoaster medley of Let's Move To Cleveland / Let's Make the Water Turn Black / Harry You're a Beast / Orange County Lumber Truck / Lumpy Gravy. Bringing a stately sweep to wind down the proceedings was Strictly Genteel, including band introductions. Closing the show was Muffin Man, featuring a three-guitar attack from Jerry, Dan, and Rick. What an eternally amazing riff to solo on, around, under, and on top of. And these guys used it to send a sweat-drenched crowd back out into the warm South Florida night.


2004/01/31, Fred Hemmer said:

Subject: Bogus Pomp news

Hi gang,

The Bogus Pomp Acoustic Band will perform at the Palladium in St. Petersburg on Saturday, March 27. Showtime is 8:00. I will write later with additional details.

-- Fred

info forwarded by Fred Hemmer 2004/03/05:

Event:   EMIT concert with Bogus Pomp
Where:   the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg
Date:             Saturday, March 27 at 8 PM

Bogus Pomp ( is a 10-piece Frank Zappa repertoire band based in the Tampa Bay area. The band has been featured with The Persuasions, Florida Orchestra and the Buffalo Philharmonic, among others.

Bogus Pomp will be performing on the EMIT series at the Palladium Theater on Saturday, March 27. We are subtitling this concert - “Tasty Little Suckers” in reference to Zappa’s 1969 lp Burnt Weeny Sandwich and since the repertoire featured in this concert includes selections from the lp as well as other jazz and new classical works by Zappa. This is the 73rd concert presented by EMIT.

This concert will have a wonderful acoustic sound because Bogus Pomp will use the new Bose Personalized Amplification System -  a new technology that combines monitor and main speakers into one small package and produces an amazing natural, if not acoustic-sounding result. We are the first band in the area to use the Bose system.  More info about the Bose system:

The repertoire will include: The Little House Where I Lived, 20 Small Cigars, Little Umbrellas, Amnerika, Sleep Dirt, Blessed Relief, What’s New in Baltimore, Uncle Meat, G-Spot Tornado, Idiot Bastard Son, Dwarf Nebula, Big Swifty, Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus and more.

Admission is $12 general and $10 for seniors and students. The Palladium Theatre is located at 253 Fifth Ave. North in St. Petersburg. Call (727) 822-3590 for further information. Warning - we start EMIT concerts on time, so don't be late!


David Manson
EMIT series

From: Fred Hemmer
Sunday, April 04, 2004
Subject: Bogus Pomp Orchestra Show information

Hi Gang,

 We have a tentative date at The Tampa Theatre for the 2004 version of The Bogus Pomp Orchestra. Hold September 18,  and yes, it is a Saturday night this time!

Why is it tentative? The simple answer is money. The cost of putting on such a special event with 25 musicians is extremely high. As you probably know, the show last year was possible as the result of a number of people putting up donations. Ticket revenues alone do not cover the costs of putting on such a show.

We need to raise money to pay the up front costs of the event and we are offering the same opportunity for sponsors as we did last year. To be a sponsor we need a donation of $200 and in return you will get two seats for the show as well as two admissions for Zappaween X. The seats at Tampa Theatre will be right up front like last year. And sponsors will gain entry to Zappaween before the general public does in order to secure the best viewing advantage for that show.

This grass roots effort keeps the band performing for us at a level that is above and beyond what most acts deliver. Last year's BPO show was voted the Best Tampa Bay Concert of 2003 by The Weekly Planet and that is twice in the last five years Bogus Pomp has earned that award. No wonder so many people travel regularly long distances to come to BP events. BP is truly a treasure for us Zappa fans.

Please consider making the donation and securing killer seats for yourself. It is a win win situation. Checks can be made payable to Bogus Pomp Fund and can be sent to me at:

Fred Hemmer
11970 7th St East
Treasure Island, FL 33706

Please include your address, e-mail address and phone number.

(Please know that I do not and have never taken any money for helping the band. And also know that the BP band members make peanuts for their services.)

Your support is appreciated very much!

-- Fred

From: Fred Hemmer
Sent: 2004/05/27
Subject: Bogus Pomp Orchestra concert news

The Bogus Pomp Orchestra will perform at The Tampa Theatre on Saturday, August 21. Ticket information will be announced very soon and I will send you that info before tickets go on sale to the public.

The BPO show last year was remarkable and was selected by The Weekly Planet as Best Concert of 2003 in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Theatre was gracious enough to allow us to hold the event on a Saturday night this year and I hope that makes it easier for all of you who travel in from out of town for the show.

You might remember that this show, with twenty-five band members, is extremely expensive to put on and it is only possible due to the support we get from sponsors. It is important that we get enough money up front to pay for all the expenses that we must fund prior to date of the event. That is why we have offered smaller individual sponsorships in exchange for priority seating.

So, I am making another shameless request for donors to step up. I need at least ten more people to put up $200 each to help support this show. In return you will be provided with two seats to the BPO show and two admissions to Zappaween X. The BPO seats will be right up front in either the floor or balcony. Your choice. If you wonder how people get good seats, this is how!! While Zappaween is general admission we will do what we can to provide better seating opportunities as well. If the show is at the State Theater, which is likely, I will reserve the balcony area for sponsors. Since so many people stand on the floor at that venue, the balcony is the best area to view from a seat.

So please, if you are coming to the shows anyway, please think about being a sponsor. We really need the funds! Donations should be made payable to Bogus Pomp Fund and sent to me at:
Fred Hemmer
11970 7th St East 
Treasure Island, FL 33706

Thank you for your support. 

