various artists

mappa zappa
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2018 cd uk cordelia records cd

album conceived, co-ordinated and compiled by andrew greenaway


  1. todd grubbs group: transylvania boogie
  2. gabba zappa hey!: dead girls of london
  3. evil dick: wolf harbour
  4. hans annéllsson: the purple lagoon
  5. tante tofu: tinsel town rebellion
  6. bogus pomp: let's move to cleveland
  7. the muffin men and jimmy carl black: poofter's froth wyoming plans ahead
  8. string trash: phyniox
  9. acton zappa: village of the sun
  10. spannertate: cucamonga
  11. fuchsprellen: outrage at valdez
  12. fred händl: been to kansas city in a minor
  13. guranfoe: d.c.boogie
  14. caballero reynaldo: san ber'dino
  15. zappa early renaissance orchestra, magnifznt, fred händl, andrew greenaway and ike willis: what's new in baltimore?