various artists

zappanale 19
- feat. various artists playing mostly frank zappa

2009 mp3-dvd ger the arf society

recorded at the zappanale festival, 2008/08
bad doberan, germany

mixed, edited and mastered by hugo möller

  1. anti agressive action band aka underground sensation

  2. wrong object feat. stanley jason zappa & nick skrowaczewski

  3. paul green school of rock music feat. denny walley

  4. inducti

  5. bogus pomp semi acoustic orchestra feat. denny walley & napoleon murphy brock

  6. electric orange

  7. panzerballet

  8. eliot levin

  9. delicious band research kitchen

  10. low budget research kitchen

  11. alamaailman vasarat

  12. zappa circus

  13. paul green schlool of rock music plays yes

  14. uzva

  15. jazzproject hundehagen

  16. fattore zeta

  17. new texture pantonal fellowship (stanley jason zappa with nick skrowaczewski)

  18. finnish zappa tribute band

  19. goodbye-session