Also, tomorrow night (Friday 2004/05/28) at 10:00pm WPKN in Connecticut will be doing a special show featuring all Zappa music and interviews. Those who live elsewhere can listen at BP sponsor and avid fan, Dave Kisyk (those in St. Pete know him as "Big Dave") will be your host.

-- Fred

    From Fred Hemmer, June 10, 2004

Tickets for the August 21, 2004 at The Tampa Theatre go on sale this Friday (2004/06/11)  at 10:00 at the box office (  or at Ticketmaster. Seats are $27.50 and students with a valid ID get 25% off.

There are a few sponsor positions left and the package has been upgraded from what I announced before. For $200 you get:

If you are interested and want to take advantage of the opportunity to get the best seats possible, please send a check payable to Bogus Pomp Fund and send it to me at:

Fred Hemmer
11970 7th St East
Treasure Island,  FL 33706 

For those of you who have already sent in your money, thank you very much!

Please contact me if you have any questions. (

-- Fred

From Jerry Outlaw - October 9, 2004:

Hey everybody,

I know lots of people are unhappy about the cancellation of Zappaween 10.

I can assure you that nobody is as unhappy about it as I am.  Things just came together in a completely rotten way to make Zappaween impossible this year.  Obviously, four major hurricanes in six weeks didn't help things.

Many of us were without power at different points and some for a week or more.  These hurricanes have caused serious changes in everyone's plans and schedules.

I had serious discussions with Alex,Rick,and John about the amount of rehearsal time we would have leading up to Zappaween.  Things were stacked against us in many ways concerning everyone's individual schedules.  At first we decided to go ahead with it and try to squeeze in a couple of rehearsals before Zappaween and make it happen.  We knew it would be very hard and we also knew that we wouldn't really be at 100% as a band by Zappaween because of such limited time to get together.  Still we said, let's do it.  Performing when we are not as rehearsed as we should be is risky but we have been in that situation before and been ok.  We were deciding the setlist and looking at two days in october to get with John for
full-band rehearsals.  Then it happened,...

The idiots at the state theater called and said they double booked the date with another band.

Even though we booked that date a year ago,.. a fucking YEAR AGO, they still refused to even consider moving the other band to a different date.  I was really surprised that they wouldn't even consider moving the other band, especially since we would put at least 500 people in there and probably sell most of their beer out.  These guys (Tony and Dave) have shown that they couldn't care less about an institution that has filled their smelly little theater to capacity many times and certainly made them lots of money.  Dave is particularly to blame.  He could have prevented this situation from happening months ago by simply calling me.  He is an idiot of the highest degree and everyone should tell him so.  His phone number is  727-804-5341 for anyone who would like to express their distaste to him for letting this very very stupid thing happen.

Doing Zappaween on a different date is not an option so, unfortunately we must cancel due to many contributing factors... the destructive power of four hurricanes, the abrupt changing of everyone's schedules, very limited rehearsal time and finally the biggest reason for Zappaween not happening this year,... COMPLETE STUPIDITY on the part of Tony and Dave from the state theater.  Especially Dave Hundley.   I can only offer my most sincere apology to everyone who was expecting the good time that Zappaween has been for nine years in a row.  We are very sorry to cancel Zappaween 10 and we hope to make it up to everyone in the near future.  Needless to say, we will never play the state theater again.  OK, there it is.... my explaination of why things led up to the cancellation of Zappaween this year.  Once again, I am SO sorry about this.  My heart is crushed over it and we will make it up to everyone somehow.  I promise.  Don't give up on us because we are not
done yet.

very sincerely,

-- Jerry Outlaw

    a message from Fred Hemmer
    July 2005

OK gang,

Since so many of you can't make it to Germany for the Zappanale Festival performance, the BP boys graciously will perform the entire Zappanale show (plus some more stuff) at Skippers in Tampa on July 23. Doors open at 7:00, showtime is 8:00 and tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Go to for advance tickets.

This will be BP's first electric show since Zappaween 9 in 2003 and they are very eager to strut their stuff once again. Audio and video recording is encouraged!

-- Fred

ZAPPAWEEN 10 ... Halloween tradition lives on!!! ... Featuring Bogus Pomp - Saturday - October 29th

It's a rare thing when a community embraces a band in such a way as the Tampa Bay music scene has embraced Bogus Pomp. This band was started as a project just for fun and over the last 11 years it has evolved and grown into a well-respected institution of musical excellence. This Halloween weekend, Bogus Pomp will have their 10th annual ZAPPAWEEN festival concert and mark a decade of celebrating the incredible music of Frank Zappa. Bogus Pomp performs the late master's work in a way that has become very endeared to serious Zappa fans all over the world. Bogus Pomp offers something you just can't get anymore,... anywhere.... well, except in Tampa Bay. They offer the stylish and complex music of Frank Zappa performed in a very true-to-form way with precision and conviction. Since this will be ZAPPAWEEN 10, there will be some serious buffoonery to go along with the serious performance. Bogus Pomp keeps Halloween tradition alive with lots of laughs and a costume contest with crazy prizes. Zappaween has become such an amazing annual event and this 10 year anniversary should be the best yet. Zappaween 10 happens on Saturday, October 29th at Bourbon Street, 4331 U.S. Highway 19 in Newport Richey. Tickets are $15. Doors at 8:30pm, showtime at 9:30pm. As always, audio and video recording devices are welcomed and encouraged.

Don't forget to come dressed in costume. The costume contest winners will be awarded special prizes including an autographed guitar for first place.

A limited amount of DVD's from their Zappanale show in Germany will be available.

Jerry will be also be updating everybody with preliminary details about an exciting 2006 schedule. Sponsorships that guarantee choice seats and other goodies will again be available.

