The band performed at the 2008 edition of the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany.

  • Jan Zehrfeld: guitar
  • Martin Mayrhofer: guitar
  • Gregor Bürger / Alexander v. Hagke: sax
  • Heiko Jung: bass
  • Sebastian Lanser: drums

In 2009, Panzerballett recorded two Zappa medleys (and the Simpsons theme), and released it their "Hart Genossen - von Abba bis Zappa" album.

The picture on the right is taken from the Panzerballett website.

the band's myspace corner:



  panzerballett: panzerballett
    (2005,  cd, ger, bad land records blr 666400))

panzerballett_pb.jpg (27840 bytes)

  panzerballett: live at backstage munich 2006
    (2007, dvd, ger, silverwolf productions 00002)

panzerballett_backstage2006dvd.jpg (34719 bytes)

  panzerballett: stärke stücke
    (2008, cd, ger, act)

  various artists: zappanale 19
    (2009, mp3-dvd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

z19_mp3disc.jpg (23620 bytes)

  panzerballett: hart genossen von abba bis zappa
    (2009, cd, ger, act) - incl. two zappa medleys

panzerballet_hart.jpg (25648 bytes)

  panzerballett: tank goodness
    (2012, cd, ger, gentle art of music) - feat. randy brecker, mattias ia eklundh

panzerballet_tankgoodness.jpg (37570 bytes)

  panzerballett: live at theatron munich 2013
    (2013, dvd, ger, gentle art of music) - feat. mattias ia eklundh

  panzerballett: breaking brain
    (2015, cd, ger, gentle art of music)

pb_breakingbrain.jpg (22180 bytes)

  panzerballett: x-mas death jazz
    (2017, cd, ger, gentle art of music) - feat. mattias 'ia' eklundh, mike keneally

panzerballett_xmasdeathjazz.jpg (21830 bytes)

  panzerballett: planet z
    (2020, cd, ger, gentle art of music) - feat. morgan agren, marco minnemann


random notes

2008 07 30, Jan Zehrfeld was kind enough to answer a couple of questions

UniMuta: Panzerballet will be opening the Zappanale Festival on Saturday, day 2 of the festival. Did you know about the Zappanale festival before you got invited? Do you like playing at festivals?

Jan Zehrfeld / Panzerballet: Yes, we knew about the Zappanale. Martin, our second guitarist, is a die-hard fan of Zappa and was there in 2003. We love to play anywhere, though the soundwise most difficult locations are jazz clubs. Generally, every show with a "jazz audience" (which we are confronted with most often) divides it into four groups:
a) "Leaving because of being blown away" 
b) "Staying though being blown away"
c) "Staying because of being blown away"
d) "Leaving though being blown away"
But the question is not if we will turn it down. The question is: can the audience cope with it?

UniMuta: I listened to some of the samples that are on your website, and I was very impressed. The samples are much too short  :-)
but I did hear a lot of Zappa and Weather Report in it.
Who is Panzerballet's musically influenced by?

Jan Zehrfeld / Panzerballet: Meshuggah, Planet X, Tribal Tech, Mats/Morgan, ... to scratch the surface.

UniMuta: A number of the bands that are playing at the Zappanale festival will be playing the music of Frank Zappa.
Would it be possible for you to play in a band where you would play someone else's compositions, or do you (as a band) prefer to play your own compositions.

Jan Zehrfeld / Panzerballet: We already do play other musicians' compositions, but these are completely rearranged. Indeed, in my opinion they almost sound like originals. For this reason we don't care if we're playing originals or covers, as long as the latter are reconstructed in an original way. By the way, we will be playing a Zappa medley: I rearranged a bunch of Zappa tunes especially for this gig, which took me three months of work!






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