Visit Bogus Pomp at ...



Fred Hemmer says:

Hi gang,

Another fantastic show it was! Most people I talked to or who wrote me said this was their best show ever. Seems like that is the response after every show they do! And thank you to those who traveled long distances to get here.

Go to for some excellent photos.

The set list was:

intros... * city of tiny lites * penguin in bondage * advance romance * carolina hardcore ecstasy * pound for a brown * little house king kong used to live in * holiday in berlin * let's move to cleveland * black napkins * g-spot tornado

black page * t'mershi duween * dupree's paradise * echdna's arf * don't you ever wash that thing? * bamboozled by love * whipping post * dog breath/uncle meat * andy * cosmic debris * zomby woof * uncle remus * wild love * yo mama

As Jerry mentioned, the band has some exciting goals for 2006 including three shows in Germany and several more shows in the Zappa Capital of The World: St.Petersburg, Florida! Discussions are underway for Bogus Pomp rock, Bogus Pomp Orchestra and Bogus Pomp Acoustic events. We are trying to arrange the local shows in special venues.

Please remember these shows would not happen without the dedication of the BP members and the financial support provided by a number of individuals. Special thanks again goes to Star Media! As plans for 2006 progress we will be in touch with news including how you can become a sponsor and the benefits that come with that support. 

Thanks again!

-- Fred

Forwarded by Fred, November 2005

Feel free to share the following with the band and those who made this show possible as you deem appropriate.

1. Darn! Now I cannot make up my mind about which show was better, Zappanale or ZWX - and I left the video camera at home this time :-(  Anybody got footage?  Mp3s?

2. Very minor bummer: I thought I detected David Coach losing the connection with John Citrone for a few bars somewhere in the second set (Dupree somewhere?).  But then, perhaps it was supposed to be that way?  That was the only mistake I heard all night -- if only I could do half as well!

3. Major bummer: if only BP could travel :-(

4. Overall, see #1.  Equally good but for different reasons.  All the buffoonery on and off stage was a riot.  Clowning aside, Ward has the timing down pat and does quite well on vocals too!

Not sure why "security" was so worried about the girls ... we are all adults, right?  MTV shows more.  Imho, the bar maids were more provocative than that.  But then, Pee-Wee Herman got in trouble for entertaining himself while the high and migthy seem to get away with murder.  Is that a Florida thing or what?  From an ode to Pee-Wee's Big Misadventure some years back: "You can play baseball like Lenny D, and wrap your Mercedes around a tree.... but whatever you polish, whatever you rub, don't get caught in a porno club!" -- Don't Get Caught... Copyright 1991 Bengt Lindblad

5. Pleasant surprise: Rick Olson - who never gets the big spotlights - should not be underestimated.  He certainly bamboozled me to pieces this time!  David Lindley may not lose sleep over it, but I say "yay Rick!!!"  While Jerry's guitar gymnastics are truly spectacular - and loud at the end - it seems Rick puts just enough paint on the canvas to make one want more.  Rick's vocal stylings were quite impressive too.

6. We had John Citrone in view throughout and what an awesome drummer!!!  Our emergency contribution a while back was money well spent.  The Approximate duet with David Coash is sooo funny!

7. Alex, like Bill Wyman, you hardly notice him until he stops playing.  How does he manage to keep a straight face amid all that ruckus?  The musical bedrock of Tampa Bay no doubt.

8. The horns, the keyboards, the eye brows, the whole package.  Can it get much better than this?  Surely Uncle Frank must be smiling up there in his heavenly listening chair between Elvis and the other guy.

Bengt, Marlyse & Stefan
West Chester, PA.

2006/01/04 Fred Hemmer says

Hi Gang,

Well, the holidays are over but the party is just beginning. After an exciting 2005 it looks like Bogus Pomp will be even busier in 2006.  

The following dates are booked:

2006/01/21 concert 'State Theater' in St. Petersburg, FL, usa

2006/02/18 concert 'Java Junction', Clearwater, FL, usa

2006/04/08 concert 'Java Junction', Clearwater, FL, usa

In addition the following plans are being discussed:

Zappaween in St. Petersburg possibly with an ex-Zappa band member you all know  

We are trying to pull off another "big" event. Discussions are underway for a Bogus Pomp Orchestra show here with an attempt to try to do the show elsewhere too. Also it looks like BP may play Zappanale in Germany in 2007.

To make these extra events happen we are looking to once again raise funds that will cover the loss that the band incurs. Traveling expenses for rehearsals and the hiring of additional musicians takes money that is not covered by ticket sales. We have been fortunate that individuals stepped up and provided financial support over the last two years to allow the band to continue. I think that almost everybody who donated the first year were repeats last year. And we are lucky the core band plays for what amounts to be peanuts!

So, we are looking for sponsors and at this time we can offer the following:

For a $200 contribution you get-

1- Two priority admissions to the State Theater show January 21. You will get in early to grab the balcony or front floor area.

2- Two admissions to the Java Junction February 18 show. (We can't offer any deal for the April 8 show as BP is playing as part of a show with other bands controlled by a promoter.)

3- Purchase priority for any of the other shows that may be booked.

4- At times we have given out special goodies like shirts and Zappanale DVD's.

5- And general satisfaction that you helped keep Zappa music alive!

Checks should be payable to "Bogus Pomp Fund" and sent to me at:

Fred Hemmer  
11970 7th St East  
Treasure Island, FL 33706  

All money that has been collected has been used to support band expenses and rehearsals only.

If anybody has any questions please contact me.

Thanks for your support,

-- Fred  

2006/02/07 - Bogus Pomp updates from Jerry and John:

Jerry first:

The "Bogus Pomp Acoustic Combo" will perform at Java Junction on Saturday, February 18th.
We put together two sets that sound really great in the semi-acoustic format.  It's a lot lighter sounding than the full band and it will be a nice change to hear these songs in a different way.  Tickets are $10 at the door, showtime is 9:30pm until midnight.  We will do two 1-hour sets.
As always, video and audio recording is welcomed and encouraged.

Sponsors will have their names at the door for free entrance.

Now John:

o I (John, ye olde drummer) will be taking PAID orders for Bogus Pomp logo ski caps (Jerry wore the flame design at the last show) at the Feb. 18 Java Junction show on Saturday, Feb. 18. Hats are $25 (includes postage) and are available in solid primary colors with piping, rugby style (wide primary-color stripes i.e. black and red, black and orange, yellow and maroon, etc.) and of course FLAMES.

Remember to bring some extra cash if you want one of these tasty little suckers.

o ALSO -- Don't forget about the Bogus Pomp electric band at Freebird Live on Saturday, Feb. 25. Freebird is located at 200 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach. Tickets are $10. 246-BIRD. If you are a rabid enough Zappaphile to show up, we could really use the support at this new venue. If not, please alert anyone you know in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area to come and get a little nutty with the band. We could use a hefty turnout.

o LASTLY, Since a lot of young drummers approach me about lessons, which I am not able to give due to obvious distance and time constraints, I am looking into creating a guerilla-quality drum instructional video (DVD). Mostly covering basic technique, drum tuning, some fun stuff like fills and maybe a bit about approaching Zappa's music from behind the kit. This would be an expense for me, so I am surveying the territory to judge what the response would be. Let me know by responding to me at or just accost me at one of the upcoming concerts.

Future dates:

2006/03/25 concert Bogus Pomp - St. Petersburg at the Dali Museum

2006/04/08 concert Bogus Pomp- This show has been moved from Java Junction to The Bank in St. Petersburg.

February 2006

Fred Hemmer says:

Bogus Pomp in Jacksonville

BOGUS POMP is performing from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. on

Saturday, Feb. 25 at Freebird Live, 200 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach.

Tix are $10. 246-BIRD. Would love to see you there.

This is a bigshow for us -- our first in Northeast Florida. We could use your support. Thanks !!

Fred Hemmer - 20060323

Dalífest 2006
Saturday, March 25 - 11:00am to 8:00pm

The Salvador Dalí Museum is celebrating its 24th anniversary in St. Petersburg with DalíFest, an annual celebration. The daylong celebration features reduced admission to the museum, the special exhibition "Dalí's Brush with American Art" and the "Student Surrealist Art Exhibition," art activities for the whole community, and a variety of food vendors.

Event takes place in the Museum and in Poynter Park adjacent to the Museum.

Outside activities are all free;

Museum admission reduced: Half Price ($7) Adults, Children under 12 are free.

Outside entertainment schedule (all free): 

11:30      Magician Christopher Oz
Prepare to be mesmerized!
60 minute performance

1:30        Gravy
Intense 8 piece funk & horn ensemble
90 minute performance

3:30        The Irritable Tribe without Poets
Sublime world jazz fusion
60 minute performance

5:30        The On Que Players
R&B and Motown sounds to kick the party into gear
60 minute performance

6:30        Bogus Pomp
Renowned, amazing Frank Zappa cover band
90 minute performance

  Fred Hemmer - 2006/04/04

The show this Saturday at The Bank has been canceled by the promoter due to illness. This is out of BP's control but they are in process of trying to book a couple more shows in the near future. I will keep you updated.


  Fred Hemmer - 2006/07/25

Just an update to remind everyone that Bogus Pomp will play at Skippers in Tampa on September 9. I will provide more details closer to the show date.

2006/09/09 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Skippers', Tampa, usa

And in the meantime:

Friday August 18th, 2006                                                  
Adrian Belew;                                                             
Jerry Outlaw and Friends                                                        
The State Theatre                                                         
Tickets $20.00 in advance                                                 
$20.00 - Day of Show                                                      
Doors open 8:00PM   

2006/08/18 Jerry Outlaw and Friends / Adrian Belew – concert ‘State Theatre’ - St. Petersburg, FL, usa

Jerry will open for former Zappa guitarist Belew.

-- Fred

Fred Hemmer - 2006 009 04

Hey gang,

Bogus Pomp will perform at Skipper's in Tampa this Saturday at 8:00. Doors open at 7:00.

The last two shows there have been excellent!

-- Fred

2006/09/09 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Skipper's', Tampa, FL, usa

a message from Fred
2007 01 15

The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra will perform on Saturday, February 17th at the Garage in downtown St.Petersburg.   Doors open at 8pm and the show starts around 9:30pm.  Tickets are $10 at the door only, no advance tickets.   We will do two sets of instrumental, semi-acoustic music.   Each set will be an hour or a little longer.   This performance will feature Dan Campbell on violin and Tom Kersey on cello.   Also this will be Jason Caren's debut on drums with the band.  We are very happy to have him aboard!!  The lineup will consist of......

This is a unique lineup and I think it will sound excellent in this format.   As always, video and audio recording is welcomed and encouraged.   This show will not be a late one or a loud one so, bring someone you wouldn't usually bring.  

Also, will also be playing Dalifest at The Dali Museum on Saturday, March 24. More detail will follow.

Did anybody get a video of Zappaween 11. If you did please let me know as Jerry and the band would love to get a copy.



Bogus Pomp news
2007 03 11

Remember, our dedicated lovers of Frank's music will perform at 6:30 at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg on March 24. The music is free and for $7 you can get into the museum which deserves all of our support.

And on Sunday April 29 Bogus Pomp will be at Skippers in Tampa with an early show time of 6:00 or so. I will send confirming details later.

The BIG news is a show scheduled for August that will be a small, invitation only, concert. And, yes, as a recipient of this e-mail, you will be invited! As soon as the details are confirmed I will let you know. There will be room for 175 people and we will offer seats on a reservation basis.


The following is the schedule for the Dalifest concert and is a deal at $7 per person. Bogus Pomp headlines and comes on at 6:30.


Salvador Dalí Museum
1000 Third Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-4901

Saturday March 24

Performer Schedule (11:00 am - 8:00 pm)

Time    Performers     
11:00   Indo Flamenco Fusion: Nandkishor Muley & Fuego Flamenco

India meets Spain in this world fusion of Indian & Flamenco music led by Nandkishor Muley, the remarkable Grammy-award winning Maestro of the Santur (South Asian hammered dulcimer).  Traveling from Germany for this event, Muley begins the performance accompanied by WMNF´s Eluv on tambura.  It continues with a performance by the fiery Sarasota Flamenco trio Fuego Flamenco (Tahja, Juan de la Sierra and Jeff Lloyd), concluding with an Indo Flamenco fusion involving all participants. A magical event not to be missed!

(75 minutes)   
12:15   30 min. breakdown / set up     
12:45   Rayzilla´s PBS

Both whacked and sublime, a stew of world music, pop songs, and jazz fusion, all with a hint of insanity, from the mind of WMNF´s Rayzilla.  Performers include Jim Beckwith, Alfredo Rivero, Matt Cowley and Jeremy Powell.  Rayzilla´s set will feature his notorious Dalí homage, "I am Not Mad," and the eventual mega hit, "Bomb."

(60 min)       
1:45    30 min. breakdown / set up     
2:15    SHIM

The Dalí Museum celebrates this special reunion of SHIM, the jazz freebop band that "brought mystery (and Mr. Ra) to Tampa Bay."  Specialists in the avant groove, they pay homage to such diverse composers as Fela Kuti, Sun Ra and beyond.  Come and hear why the Weekly Planet awarded Shim a "Best of the Bay" award three years in a row! 

(45 min)       
3:00    30 min. breakdown / set up     
3:30    Sam Rivers Trio

Legendary Grammy-nominated jazz musician, Rivers has been a part of the history of jazz, working with musicians from Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, to avant-garde figures like Cecil Taylor and Anthony Braxton. He has since gone on to forge a personal vocabulary and leads one of the outstanding jazz trios in the world. This will be the righteous event of the season.

The Sam Rivers Trio performance is co-sponsored by the Emit Series of Experimental Music.

(60 min)       
4:30    30 min. breakdown / set up     
5:00    Gravy (w/ Ronnie Dee)

Intense powerhouse funk horn band featuring one of the hardest grooves found anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, brought to you by local impresario Ronnie Dee.

(60 min.: 1:30 - 3:00) 
6:00    30 min. breakdown / set up     
6:30    Bogus Pomp

World-renowned Frank Zappa repertoire band formed in 1994 by Jerry Outlaw, Alex Pasut and Rick Olson.  Musicians include an unlikely combination of educators, symphony players, jazzers, and rockers, all with a common interest in Zappa's music. After 12 years, they are the tightest band around, and they blew people´s minds at the 2006 Zappanale Festival in Germany.  Come and have your mind blown as well!

(90 min.) 

2007 04 07

The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Orchestra will perform on Sunday, April 29th for an early show from 6pm until 9pm at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa.  This is the debut of the full "low budget orchestra" and it's going to be great.   Tickets are $15.   Doors at 5pm, show at 6pm.  The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Orchestra lineup consists of....

DVDs will be available at Skipper's too!!!   See you there!!!

Also, next week will mark the arrival of two new web sites,   and   These were created since the old is scaling down.   Jerry will be updating this new BP site every week and putting up tons of new photos and music. 

Also, circle August 25 for a special Bogus Pomp event that will available only to you fine folks on this E-mail list. I will be sending out the poop on this soon and how you will be able to reserve tickets for this intimate affair. PLEASE DON'T E-MAIL ME YET, I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN LATER.

I know Jerry and the boys are excited about having Jason Caren as an additional drummer. He is local and that certainly makes rehearsing easier. And don't worry, John Citrone is still going to perform too.

-- Fred

2007 04 27

A Bogus Pomp message from Jerry

Sunday from 6pm until 9pm, the Bogus Pomp Low Budget Orchestra will perform at Skipper's in Tampa.  Tickets are $15, doors at 5pm.  You can come out and hear two sets of Zappa, have some great food and be home before 10pm.   This will be the full 11 piece BP Low Budget Orchestra.  If you come out,... I promise to beat the crap out of my guitar just for you!!!!!!    Come on,.... we won't keep you out late.  ;)

JerryO & BP

2007 05 22

Bogus Pomp Update

Hold on folks!

Saturday, August 25- A semi-private show at the intimate Catherine Hickman Theater in Gulfport. This theater has only 173 seats and Bogus Pomp played there in 2000. It is a gem of a venue. This will not be made open to the public and will be done on a reservation only basis and you, by being part of this e-mail list, will be invited. Details are being worked out and I will let you know how to reserve your seat. Please don't e-mail me yet.

Saturday, September 15- Cuban Club in Ybor City as part of the WMNF Birthday Bash.

Saturday, September 29- As part of the Emit series, Bogus Pomp will play one set accompanied by Jimmy Carl Black and Eugene Chadbourne.

Saturday, October 27- Zappaween 12 at Jannus Landing.

A special package deal will be made available for the Gulfport and Zappaween shows. Stay tuned for more information soon.

One more thing, on Friday the 25th from 10PM-2AM Big Dave will be again co-hosting the 14th annual Memorial Day Meltdown from WPKN 89.5 FM Bridgeport CT. As usual he will be playing 4 straight hours of Frank Zappa from his vast library. Go to and click on the listen live button to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend tradition.

-- Fred

2007 08 06

We can finally confirm Napoleon will perform with Bogus Pomp on October 27 at Zappaween. As those of you who have seen Napi with BP in the past will agree, he is an outstanding performer and is perfect for the Zappaween style show. The show will be at The State Theater and I will do my best to try to secure priority seating for those who sign up for the sponsorship offer in connection with the Gulfport show.

I saw the Zappa Plays Zappa show 4 times last year and Napoleon was the clear star of that tour. We are lucky to have him back with Bogus Pomp again.

More details to come.


2007 09 13

Bogus Pomp update

Bogus Pomp fans,

Thanks to everybody who came to the Gulfport show.

The next two shows are as follows:

Saturday night, September 15th at the Cuban Club in Ybor city.  Bogus Pomp will perform as part of the WMNF 88.5 Birthday Bash celebration.   There will be many great bands there and it's all to support the best radio station in Florida, WMNF 88.5 fm.   Bogus Pomp performs from 10:30 until 11:30 on the big stage in the courtyard.   It's gonna be FUN!!!!


Saturday night, September 29th at the State Theater in downtown St.Petersburg.   EMIT concert series presents a show titled "Only a Mother" which features Jimmy Carl Black, Eugene Chadbourne and special guests Bogus Pomp.   Fall On Purpose will open the show.  8pm. 

And don't forget Zappaween at the State Theater with Napoleon Murphy Brock on Saturday October 27. More details will to come.

As requested by several people, the following is the set list from the Gulfport show:


~ set 1 ~  

Big Swifty (Miles Beyond), Dog Breath Variations, Uncle Meat, Black Napkins, Pound for a Brown, Florentine Pogen, Andy, Inca Roads

~ set 2 ~   

Peaches en Regalia, Montana, Sinister Footwear, Black Page #2, Dupree's Paradise/Approximate (Birds of Fire), Echidna's Arf, Don't you ever wash that thing?, Little house I used to live in, Strictly Genteel

The feedback for this show was very good and we will see about having another one there. The Mahavishnu Orchestra segues were very nice.


2007 09 24

And don't for get the show this Saturday night at the State Theater in downtown St.Petersburg.   EMIT concert series presents a show titled "Only a Mother" which features Jimmy Carl Black (an original mother of invention), Eugene Chadbourne (renowned whacko) and special guests Bogus Pomp.   Fall On Purpose will open the show.  8pm, tickets $20 available from ticketmaster.  Don't miss this one because it's gonna be strange!!!

And be sure to visit for current information, pictures, etc.


2007 10 17

There is no BP USF conflict on Zappaween

Several have written whether the South Florida game will be on TV at the State Theater 10/27. The game that day is on ABC at 3:30 so no worry about missing it. Hopefully, we will all be at Zappaween celebrating a SF victory.

While not confirmed, it has been reported that the USF game was moved to accommodate the Bogus Pomp fans.

Fred :)

2007 10 23
Zappaween this Saturday

Just one more silly reminder about the show this Saturday night at the State Theater. Doors at 8 and show time is 9.

And come ready for fun and buffoonery. As only Jerry could say:

"Crazy prizes will be awarded to the coolest looking weirdos and,.... a NEW DEAN GUITAR (autographed by Napoleon and the band) will be given away to the BEST dressed freak in the house.   Costumes will be haphazardly judged by audience and band alike.   In the event of a tie, the contestants must fight to the death with folding chairs. "


2007 10 24
Zappaween news

Hi gang,

Sorry to tell you but Napoleon is suffering from a flu bug and won't be able to perform at this year's Zappaween on Saturday. But the show will go on and Bogus Pomp will put on their typical great Zappaween performance.

Joining BP will be Pat Buffo who has been a guest singer for BP a number of times over the years.

Ticket prices will be reduced from $25 to $20.

Feel better Napi!


2007 10 26
from: Napoleon Murphy Brock

Dear Jerry Outlaw, Fred Hemmer, Bogus Pomp, Bogus Pomp fans & Zappaween fans,

It is with great regret that I must withdraw from this year's planned Zappaween event.  I have been stricken with a virus, and it is not possible for me to perform at this time.

I was honored to have Bogus Pomp invite me to be a part of this year's show, and, in my opinion, Bogus Pomp is one of the best bands that I have had the privilege to perform with over the past seven years.

Please accept my deepest apology.  And I promise that, as soon as I am healthy again, I will return to Florida and do a show with Bogus Pomp that will knock your socks off.

Please enjoy your Zappaween celebration, and the music of Frank Zappa, performed by Bogus Pomp, some of the finest musicians that it is my honor to know and call my friends.


Napoleon Murphy Brock

2007 11 16

Fred Hemmer says:

New Bogus Pomp show announced:

OK gang, time for a road trip! This ain't no redneck bar. This venue is a nice mini-theater that only seats about 300. New and classy!

Muffin Man Productions Presents: "Bogus Pomp in concert"

Saturday December 15th 2007
At the Marion Theatre
50 South Magnolia Ave
Ocala Florida 

Doors open 8:00 PM
Show time 9:00 PM

$20 per person

Marion Theatre Box Office (352) 622-1247

Ticket sale and info starting Monday 11/19/2007

2007 11 30

Hi Gang,

Directions to the Ocala show next Saturday are as follows:

I-275 north toward Ocala
Merge onto I-75 north
Go about 77 miles to exit 352 ( W. Silver Springs Blvd. Hwy 40 )
Take right at end of ramp
Go about 3 miles to intersection of 301-27 (Pine Ave) 
Go straight crossing Pine Ave  and up the hill to
Magnolia Ave - Take right
Theatre will be on your right with parking behind building.
50 South Magnolia Ave 
Ocala Fl.

Please call me @ (352) 427-6455 if you have any questions.


2008 05 09

Bogus Pomp to perform the inaugural concert at the newly renovated Ritz Theater in Ybor City.

Bogus Pomp will be performing the inaugural concert event at the newly renovated Ritz Theater in Ybor City on Saturday, June 7 at 9 pm. Past concert events have resulted in Bogus Pomp becoming known world-wide for their exceptional performances of Frank Zappa's material. Bogus Pomp will be performing a special acoustic set to be followed by a more traditional electric set.

Formerly known as The Masquerade, the The Ritz Theater has recently completed a total renovation, bringing it back to it's original splendor after years of abuse and neglect. The acoustics in this venue are exceptional and should serve to make the performance very enjoyable.

A full liquor bar will be open for those who wish a cool libation (or two!). There is plenty of parking available in the parking garage which is located less than 100 feet from the venue.  The Ritz Theater is located at 1503 - 7th Avenue in Ybor City.

Tickets are $25.00 (general admission) and are available thru Ticketmaster and at the door.

For information, call (813) 247-2555.

2008 04 23

Hold these dates gang:

MAY 30 FRIDAY at Skippers in Tampa

ADRIAN BELEW wizard of sonic manipulation and texture, Belew has been the guitarist of choice for the art-rock crowd. Adrian was discovered by Frank Zappa while playing guitar in a cover band in Nashville. After touring with Zappa, he signed on with David Bowie touring & recording two albums [Stage & Lodger] Next he joined up with David Byrne & toured with Talking Heads before joining Robert Fripp in 1981 in the re-formed King Crimson through 1984. He was a member of the TOM TOM CLUB, played as a member of THE BEARS & released various solo projects. Throughout the '90s and into the new century, Belew continued his guitar explorations, either acoustically or, more typically, employing a full range of techno-heavy effects. He is currently touring as a power trio.

w/ JERRY OUTLAW & FRIENDS Bogus Pomp founder & Guitarist extraordinaire , Jerry has nimble but ferocious chops & delivers sonically sophisticated songs.

SHOW 8PM $20 ADV $25 DOOR Buy Tickets


More info to come.

2008 06 23

Saturday, July 19 at the Marion Theater in Ocala 9pm (evening performance)

Sunday, July 20 at the Marion Theater in Ocala 3pm (afternoon matinee)

Saturday, July 26 at the State Theater in St.Pete 9pm

Wednesday, August 13 at Church of St. Katharine, Hamburg Germany 8pm

Friday, August 15 at Zappanale 19, Bad Doberan Germany 9pm

Saturday, November 1 at the State Theater in St.Pete,  ZAPPAWEEN 13  9pm

2008 07 29
A couple of years ago, Bogus Pomp played a fabulous concert at the Zappanale festival. They're coming back this year, so I sent Jerry Outlaw a couple of questions

UniMuta: Bogus Pomp did a concert last weekend, and the weekend before that. How did it go? Are you ready to play at Zappanale?

Jerry Outlaw / Bogus Pomp: We are very busy with our preparations for Zappanale.   We are VERY excited to return to Germany where we are so well received. 
We played concerts the last two weekends and they went great!!  We played in Ocala and in St.Petersburg.  We were perfecting the sets that we will play for Hamburg and for Zappanale.  We are very happy with the material we have chosen and there are many new songs on our list for Germany.   We have a wonderful set planned for Hamburg.  It is very formal and perfect for St.Katharinen and it's all acoustic.   Our Zappanale 19 set is awesome too.  It's half acoustic and half electric.

UniMuta: I can imagine that your recollections of your previous visit to Bad Doberan aren't that positive, with your guitar getting lost at the airport, and only arriving just in time for the concert...
Despite the guitar troubles, were you able to enjoy it the last time? How do you feel about returning.

Jerry Outlaw / Bogus Pomp: The first time at Zappanale was quite stressful.  I thought the airline lost my favorite guitar forever!!  I was having a tough time until my guitars finally arrived about 12 hours before we were to play on Sunday.   I hope that never happens again.   I will NEVER fly Iberia airlines again, that is for sure!!  They were the worst!!   We flew into Madrid and then to Berlin.  My guitars went from Madrid to Zurich and then back to Madrid and then finally to Berlin.  I was so happy to see them again.   I have faith that it won't happen again.  Despite all the stress that goes along with that, we had a wonderful time anyway.  I was very happy with our last Zappanale performance.  We are very excited to return and to play again.  Zappanale 19 in Bad Doberan and Zappaween 13 in St.Petersburg will be the highlights of our year.

UniMuta: Bogus Pomp will be doing two concerts: one in Hamburg, and one at the festival. Will these concerts be different?

Jerry Outlaw / Bogus Pomp: Yes, they will.  Hamburg will be very formal and all acoustic.  Napoleon Murphy Brock will join us for three songs in Hamburg.  We have prepared a song list for this show that we think is very appropriate for the church that Johann Sebastian Bach used to play in.   This is an honor for us to play in St.Katharinen.  It is perhaps out highest honor yet to be part of such an important event.  Especially an event that will help restore the "Bach organ" that the church is so famous for.   We are SOOOOO pleased that we have been asked to play this event.  

Our Zappanale set will be different than Hamburg because we will play the first half of our set in the acoustic format and then we will play the second half of the set in the full electric format.   Napoleon will not join us at Zappanale because he is playing with quite a few of the bands that will be there already.  We have some very cool, "all instrumental" songs planned for Zappanale and we are going to ROCK!! 

UniMuta: You'll be playing on Friday at the festival. Do you plan to stay for the entire festival? Do you know any of the other bands that will be playing? Do you want to catch any of them?

Jerry Outlaw / Bogus Pomp: We are headlining Friday night with the prime spot from 9:30 until 11:30.  We will bring Friday to an impressive finale!!   We plan to stay for the weekend and to enjoy all the bands at Zappanale.   I am familiar with a few of the bands and we look forward to seeing and hearing all of them as they offer their contribution to this year's event.   A full weekend of Zappa music!! This does not exist in America so we come here.

America has our Zappaween festival every halloween and that is only for one night.  Europe obviously understands and appreciates Zappa's music much much better than America does so we must come to Europe to truly celebrate Zappa's music for an entire weekend.   Every time we are here, the German audience makes us feel very welcome.   We are so happy and grateful to perform for them.   We love Germany!!

We're looking forward to Zappanale 19.  We are very happy to be coming back again and we want to make a bigger musical statement than last time. 
& I'm happy we are playing Friday so we can relax and have a great weekend after we play.  

Cheers to you and to the best Zappanale yet!!!

Bogus Pomp will be headlining the Zappanale festival on Friday night !! Check them out !!

2008 08 26

Bogus Pomp home from Zappanale

Hi Gang,

Bogus Pomp has returned home from Germany after headlining Zappanale for the second time. Before that show they performed in Hamburg at a 400 year old church for a special presentation of music by both Zappa and Bach. How cool is that? Anyway, Jerry has some t-shirts from that show and if you are interested purchasing one, $20 each , call him at 813-391-6944 or e-mail him at

And don't forget Zappaween XIII at the State Theater on Saturday, November 1. More details about that show to come.


2008 10 06

Zappaween info

Hi gang,

A number of people have asked about whether there will be advance ticket sales like Ticketmaster for the November 1 show. Tickets will be day of show only except for sponsors which can reserve a spot early. Sponsorships are $100 and include two tickets with priority seating and two t-shirts. Most sponsors want the balcony but if someone wanted early entrance to get in front at the stage that is OK too. If you are interested please contact me. Money from sponsors is being used 100% to fund advance advertising for the show.

In addition to Ike Willis on vocals and Dan Campbell on violin, Tommy Zvoncheck of Blue Oyster Cult has been rehearsing with the group and will be joining Rick on keyboards.

Also, if anybody has contacts with a hotel that could help with lodging costs for Ike, the band would be very appreciative. Adding a celebrity is expensive!

I will be sending a follow-up e-mail with more details about the show later.


2009 01 14

here is a link to the tunes they played on German radio from our Hamburg show.

Let everyone have it, please.


2009 06 05
a message from Fred

Don't forget Bogus Pomp tomorrow night at Skippers in Tampa. Tickets $15,
doors at 7, show time
at 8.

The set list is fantastic but you will have to be there to find out what it


Bogus Pomp members to perform Sunday 2009/06/21

Great food and great music on Sunday at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa!! Tickets are $10, doors at 4:00, showtime at 5pm.
This is going to be FUN!!! We are playing some very interesting stuff too!!! You might hear melodies from such artists as,....
Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Count Basie, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, etc.
Jerry Outlaw and David Pate are known for their over-the-top solo styles and just plain crazy playing and improvising.Jerry Outlaw/David Pate Group will be playing instrumental-fusion versions of classic tunes and some improvisation....

The LaRue Nickelson Group featuring Jeremy Powell will open the show. 
They will bring the funky sounds and delight your ear.

LaRue Nickelson is a world renown jazz guitarist who will amaze you and Jeremy Powell is known for his sonic explorations of the saxophone and related sounds. This will be a fantastic evening of great music.
It's an early show!!! Tickets $10, doors at 4:00, show starts at 5:00, done by 9pm.

Here's how the evening will go,..........
The LaRue Nickelson Group starts at 5:00 and will play about 90 minutes.
~~brief intermission from 6:30 until 7:00~~
The Jerry Outlaw/David Pate Group starts at 7:00 and will play about 90 minutes.
There will be an ending jam around 8:30 with LaRue and Jeremy joining Jerry and David for about 20 minutes of funky improvisation.
Everyone leaves happy.

2009 09 07 - Zappaween 14

OK guys and girls, time for our annual trek to Mecca................. I mean Zappaween!

This is the deal: October 31, yes actually Halloween!, at the State Theater. The boys will be performing their usual three plus hours of variety music, Yes, they will do some Frank Zappa stuff!  Can you believe it? We owe these guys!

Ok, one more thing, we need sponsorship! As in the past, people ask me why certain people get in before others and/or why some get the first row seats.

If you want to secure great seating and give support for the guys who provide outstanding music to us other folks let me know.

Here is the deal:

$100 gets you two seats and two t-shirts. You will get in the venue before others so the seat selection can be important. Especially if you want the most coveted first row balcony seats. I will fill requests in the order I receive money. The best buy going!

If you want to secure your place in Zappaween history, send a check to:

Fred Hemmer
Payable to: Bogus Pomp Fund
11970 7th St East
Treasure Island, FL33706



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